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  1. I love you too, babe. I’d move mountains for you, if I could. 🙂

  2. PT says:

    Looking forward to see where you take us Dirk. Sure to be an interesting read.

  3. gazou bernard says:

    very sexy guys for me i’m fan of your jobb and nice pics

    merci les gars pour tout ces moments sympas , un peu frustrants car loin mais beau travail d’equipe

  4. Bill Valle says:

    You, Jesse & Jasun Three supper personalities no wonder you hang together.
    Jasun is a very beautiful man, no wonder Joe Gage mistook him for a model. I would buy any video you guys are in. Hope to see all three of you at IML.

  5. frank says:

    Hello Mr. Caber:
    I have enjoyed your appearances in the dvds.

    I would like to praise you in the two scenes in the Titan dvd entitled
    ” Jury Duty”. The pairing of you and Roman Wright was very intense,
    passionate and erotic. I could really see what passion both of you had
    with each other.

    I also like the fact that you don’t shave your body hair. That is an excellent
    trait and I hope you maintain the hair. It’s a complete turnon to see a hairy
    and masculine man, in comparison to a smooth and young twink.

    Thanks again for providing excellent performances in your films. I look
    forward to viewing future projects. By the way, could you please keep me
    posted on your future films?

    Thank you,

    email address:

  6. richard houthuyzen says:

    Great Website , Dirk !!

  7. John says:

    The hottest blogspot on the intertubes!

  8. Michael Perry says:

    I look forward to your posts, your post on Dror was beautiful, thoughtful, and moving. Keep up the wonderful prose.

  9. Rocky says:

    I am so pleased you and Michael are addressing the hate filled posting about not just Dror but the insensitive attacks on defenseless. Words have power and can hurt.

  10. ken says:

    While I agree with the idea behind what you wrote, I glanced at the comments over at JoeMyGod and didn’t find them that offensive. Mostly they were back and forth about the “doucheyness” of a comment that said that “there was no reason for a beauty like this to end his life.” (Kind of a douchey thing to say but probably more poorly worded than anything else. IMHO people overreacted to the comment. At length.) There were also some comments from people who were depressed/bipolar, which were interesting, as well as a few tributes from people who knew Dror. Aside from the tiresome “docheyness”debate, in general I found the tone respectful.

    I’d be more inclined to get angry at the New York Post, who outed Dror to his day job.

  11. Dirk Caber says:

    Hey, Ken! Missing you– Are you two coming to IML this year? Or do I have to wait until Folsom to see you again?

    I know the comments on JMG weren’t quite so venomous; there were some some days ago which are not there now, so perhaps he did some judicious editorial pruning of the burning bush… However, even those “douchey” comments… Is this REALLY the forum for airing all that? Um, no, they’re not directly offensive, but if that’s what someone needs to reply to… Heh, they should get their own blog and do it there.

    And yes, whoever it was at the NYPost who violated Dror’s private life with that story should rot in hell for it, agreed.

  12. MerleMerlot says:

    Part 2 with Jesse on the bottom is hot You guys look great together

  13. Very hot guys and happy to know by Jesse you’re happy together! Hugs

  14. richard houthuyzen says:

    New workout gym !! Hot !!!

  15. We had a couple of hiccups when first posting the video. I hope it’s working more consistently now. If not, please let us know. 🙂

  16. Richard says:

    Very hot. Something was growing in my pants while watching this. xx RD.

  17. Mark says:

    I just had visited with an old NYC friend of mine, John L., who mentioned walking past today and thinking of you. He told me about your dual careers, so naturally I had to look you up, and you are indeed as handsome as he said. And, from what I’ve read so far of your blog, as intelligent – always a heady combination!

  18. Ben says:

    got hungry for more 😉

  19. gazou bernard says:

    tres agreable a regarder tres hot et sexy

  20. babakatt says:

    This is my first year going to Grabbys/IML (hope to see you guys there). It would be really awesome to get to Folsom also. You guys look great in the teaser. (and why not keep saying over and over again) You two have a good thing, be happy 🙂

  21. Malik says:

    I love seeing porn star couples together. The sex between couples is so much different that just the random sex between the performers. I wish you two many years of happiness.

