Quick bit of high art.

I had the AWESOME experience of working with a legend this past weekend.  After much preparation, working off the last bits of fat and eating so carefully,  I traveled to Texas to model for photographer Mark Henderson. Much fun was had, I probably have never worked so hard on such a gig, and I definitely came home sore!

I wanted to share an image from this shoot. Mind that Mark is reserving the top images for his own publication, quite rightly, so if this is an indication of what I’m able to release to you, imagine what the créme will look like!

Photo © Mark Henderson

Photo © Mark Henderson

A personal aside, I’m just in awe of the definition in my legs here. I’ve been waging war on them for about two years, trying to get my quads and hamstrings to harden and grow. Looking at those cords of m. sartorius muscle coursing diagonally across the inside of each thigh just makes me gasp. Not too bad for an erstwhile fatty, if I do say so myself.

More of Mark’s amazing images are on his website, and his books can be found on Amazon.  The man is a magician; I’m hugely lucky and grateful to have been invited to work with him.


  1. JC says:

    Wow…….. Can’t really say anymore.

  2. JC says:

    Again. Wow

  3. lol , jesse did a whyo wore it better post a lil while a go and you were winning , now your wearing nada and sure to win the p

  4. Bruce E Kerney says:

    Oh my god Dirk your body in that photograph is pure artistry! Babe I think you won that 2 year war you were waging!

  5. Sandro says:

    You are a work of art! Picture just Beautiful!!

  6. Ginger Shockley says:

    Gorgeous as usual. Now one of both of you. And have that in a 30X40 so I can put it up in my home. Both of you are absolutely gorgeous and I love your lifestyle.

  7. Michael says:

    I wonder what or I guess I should say who was Dirk thinking about to be that ROCK HARD and BIG?

    • Dirk says:

      Thinking about? Mark has a VERY sexy photography assistant with awesome legs, whom I can only believe has a gorgeous fuzzy butt…

      • Jeff says:

        Honestly,,,, who cares who or what he was thinking about,,, its what makes us or me, ( the viewer) think… and this viewer, appreciated the male form from the eyes of the artist,,, from the medium of the art. 😉 Thanks for the glimpse guys 😉 always a pleasure.

  8. Shawn StClair says:

    That is an amazing picture. I love the whole thing, the textures of the covers and yes indeed, the look of your body!!! Well done!!!!

  9. Doug S says:

    SO FUCKING HOT!!! WOW…Jesse is a VERY LUCKY man to have you Dirk…still want to meet BOTH of you!!! Thanks for sharing your lives and pics with us. LOVE IT!!! 😀

  10. Liz says:

    Oh Dirk, this truly a stunningly beautiful photograph. I cannot believe this is a reject because it’s impossible for me to imagine anything better than this.

    It’s not just the pose of your body (and your awesome m. sartorius muscles 🙂 ) that make this such a beautiful photo, it’s the serene expression on your face; a man at peace.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Barbara Steen says:

    This photo is Amazing. I love Mark Henderson’s work, have a couple of his books. I’m pleased that he is working with you. You are a very Beautiful man. Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. toma says:

    absolutely brilliant shot. Great lighting and composition

  13. Decio says:

    Very nice pic Dirk.
    You are a very sexy man.
    I have to say, you make me hard too 🙂

  14. julian says:

    this photo is great, light and contrast are excellent and model ….
    not far behind

  15. Ashley says:

    Absolutely gorgeous picture! I have watched some of your videos, however when I look at this picture I do not see a naked gay Porn Star. What I do see is Beauty. I see Strength. I see Vulnerability. I see Courage. I see Peace. I see Passion. I see Love. I see Dedication and Hardwork…. this picture is about much more than a penis. (and that is coming from a straight women). Good job and props to the photographer.

  16. John Vincent NelsonJames says:


  17. erin says:


  18. Betti Gefecht says:

    Stunningly beautiful, Dirk!! <3

  19. Greg says:

    Great photo!!!!

  20. Jason (Jdawgie) says:

    GRRR Sexy Handsome Man!

  21. george spycker says:

    Hi Dirk,
    Love the photo of you made by Mark Henderson….. just an amazing combination of light, subtle shadows and a beautiful range of colours.
    Thank you for sharing.

  22. Tashia says:

    You’re a Greek statue come to life. Just wow. Would love to buy this awesone photo of you.

  23. Jeremy Barcan says:

    These photos are truly artwork but then again, the photographer started with an exquisite model. It’s a shame that Leonardo Da Vinci is not around any longer to sculpt your figure, Dirk, and immortalize your perfectly chiseled body.

  24. Todd says:

    God Dirk, beautiful! Magic like this can only happen when artists, both of whom are at the top of their game, collaborate….. 🙂

  25. gazou bernard says:

    superbe j’en veux encore merci a toi

  26. SJ says:

    I’m not as muscular or handsome as you but my fantasy has always been to have a professional photographer of this sort take photos of me. I have low self esteem, having suffered with treatment resistant depression and anxiety my entire life. Im on ddisability and lost most people in my life. But always thought this would be good to see myself from a different vantage point. I’m always told I’m handsome, have a great smile & beautiful cocktail & it would be nice to maybe believe that for once. Ive always though it could help my self image

    • Dirk says:

      I would say GO FOR IT! Beauty is far more than physical attribute anyway, and a good photographer can not only bring out the things in you that you already know are beautiful, but things which you were perhaps unaware made you handsome. A really good photographer knows how to bring your personality into the picture as well; have fun interacting during the shoot, and I’d bet you’ll be amazed what results. If nothing else, have fun!



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