The Facebook Blackshirts Strike Again.

So this happened this morning. My Facebook profile has been unpublished for violating the terms of use.

Now, nothing on that page hasn’t been published elsewhere on FB in an as-yet unmolested form. My posts in the past eight months have been sporadic at best, but not one has actually even shown me anything more than shirtless. And as nice as it is to have enthusiastic fans, I’ve still been diligent about removing pics and content you all occasionally post which don’t quite agree with Facebook’s standards. My profile is expressly set to exclude minors from seeing it. So here’s Facebook’s explanation for the removal:

My best guess is that this is the same purge that is affecting DJ’s and drag queens with Facebook pages. Because we are often not using our legal names, Facebook is deeming us fake or somehow duplicitous, and removing us accordingly.

I’d be curious to know, though, knowing Facebook’s history of homophobic bias. Can anyone tell me that this is affecting performers across the full sexual spectrum? Are Hollywood actors whose stage names are not their actual real names being removed as well? Are lady DJ’s being hit? Anyone know anything?


  1. lyne Beausejour says:

    Is there anything we can do to help. FB is really getting on my nerves. You would think it’s an FBI site that has secrets and all.

  2. Jessie G says:

    It’s also affecting authors who have profiles using their pseudonyms to interact with their fans and within groups. Facebook says that it requires a user complaint before it suspends or unpublishes a page, and I do know there is a twitter group calling themselves the FakeNamePolice, that are rallying others to scour Facebook and file complaints.

    On my page I’ve had pictures removed that are deemed to “sexy” but so far haven’t gotten bounced off. The fight against this censorship and discrimination is strong, but FB is huge and it’s user base is in the millions if not billions. I fear the growing voice against these attacks is still too small to make a real difference.

    If FB manages to remove all actors, writers, or performers of any kind that use a form of stage name to protect their identity, are our numbers big enough to make a dent? I don’t think so.

  3. Helena Stone says:

    Here’s what I’ve picked up in the past. Apparently Lady Gaga is allowed to use that name both on her artist page and her private account. FB did try to unpublish Salman Rushdie but had to reverse that decision and allow him to continue using his (only somewhat) fictitious name. Being a worldwide celeb certainly helps.

    I’ve also seen a friend have her account closed and the only way she could get it back was by changing her real name (which she had been using) into a fake one.

    FB is on a witch hunt as far as I can tell and I’m guessing it won’t stop unless somebody organizes a mass exodus. They won’t stop this until it starts hurting them in the only place it counts; their bank account.

  4. Cliff Brickner says:

    How can I help?

  5. yosi says:

    מת למצוץ זין

  6. Jason B says:

    That is bullshit Facebook has been getting on my last gay nerve I was in Facebook jail last week for sending unwanted friend requests to people I’m like really I’m about to start my own social media network .

  7. Don Randolph says:

    The question I have is this. How is it that they are doing this to all the performers with SO CALLED “FAKE NAMES”, but allowing others with DEFINATELY fake names, ie., GAM GAM to keep their accounts?

  8. Dirk, I AM sorry that you have been having problems with Facebook, yet again, and also sorry to hear about the others who submitted comments that have also had problems with Facebook, or those close to them, in a similar, if not identical vein.

    Frankly, I began to find Facebook distracting and frustrating. Between half-naked men, computer games, and numerous posts from people writing what is wrong with them, their lovers, the world, etc., yet not offering anything constructive about changing what is upsetting them.

    As a result, and as a way of keeping my sanity, I had decided to go on Facebook once or twice a week, if that. Between my Psychic Practice, and a new, temporary position of employment, I have been super busy, and have hardly had time for Facebook.

    Nonetheless, I wish you and the others much success in overcoming your Facebook black-shirted BS.

  9. rhonda says:

    have you thought about starting a class action suit againest fb for discrimination?