  22. What a great and accurate post about that shoot. You are always a joy to work with Dirk!

  23. Don says:

    Hi Dirk, Good luck with the Blog, and just to let you know your films do rock my world,big time.

  24. Dex says:

    When are you coming to Toronto? What venue are you visiting?

  25. Angel says:

    Felicitaciones por tan excelente actuacion en sus peliculas y videos….realmente los disfruto…para usted Sr. Caber, le deseo el mayor de los exitos en su carrera.

    Abrazos desde Venezuela,


  26. Dirk says:

    Hot Greeting from German!

  27. tobi says:

    Dirk, reading your blog and listening to your comments in the clips i consider you a very genuine, open guy, a very human and intelligent person. Thanks for bein’ here in contact with us on www

  28. LOVE the look on Jesse’s face as he enters that dude’s ass, hot!!

  29. Eddy says:

    Hi Dirk, I just voted, hope you win this.

    I have been checking back on your blog to read more about your thoughts on anything, hope you get time to update more.

    Btw I left a comment but it did not appear, are you moderating the comments and filtering? 🙂


    • Hey Ed… Jesse here. I was upgrading some plugins on Dirk’s blog and I saw this comment. Yes, moderation is turned on… however, once one of your comments is approved, WordPress remembers this and automatically approves subsequent comments. So while you might have had to wait a day or two for your first comment to be approved (usually by Dirk, but occasionally by me), any posts you make from now on should appear instantaneously. 🙂

  30. Eddy says:

    Hey Jesse, thanks for explaining how that works, I didn’t know.

    A few days ago, I left a long comment in your blog and in Dirk’s blog and I filled in the Website field and for some reason after posting the comment, the comment just disappeared and I was lazy to retype the same comment under your post “You Snooze, You Lose”. It had a video link to Youtube that I thought might be interesting to you.

    I’ll probably try again later.


  31. gazou bernard says:

    amazing dirck i loe ur …

  32. frankie says:

    Thanks for sharing this post along with the photos…all I can say is amazing! What a transformation….both physical and emotional…I met you a few weeks back at The Eagle LA…I immediately recognized you…at first I was hesitant to greet you as sometimes adult stars tend to not want any attention…but you greeted me with a big smile and handshake!..So happy for you and Jesse…I am glad that you were with him at his mom’s dinner table….that shows love and compassion and real humanity…looking forward to seeing you on my laptop….

  33. Paul says:

    INTERESTING that this appeared in your Twitter feed… I’m reading David Shenk’s “The Genius in All of Us” right now. His argument is that we’re not victims of our DNA, but that we can tap into latent talent in our genetic material at any time, to do the unexpected. (Definitely didn’t waste my time reading his sections about genetics, yawn). Your story/pictures are really good proof of this–a conventional looking classical musician can go to looking like someone in gay porn, within a set amount of years. More interesting: you did this into your 30s, so what’s stopping someone in their 50s or more from doing the same?

    Very inspirational stuff man, thanks for your brutal honesty.

    (just had two weeks off my workout & eating plan due to travel and feeling the regret. this too will pass when I go running at 6:30 am tomorrow)

  34. Bryan says:

    Dear Dirk,

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but I’m a fan of your work, and your positive portrayal within whatever role you assume in your sexual escapades on film. You take pride in what you do, and that comes through so vividly!

    I have to admit, though, that I particularly enjoyed your scene for BoundJocks, as you were bound, helpless, nipples clamped, balls stretched, and hard as a rock – just as I want you in my fantasy! LOL The only thing that would have made that scene hotter would have been “mystery hands” (an unseen figure except for the hands) stimulating your erogenous zones, making you ache to cum, but delaying that outcome, prolonging your ecstasy, and allowing all those watching to drink in your masculine energy and potency. That shoot certainly got my juices flowing!

