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Among the many things… Thank you addendum

Okay, so the other day I gushed profusely about how grateful I am to my boyfriend for all the help he’s been with getting this blog off the ground. It’s definitely true that it wouldn’t have happened without his knowhow and persistence and impatience with me dragging my feet about getting it done and all, and of course I might be forgiven for gushing on in my smitten state… But it’s not quite true that Jesse did it single-handedly. Without one other fellow offering constant technical support, arranging hosting, helping set up the template, and god knows what else… As I say, Jesse did all of the work from my point of view and I still feel like i know only the half of what went into it… Well, it wouldn’t have happened. Hence we’re both massively grateful to Jasun Mark, one of our directors at Titan, architect at titanmen.net, the mind behind the blog gaydailyhot.com, and a mephistopheleanly* handsome man. Thank you SO much, Jasun!

And now I promise to actually start posting something. Regularly, even!

*YOU try and make an adverb out of “mephistophelean”!