Another Video Cameo

So I was at Folsom Europe last year, and while waiting for my buddies to come down from their hotel room I was sitting talking to this fascinating guy outside of the Boxer store on Eisenacher Straße these two fellows walked up to us, explained that they were filming a documentary on the Folsom festivities with a focus on extreme body modification, and would it be okay if they took a few moments of video of the two of us.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.39.52 PM

We saw no reason why not, so they held the camera as we continued our conversation, said Danke, and moved on.

Later in the day at the fair itself, I was aware of them particularly focused on a spectacularly blue-eyed fellow with an engorged set of genitalia inside a custom codpiece, and figured that must be what they were talking about when they spoke of “extreme body modification”.  Cool, right?

Here’s the excerpt from the really rather fascinating documentary.  My appearance is a quick flash at about 1:25  …in a sequence of people presumably “laughing” at this fellow’s extraordinary equippage.

Just for the record, when that footage was taken, the fellow who’s the focus of the documentary is nowhere nearby.  And, even having noted him, I’m the last person to laugh at anyone with the balls to undertake such a physical change.  Frankly, I think this is awesome.  It’s not anything I’d do to myself, it’s not something I understand the utility or aesthetic of, but I have to respect someone who saw something he wanted, understood how to accomplish it, and put it into effect.

And I REALLY have to respect a fellow who can do this in the face of a general public that is as likely to laugh at him as objectify him or just be turned off.  How many of us really could have seen past the appendage and found the man himself?

Now I wish I’d had the opportunity.

Next year.


  1. Jorge Rubio says:

    I know you receive lots of messages like this, but I don’t care… I’m a mexican follower of you and your beautiful man Mr. Jackman. Don’t know if you expect to have any effect with what you post, but you do, reading your point of view (have to say that I’m not fond completely with the American dream) is always surprising in a good way. Thanks for sharing not only your love, your skin, but also your thoughts. They do have an effect, you are a great guy.
    Love from Mexico.

  2. Marco says:

    Weirdly enough, I just saw this a couple of days ago. I went back and looked at your cameo moment, and it doesn’t read like you or the other guys are actually laughing at Micha. If anything, it reads more like bemused smiles towards him and his awesome audacity.

    And by the way, thank you so much for turning me on to The Katering Show! I’m a huge fan of those ladies, and I have you to thank for it!

    I really dig your style, your brain and everything you do. Thanks, Dirk!

  3. Jason (Jdawgie) Loper says:

    Oh wow, this is a very special treat. I get very excited when I see “Dirk Caber” in the from collum. Being the person that I am, I have the tendency to look at the heart, mind, body and spirtit of the person. I don’t allow one thing or another interupt me from getting to know a person. I have become close friends with many because I have looked past the “Norm”! If you feel something, and you can emphasis it to make it work for you.. then I say do it 🙂

    Dirk you and Jesse are both.. I love hearing about you guys thru your posts! Sending you many furry ginger hugs!

  4. David says:

    Hi Dirk thanks for the link it was interesting viewing personally I don’t get it but hey who am I to judge. Folsom looked busy! Lol and wow do you look Hot in leather!!!!!

  5. Clifford stewart says:

    i was lucky enough to meet you in person at Folsom S.F. A couple of yrs ago.
    Yes I’ll admit it I like what I saw but what got me the most was your attitude.
    You were a complete sweetheart.
    So I would you are the complete package beautiful on the outside and inside.

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