A GoFundMe A Piano Update!

Hey, everyone!  Just figured it was time for some happy news, after the ugliness I’ve been dealing with on my FB page.  And it was just time for an update of any sort here…

So the money was raised.  The piano was acquired.  Jesse and I have both been so happy with this addition to our household!  And again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Working on the "Velocity" etude at the piano a few weeks ago.  It was still HOT in Boston...  I'm a little sweaty.

Working on the “Velocity” etude at the piano some weeks ago. It was still HOT in Boston… I’m a little sweaty.

As part of that, we got the CD’s compiled and printed.  We printed copies of scores, and I spent an afternoon happily signing my autograph on disks and booklets I think well over four hundred times.  These CD’s and scores and manuscript pages were put in the mail, and with only a few minor mishaps (and if anyone else’s frame arrived in shards and haven’t told us, please do? we want to make that up to you) all of these arrived in your hands.

So that leaves only one set of donor gifts to come, the music I’d said I’d compose for those top-level donors.

So the biggest reason I haven’t posted here in ages is because I’ve been writing, just not writing text.  I’m happy to report that, especially while I was working in Berlin these last couple weeks, I got a LOT of writing done, and I’m now editing and polishing the music while I prepare the engraved copies on my laptop.

Transferring the music from paper-and-pencil to digital.

The manuscript of the etude “Non Legato”, and the engraved version on my laptop screen, as yet needing much fidgeting with layout.

There are still a few aspects of this which I think could just a bit more perfectly express my gratitude and I’m still tinkering with them.  However, I REALLY hope you like the final result!

And…  There’s possibility already of a good friend of mine, a pianist in NYC, might just make a recording of these for us.  He’d play them SOOO much better than I would just yet.  More on that as more is known…

So I haven’t forgotten.  Progress is being made!  Just wanted to give you an update.  =]

Yup.  I work in cafés.  Also in trains and on planes and anywhere I can spread out sheets of manuscript paper or can open my laptop...

Yup. I work in cafés. Also in trains and on planes and anywhere I can spread out sheets of manuscript paper or can open my laptop…


  1. Diane White says:

    You look so much happier since you got your baby. Love watching Jesse film you playing it and also watching Jesse film himself. Keep up the great work Dirk. Love ya both.

  2. Jim Turner says:

    Awesome. Congrats to you and Jessie. Lve your music and poetry and your films

  3. Steve Stones says:

    Those ivories look great and I am sure wonderful music will be made – you both are wonderful talented men and always enjoy your FB and other feeds!

  4. Don Howard says:

    Would love to place a pre-order for a new cd. Also on my wish list would be a cd of some of your older repertoire, e.g., the piano miniatures and eclogues.

  5. Chris Braham says:

    Dirk, I was blown away by the cd! I play it almost every morning at work! Such beautiful selections! I am beyond satisfied with this wonderful gift and I am looking forward to hearing more of Your music!

  6. Terry Nelson says:

    Huge Congrats Dirk: You and Jesse are big inspirations to me and a lot of others. Its not just your work in porn but your work in music, gay rights, everything. Dirk, your music moves me a lot. I might not have money to donate for your piano but you have my moral ( Immoral ) support always. Coffee is always on here in Vancouver if you guys ever visit. Thanks to you both

  7. melissa Mcentyre says:

    Yay for you and Jesse– Hope all your musical dreams come true and keep up the other fun work– thanks to you both for the FB post and responses

  8. Annalisa Fitzgerald says:

    I love my cd, play it often, much to my kids dislike! Keep up the good work. Wishing you both all the very best for the future xx

  9. Carlos Chavarin Jr. says:

    So happy you’re living your dreams.

  10. Liz says:

    When I first learned of the “comedians” I decided they were best left ignored, but I understand that at some point, you and Jesse needed to respond. So it wasn’t until I read through the comments on your Facebook page that I learned the scope of their months of insults and nastiness.

    I don’t know them so I would never presume to know what motivates them, but incredibly they feel qualified to make assumptions about me and the many others who helped fund your piano. Apparently, it was all about sex. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

    I thought I contributed because I saw a talented artist unable to practice his art. I thought I contributed because I know the dark place of being deep in debt, and the fear of returning there if you’re able to pull yourself out. I thought I contributed because I’m a benevolent person who is now fortunate to be in the position of helping others.

    I support museums, cancer research and I give to the homeless, and I’d love to ask Richie and Duane if I want sex from all of them too, or if it’s just Dirk? The truth is, their baseless and ludicrous accusations speak volumes about them, and nothing about me or any of Dirk and Jesse’s supporters.

    Thank you for defending us Dirk, but they’re just a couple of gnats. They’re a nuisance, but they can’t hurt us.

  11. Stefanie Ray y Velarde says:

    Congratulations Dirk! It is so fantastic that you have your new baby! Time to feed your soul. You look so happy it makes my heart glad. Big hugs!

  12. JB says:

    I approve of your use of Sibelius over Finale – a strong choice!

  13. Siro says:

    How can other musicians find out about your compositions?

  14. Joe says:

    Congrats on the piano and the musical project. I’m a classical pianist, originally from Asia and living in Tennessee. I’ve reading about you and feel very intrigued. I hope to have chance to get to meet you in person. I’m coming to NYC in 2 weeks for a music festival. Is there a way I could get a copy of your composition? Is there other ways I can contact you?

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