  10. Nick Olson says:

    Dirk, I am so sorry that you are being forced to put up with this nonsense. It’s completely ridiculous. I was commenting on jesse’s FB post about it. Nick isn’t my “legal name”. Where is the line to be drawn? It’s petty, ignorant, and foolish in my opinion. Feel free to email me. I’d like to get back on track with our conversation that was so rudely interrupted by meaningless beuracracy. Xoxo

  11. As an author of M/M erotica, I fully expect to be one of those bounced off soon. I will be curious to see which authors are targeted first, I’m guessing those who write gay fiction. I’ve had pictures taken down that had NO nudity. Our numbers are small still and yes, it’s going to have to affect FBs bottom line to produce any results. They want our real names for several reasons but most of all for profit. The science experiments they did on us were quickly swept under the rug….the power of money and people’s apathy. I hate that I need FB to help connect with my readers, but unfortunately I do. I am all for going back to myspace or onto a new and better site but there is no site large enough yet for my purposes. If there is ever a need for all to stand up at once, it’s coming. Twitter is only good for so much with the limited space for posts. Frustrating to say the least but Dirk, you are not alone and you are loved! Hope the powers that be can see past their bigotry and greed to serve it’s users and not only their advertisers. HUGS

  12. Petra Ford says:

    My definition of someone using a fake name is someone who is pretending to be someone they are not. For example if I were to set up a page in the name of Dirk Caber. That’s not who I am and I am deliberately deceiving people. Yet I know many people who don’t use there real name but, like yourself, don’t pretend it’s there real name but they are the real person behind the name. You are a real and genuine person and you have certain ‘rights’ to the ‘fake’ name you use.
    The point Facebook are missing is the the deceitful people could be dangerous, they are the older men pretending to be teenager’s to entrap children, they are the ones that will try and get money or goods by deception and they SHOULD be stopped. It almost seems they have a quota of accounts to block and yes it does appear that they go after LGBT related accounts, or is it just that those are the ones we hear about as those are the people we know.
    I don’t know, just that it’s tiresome. Facebook is such a great platform but they seem to be hell bent on ruining it. Certainly as soon as there is a viable alternative I’m sure many of us will leave.
    For you personally, I’d say go to tumblr. Apart from anything else you can still show a bit of skin without someone having a coniption, not that I’m saying you have to, just that you don’t have to be quite so diligent, after all Facebook didn’t appreciate your efforts!

  13. Liz says:

    Dirk, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume your page was pulled for the same reason as the drag queens. I assume you had a fan page like Jesse, which people can follow, but not friend you. Those, I think, are okay. The problem is with people who have regular FB pages and use their professional or “false” names. I understand the concern with that, but seriously, how many people friend someone they don’t know anything about? And for those people, I gather their pages don’t disappear, they get a message explaining they can only log on if they change it to their legal names. (Which FB mysteriously seems to already know.)

    My guess is that this is another case of some jackass or group of jackass homophones who’ve been reporting you and finally reached FB’s threshold for page revocation. This makes me wonder once again why FB doesn’t have an LGBT liaison to work with targeted users such as you and Jesse.

    I really think this real name nonsense and page revocations without reason will be FB’s downfall. A lot of people are mad about the name policy, and looking for alternatives. Jesse wasn’t the person I’ve seen post about Ello, and now I’m taking a serious look at it. I’m hoping to get an invitation soon.

    • Dirk says:

      Liz, there may well be some truth to this; indeed, that this is what Sister Roma and other drag personae are dealing with is only a surmise on my part. Either way, a little warning or a shred of explanation would go a long way.

      • Liz says:

        I really feel that you’re the victim here, and I hope FB rectifies this very soon, and makes some much needed policy changes.

  14. Ima says:

    Can they do that? What about freedom of speech?
    I know its called Face-book, be really, if you have an amazing body that causes people to swoon and worship you; what’s the problem?
    Dirk, you are an amazing guy. Hope they realize that soon…

    Ima Faggot

  15. Jessica says:

    It isn’t just performers … or authors (I am one) … women who wish to keep abusive men out of their accounts or from finding them in RL are also having their accounts cut … I’m just waiting for FB to notice this account … my right to online privacy is being threatened … when my kids to cyber safety classes at school, the first step is NEVER USE YOUR REAL NAME, AGE or LOCATION when setting up an online profile … perhaps FB missed this one?

