Hey, all you amazing followers out there!  Just posting some incentive to get your sexy asses out to the polling booths tomorrow and have your say in how our country gets run for the next four years.  My own feelings are that it’s taken the current administration four years to apply the brakes to the downhill momentum of decline eight years of the previous administration initiated and sustained; anyone who thinks that someone can waltz into the oval office and flip some switch the previous administration was for some ineffable reason ignoring and *poof* everything will be fixed can’t be thinking very hard about the magnitude of the problem at hand.  Obama’s accomplished some pretty damn miraculous things in one term, perhaps not what was promised, but an astonishing amount considering the juggernaut of partisan opposition he’s encountered.  Let’s give him the chance to continue what he’s only started, and not replace him with a candidate whose motives and transparency, to say nothing of regard for his peers, are in profound and serious question.

Okay, getting off my little soapbox.  Flame away if you like.  Back to your irregularly scheduled posting of smutty musings.


  1. Barbara says:

    God Bless America! Already voted, but what a Beautiful incentive. Totally agree with everything you said. 🙂

  2. Bubba says:

    Sorry the man is a giant failure. First 2 years he could have done much with a democratic senate and house, and did absolutely nothing, esp for LGBT people.

    His change is not the change we need. Time to vote out Dumb and Dumber.

    • Dirk says:

      Happy to note that the American majority has proven more intelligent and better informed than you, Bubba, but you’re certainly welcome to your opinion. I however especially find it amusing that in favor of a candidate who supports equality for the LGBT community despite having prioritized a few more pressing problems in his first two years you’d actually prefer to have someone who’s been quite vocal and active in his opposition towards our folk.

  3. Wesley B. Foreman says:

    I so want to salute that flag. Actually, I want to ‘salute’ the flag bearer.

  4. Fred Charles says:

    Amazing Dick Caber! Not only are you one hell of a sexy man but your thoughts convey good common sense and wisdom. I truly admire and respect you. I just hope your example will be followed by as many fellow countrymen (gay or not) to lead to the victory of Barack Obama, a man of strength, power of work and good will. He’s proven it. I’d never trade the prey for the shadows, because they are murky by essence and definition. Hence my total and irrevocable endorsment to Obama.
    I commend you for your courage of opininion and fortitude of thought.

  5. Fred Charles says:

    Sorry, the letter R slipped out of my keyboard when typing your frist name. I hope you will forgive me.
    Thank you, Monsieur Dirk Caber.

  6. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    favorite like better vote!

  7. Roberto says:

    Dirk good have hope gay men like try. I like flag be Happy to note that the American!

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