Get your PrEP facts straight.

I have to reproduce this here, because if I copied it out by hand, nobody would believe a gay man actually came up with this humbug:


This was not sent to me on Grindr, but to an acquaintance.  Some of these notions are just silly, but I’ve been googling the more outlandish allegations mentioned for the last hour and a half, and I cannot figure out where “Prince” even begins to get these ideas from.  There’s some misinformation about PrEP out there, some about the efficacy of it, much about the supposed morality of anyone who would be taking it, and there are websites that perpetuate those lies, but these slanders I can’t even find a source for.

Other than the completely made-up bullshit, he ascribes to Truvada adipose wasting; this was true of far older medications which saved the lives of thousands a few decades ago, but which we don’t use any more.  He accuses drug companies not of gross misinformation, but absolute lies, something the FDA wouldn’t stand for, and which our experience with so many thousands of HIV-positive gay men who have been taking Truvada and Truvada-based therapies in some cases for over ten years will simply vouch against.  And finally, that last text says it all: the writer of these texts is heartless.

Know the facts.  Check out these sites and resources:

And an awesome Facebook page,

Many of us are on PrEP, not out of any rampant fear of infection, not out of any supposed inclination to whore ourselves out irresponsibly, and not really out of any sort of political solidarity with the rest of the intelligent gay community (though if you’re smart, you’ve at least considered the possibility of PrEP!).  We do it out of love for each other and so that we keep each other as safe and healthy as possible.  We use it as one more tool of many to contain the spread of the infection among our friends and loved ones with whom we curl up.  We pornstars do it to help keep the studios we work with remain safe places where THIS doesn’t happen.  We all do it for the better well-being of our community and in the hopes that by reducing the number of new infections we do to HIV what vaccination did to Smallpox in the 1960’s.

This catalog of lies at least fell on the ears of someone who recognized them as just that, lies.  It’s possible there are still many of us not yet so versed.  Please, guys, if you ever see anyone spouting this bullshit, call them out on it.  They need to know better, and this contagion of misinformation needs to be contained just as much as the infection itself.  It is, after all, far more dangerous; HIV is still a nuisance, if not the threat it was even ten years ago.  Lies like these can jeopardize lives, even ruin lives, if not end them.

Irony? The guy on PrEP is the one who won't get sick.

Irony? The guy on PrEP who received this message is the one who won’t get sick. The guy who keeps fucking guys he presumes are HIV-negative…? Who knows.  “Ok”



  1. John Rudis says:

    thanks for the information Dirk, as a gay man obviously this is a concern to me, and I have been an advocate for HIV prevention, and yet you taught me something new…see its never to late to teach an old dog new tricks, lol….Thanks again and keep up the good work…wishing you all the best you do for our community on and off the screen. Good luck with your music and always the best to you and Jesse.

  2. Aaron says:

    I got a heart transplant last year and I don’t believe I was ever even asked if I was gay. ‘High Risk’ is determined by activity not sexual preference. The side effects of Truvada don’t seem anywhere as dramatic as what ‘Prince” portrayed and not even as bad as the anti-rection and other meds I have to take.

  3. Josh says:

    Amazing read. I am on it myself and it has opened doors to making some of the best friends and friends with benefits ever. I was raised in small rural TN and was raised to fear gays because of aids. Some of my best friends and playmates are positive and this drug makes it so easy for us. I have no shame and saying I’ve been with poz people and leave the door open for them to be in my life. Thanks for taking this stand Dirk!

  4. Chaz says:

    Reading the msgs that the uneducated individual sent made me sick to my stomach. I applaud the writing of this article. It is very important for everyone to understand the truth about PrEp and not misleading facts.
    I chose to take PrEp to protect myself and others. Here is a link, listen to the audio version it is better, to an interview I was asked to do.

  5. Chaz says:

    Here is the correct link to the PrEp interview I was asked to do. The thoughts and comments of the uneducated, like the ones posted in this article, absolutely repulse me. I applaud this article and the damage control it is doing. I choose to take PrEp to protect myself and others.

  6. Alli says:

    Thank you. I like your reasoning and that you have found out the facts and have done what is best for YOU

  7. Sheldon says:

    This is how Truvada works:

  8. Isaías Ramos García says:

    i have to say the last speaker in the dialogue on top is a bit unconsiderate, clearly he has never sufered!/ beed! deeply unhapy. The 1 of the 2nd dial. must be a jerk

  9. Adam says:

    I think this guy is very much so misinformed but that’s not to say the FDA doesn’t approve medications that may not be as good for you as they seem…At the end of the day the FDA is bank rolled by pharmaceutical companies meaning they really only care about making money…If this wasn’t true then there would be a cure for diseases such as malaria, etc but there’s no money making meds for diseases that mainly afflict people that are dirt poor. Not to say this drug isn’t effective but dont whoeheartedly trust the FDA…i naively did and the drugs I was on had god awful side effects. Little did I know there was a holistic treatment that is cheaper and worked much more effectively than western medicine ever could…dont know if the same could be said for Prep though. Do whatever floats your boat I just wanted to throw my perspective out there

  10. Adam says:

    Got me there Dirk, but thanks for the links….no seriously I dont know the first thing about Prep so time to read up!

  11. Jim Pickett says:

    Just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU and virtual hug for debunking the fact-free anti-PrEP propaganda that still pops up online. And for pushing back on the ignorance and the hate characterized by the screen grabs you shared. Your advocacy is important – and appreciated!

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