  16. Dennis says:

    From friends in NYC, It is not just drag queens being targeted. It has included at least one straight actor. Facebook wants to monetize using their webworks for anything remotely commercial. (pay to promote your book, appearances, etc) Yes, there are apparently people out there complaining about false names and Facebook is apparently using a one strike policy, without investigation or question. One’s page is pulled and only restored if you send Facebook a certified copy of a State or federal issued ID (which might be a violation of laws within those states) and only if one changes the account to what is legally on that ID. It apparently does not matter why one uses a name other than their legal one (including avoiding stalkers or violent family members)

    #mynameis .. is the hashtag related to the protests.

  17. Janice says:

    A lot of my author friends have had their pages removed from Facebook because they are using a pen name. So far, I have not been hit yet (knock on wood). I believe it’s because my pen name is my middle name and part of my last name.
    I know when the committee (drag queens) that met with Facebook a couple of weeks ago along with a Congressmen, they were told that they would get their pages back. That was a face to face meeting, but then later that day they received emails saying that they would get their pages back but they had two weeks to verify that the name they were using was a “legal” name.
    You probably got caught up in that group of people.
    It’s sad that a media system as large as Facebook is playing God. They allow pages to get away with pirating our books that we have worked damn hard on, and don’t do anything about it, but take down peoples pages because of what they stand for.
    I wonder how much the investors in Facebook know what they are really doing (is this all Zuckerberg) or are they behind this.
    I know I have gone to doing things on Google+ since they have rescinded their view on users with alias’s.
    I hope they get their heads out of their asses and give you back your page. No one deserves to be treated like this.

  18. Some of my fellow m/m authors who use their real names are getting the axe, as well. FB isn’t being all that discriminating. The best bet is probably to make your way over to Ello and pray it gets interesting quickly. Right now it’s as dull as its monochromatic color scheme…

  19. Valynda says:

    Seriously wondering if it is because of this fake Dirk Caber
    Dirk Caber Fans

  20. Jon says:

    Dirk you are a great person and this is BS !! I think Facebook needs to be taught not to mess with the gay community and we all need to just log off for a determined amount of time and show them we are the social media and we make them who there are… I saw nothing wrong with your posts and some A-HOLE just gets off on causing people to feel bad about who they are and what they post, my friend got the same notice for posting a damn sunset pic, for pete sakes a sunset is inappropriate??

  21. Ty Rammstein says:

    i get it..FB can be useful but they use us and we know it. and if u want to promote anything and have is there for all to see.



    LEAVE< start a blog or tumblr or something else.FB sucks..we all complain and are powerless to do anything about their arbitrarily bullshit.

    leave FB now..

  22. TL Reeve says:

    It’s happening to authors as well. I have lost two accounts due to the “fake name” crap. It would be one thing if I was using my account to harass or demean people, but this is my work. This is how I promote my writing. YES, my TL Reeve account is predominantly m/m or m/m/f or m/f/m so could that be the reason? Maybe. But, who knows anymore with FB. In the past two months, some authors have lost no less than three accounts and those are just the ones I know of.

  23. David Gunton says:

    Have you considered migrating to Google+? I don’t think Ello is a viable option YET!

  24. Kennan Parish says:

    I have seen a great deal on FB over the years, even some very racy video clips that have been posted. There are a few pages that show a lot more than you ever did. I cannot understand why you page was removed and those who show those in jockstraps, ass grabbing, bulging jocks and underwear and other related pictures are allowed to remain. I just don’t get it. I saw that Jesse had joined Ello and I fully support that and I hope that you will be soon doing the same. As I did with Jesse, I will do the same and respectfully ask to join your page. I have had the utmost respect for the two of you because of the openness, honesty and frank discussions about your lives together in both of your personal professions and in the adult industry. The other part is the just how open and willing you are to to meet your fans when you have the chance. Some day, I just might be one of those fans who get to meet two of the nicest guys that I have met through FB.
    Respectfully submitted
    from a Texas fan,
    Kennan F. Parish

  25. Jinai says:

    Is there someplace to move to? Some friends have gone to Google+ and that has worked so far…. Let me know if there is something I can do to help. Sorrry that this has happened to you too. 🙁

  26. Tara Burbridge says:

    Petition signed good luck

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