    So thank you, again, for being the man you are, and allowing us to share in your sexuality.



  35. Jared says:

    Hi, Dirk. Just discovered your blog and several more films with which I had not been familiar. HOT! And what makes you even hotter is your lucid, heartfelt, thoughtful blog. Your most recent post on how you transformed yourself, inside and outside, to become who you are today was simultaneously provocative and inspirational. Thank you. Jared

  36. Ren says:

    Thank you so much Dirk for sharing this! I have to say that this has really been inspirational to read and re-read. You ignite a flame in me to bring out my potential to achieve what I can achieve. Weight has been an issue my whole life. I’ve already lost 110 pounds and what you said about looking back at your achievements helps you move forward to your goal struck me the most. Again, thank you! I saw you and Jesse walking along Castro when I was visiting SF during Folsom weekend. I wanted to say hello but was too shy. I was gawking at you both instead looking like a fool. More power to you both! 🙂

  37. Fred Charles says:

    You’re amazing. Handsome, cute, masculine, sensitive, sense of humor–you got it all.

  38. Dolly says:

    Having seen “Dirk” in college, he has changed a lot. Still, the slightly doughier photo in chaps is still a hot guy, the body hair actually makes the body hotter, not always the muscle tone.

    Congrats and keep enjoying life!

  39. Eddy says:

    I admit that I reacted negatively at first to the post, more than anything else due to physical deformities that has been experienced first hand. Any obsession with physical perfection thus hits a raw nerve.

    But truthfully, I find Dirk just as attractive in the older photos. Keep on working out cos you look great and keep the photos and posts coming, Ed

  40. Eddy says:

    I am just starting to read the rest of your blog and this is the first time I am reading this post. Good post and heartfelt but being a quintessential Scorpio I need to voice my views (since you mentioned that you like to push a guy’s buttons and like him to push back).

    The last few lines was a little unnecessary. The very perpetrators of hate are simply people who are suffering and might very well be susceptible to taking their own lives too. Imagine if one reads about the death of someone who might be less than noble, how would we feel? I would think that we would feel strong compassion as well. I feel we should stop there, instead of converting that sadness into anger and spite.

    I guess some parts of your more personal posts frustrates me. Maybe because I imagined you to be close to perfect on the inside (which I know that no one is). But at the same time I am trying to see it, or feel it from your point of view. Hope you understand, Ed

    Btw, I did post a link on Jesse’s blog which has a video of my friend sleeping, and it bears a certain resemblance to you, wierd.

  41. RenanPoA says:

    Love Your scenes And have a good surprise about Your Life. Congratulations !

  42. miles says:

    You guys were hot at the P-House this weekend. Damn!!!

  43. Martin says:

    Nice post Dirk.. really suits your charming smile.. That was far from anything I could’ve expect out there, because from now on that gay world you’re describing really seems more positive than anything I’ve lived on at the moment. Trying to love myself some more is giving me some hard time rightnow, as for a long time I wasn’t satsfied on my image, but for a skinny side^^ and what makes this seems even harder is that, you always see yourself from other people’s eyes in the first place. I haven’t find the right person for me right now, and i’m used to blaming myself for anything that happens in my life so that does help either.

    Anyway, you seem to have find a good combinaison that suits every side of your personnality that awesome! As for me I would say that I’m following my dream to become a great musician , but haven’t moved out from my parents place yet, I’m getting to it, but good things happened from that choice, but I don’T feel totally honnest about the guy I want to become in all the spheres of me life, like I wanted to preserve that son’S image.. Getting there I guess.

    Thx anyway


  44. Wesley B. Foreman says:

    This is a beautiful, fanfuckingtabulous picture. I bet Jesse loved it.

  45. Barbara says:

    Great pic. You wear ropes well. Is that a gag in your mouth also, or just a picture flaw?

  46. gazou bernard says:

    ohhh dirck what are u doing ???

