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So last Sunday (was that just this past weekend?  This week has been CRAZY busy) Jesse and I were at the Up Your Alley street fair in San Francisco, and I was invited onstage to flog my good friend Andy a bit for the crowd.

I love flogging.  Both giving and receiving.  Delivering a good flogging is a workout, and great for flexibility and stretching.  Receiving one is perhaps one of the most intense deep tissue massages you’ll ever get.  And for both parties, it’s a means of intensifying sensations, and hence intimacy.  It has to be done well, with some technique, and (sorry, Andy!) I got him once or twice in ways that aren’t really encouraged.  Just need some more practice; any volunteers?

Andy and I also arrived on the podium to find that, unlike years past, nobody had adorned the stage with a St. Andrew’s cross or some other apropos piece of BDSM furniture.  So here’s a shoutout to my buddy Boomer Banks for stepping in and helping support my target.

And THANK YOU to Cyn Duby, writer extraordinare, who took these awesome photos!  Cyn was my interviewer for Queer The Air a few months ago.


Fun was had.  And it’s just a windup for Folsom in two more months!  See ya there!


  1. Lyne says:

    Wonderful post. One thing though I would not use the word target. I would use volunteer. And yes I do agree a good flogging is really nice.

    • Dirk says:

      Advice noted and taken! LOL. It does a disservice to suggest a less than enthusiastic victim, or to suggest that there isn’t a bond and connection between us at all times. If there wasn’t, what would be the point? =]

      • Lyne says:

        You always challenge me to think further or in a different way and I thank you for it. Humm! Less enthusiastic victim…Andy went on stage by choice did he not? By the way beautiful flogger. I got mine at Fetish Armada. I don’t know if Ghislain still orders them at the same place, they are hand made by a lady in Montréal. She is a real artist at that. She uses high quality leather and a beautiful intricate pattern in the making of them. Nothing is better than being at the mercy of my hubby when he uses the flogger on me.

        • Dirk says:

          Exactly my point– Andy went onstage not only willingly, he was the one asked me to flog him, not the other way around. This flogger was bought from Mr. S in San Francisco; it’s lovely and soft and thuddy, and the leather is like velvet. Mr. S hasn’t been carrying these woven-handled ones lately; seems there are fewer and fewer people out there with the skill to make them. I’ll have to check in with Ghislain when I’m next up that way…

          • Lyne says:

            I will take a few minutes tomorrow ok well today since it’s after midnight and send you a pic if my flogger. You will be able to see first hand the beauty of it. Well of course I’m biased I personally chose it.

          • יוסי says:

            אני אוהב אתך רבה סרטים

  2. David Steele says:

    You just keep getting better looking!!!! Glad it was a good time.

  3. Cyn Duby says:

    I’d volunteer, any time, any place, for just about anything (wrong gender notwithstanding) LOL I’ll see if it’s physically possible to move that damn orange hanky from my left pocket to my right … just for you 😉 You boyz looked awfully amazing at Dore, despite your rough schedule. TY for everything.

  4. Salvador GomezJimenez says:

    Glad to know you have had enough money to travel to bottoms Ca. a.k.a. San Francisco to attend Dore Alley Fair without asking others to pitch in to pay for you constant traveliing in the country. First time you guys do not ask us to foot the bill as ussual. Dirk is always HOT on stage bottoming out or performing as an accomplished top man . I love his natural masculinity and total true versatility, I find it very funny that Jesse your bottom buddy is so much into drags, here posing for a picture wearing a top man’s leather arm band on his left arm indicating he is a top man in fairs such as Dore Alley but more complete 100 % bottom in most of his movies and when ever he gets fucked his top ‘ass by Dirk’s beautiful cock. I seldom see Dirk doing false drag shows as his masculine but bottom lover. Jesse should make up his mind about pretending to be a top man in public or a bottom man for Titan Media. Just saying guys.

  5. Lyne says:

    I read Queer the air again. I never get tired of your eloquent responses. My favorite one is

    DC: The four movements reflect aspects of “Mount Desert Island” and its environs in Maine. It’s a little love letter to my home state and to its rocky Atlantic coastline.

    I hope someday to be able to visit this place, but most importantly along with my iPod in my ears and having the four movements playing while I visit. That would be an enhanced experienced through your music.

  6. David says:

    Great pictures! You guys looked great (as usual). I’m not into flogging, but the pictures certainly look like you’re having fun. Cyn looks so cute between you both!

    • Cyn Duby says:

      CUTE?! *face palm* Oh, David … one would think as an author you could have come up with a more “kick ass” adjective than “cute”. I’m *gasp* sandwiched between two of the hottest men on the planet and all my BFF can come up with is “cute”. Feel like Columbia in RHPS yet? You SHOULD! And I think I’m enough into flogging for both of us, right?

  7. Jorge Rubio says:

    You guys are just great, this as many of the texts you both deliver has made me think about a lot of things besides now wanting to try this experience. Thanks as always for sharing your beauty as well as your point of view. Love from Mexico.

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