JockUp Contest – Need Your Assistance!

Hey, Guys!  It’s gonna amaze me to find that after failing to add anything to this blog in some months there’s anyone out there still paying any attention, but I swear I’m about to start getting my blogging ass back in gear and get you guys something to read and look at, THIS WEEK DAMMIT.

Meanwhile I need your help!  I’ve entered the Folsom Jockstrap contest at, and need your help to win! Please go to this page and then click on the little green checkmark to cast your vote (no registration required).  The prize is $1000 and I could really use a little extra these days…  Part of the reason I’m so behind on the blog is I’m working rather a lot.  SoooOOOoooo–THANK YOU!!!


  1. Eddy says:

    Hi Dirk, I just voted, hope you win this.

    I have been checking back on your blog to read more about your thoughts on anything, hope you get time to update more.

    Btw I left a comment but it did not appear, are you moderating the comments and filtering? 🙂


    • Hey Ed… Jesse here. I was upgrading some plugins on Dirk’s blog and I saw this comment. Yes, moderation is turned on… however, once one of your comments is approved, WordPress remembers this and automatically approves subsequent comments. So while you might have had to wait a day or two for your first comment to be approved (usually by Dirk, but occasionally by me), any posts you make from now on should appear instantaneously. 🙂

  2. Eddy says:

    Hey Jesse, thanks for explaining how that works, I didn’t know.

    A few days ago, I left a long comment in your blog and in Dirk’s blog and I filled in the Website field and for some reason after posting the comment, the comment just disappeared and I was lazy to retype the same comment under your post “You Snooze, You Lose”. It had a video link to Youtube that I thought might be interesting to you.

    I’ll probably try again later.


  3. gazou bernard says:

    amazing dirck i loe ur …

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