  47. Dirk says:

    It is indeed a gag. Um, I HATE gags. Just sayin’.

  48. Barbara says:

    God Bless America! Already voted, but what a Beautiful incentive. Totally agree with everything you said. 🙂

  49. Bubba says:

    Sorry the man is a giant failure. First 2 years he could have done much with a democratic senate and house, and did absolutely nothing, esp for LGBT people.

    His change is not the change we need. Time to vote out Dumb and Dumber.

    • Dirk says:

      Happy to note that the American majority has proven more intelligent and better informed than you, Bubba, but you’re certainly welcome to your opinion. I however especially find it amusing that in favor of a candidate who supports equality for the LGBT community despite having prioritized a few more pressing problems in his first two years you’d actually prefer to have someone who’s been quite vocal and active in his opposition towards our folk.

  50. Wesley B. Foreman says:

    I so want to salute that flag. Actually, I want to ‘salute’ the flag bearer.

  51. Fred Charles says:

    Amazing Dick Caber! Not only are you one hell of a sexy man but your thoughts convey good common sense and wisdom. I truly admire and respect you. I just hope your example will be followed by as many fellow countrymen (gay or not) to lead to the victory of Barack Obama, a man of strength, power of work and good will. He’s proven it. I’d never trade the prey for the shadows, because they are murky by essence and definition. Hence my total and irrevocable endorsment to Obama.
    I commend you for your courage of opininion and fortitude of thought.

  52. Fred Charles says:

    Sorry, the letter R slipped out of my keyboard when typing your frist name. I hope you will forgive me.
    Thank you, Monsieur Dirk Caber.

  53. Wilson says:

    I saw this coming your way when you moved to NYC, and was quick to judge negatively. I believed that these obsessive traits masked a larger issue and occurred because of avoiding the real problem. But in following your progress and achievements, I’m seeing and realizing that you are fulfilling a dream, and not obliging to somebody else’s. Mostly, I’ve never seen you happier. Who cares what it is that we all do as long as no one is hurting themselves. I’m glad you’re in a good place, happy and feeling great!
    We all change and hopefully become the person we intended to.

    Thanks for sharing . You’ve taught me a lot.


  54. I just read your bio and love it! As well as your Energy, and you are such a lovely person. Thanks for a great blog. I look forward to catching up on older posts.

  55. I did not notice any hiccups, but the video is still loading. I can spend a few hours making sure there are no problems, though! Ha, Ha!!

  56. Definitely no hiccups, but I AM going to watch it again, just to be sure.

  57. Yes, definitely no hiccups!

    And the phrase “sexy fuckers” keeps running through my Mind for some reason.

  58. twb6yz says:

    sorry, buddy, but in no way are you in that man’s shadow! it’s the other way around!

  59. mike says:

    In recently viewing the Titan dvd in which you are featured in a scene with
    Jesse Jackman, I found it to be very passionate. Both of you certainly displayed
    your intensity and chemistry.
    Question: I seem to observe that in the majority of your films, that you often
    let out with constant bursts of laughter during your scenes with your partners.
    It’s too bad that this happens, as it is a detriment.
    Other than that, your scenes in your films have been exceptional. It would be
    great to see you paired with Brad Kalvo and Allen Silver.

  60. Fred Charles says:

    Dear friend,
    I already left a message for you on facebook, about your searching an apartment in Paris. I gave you the e-mail address of Xavier Dauchard, aka Taurus at Raging Stallion Studios. He’s doing Human Resources now, but you may certainly contact him. His email is
    He should be able to find something that could suit to your quest.
    Good luck to you.


    Hi Dirk
    We were going to Paris (but change of plans) and I saw many interesting studios and rooms to share on AirBNB. All utilities and internet included so that saved us the trouble.–France?checkin=07%2F01%2F2013&checkout=07%2F30%2F2013&guests=2&price_max=1500

    All the best
    Edwin & Agustin

  62. Monique says:

    The next time you are in the New York City I will.myu guys are more than just actors you are very down to earth men. I will love to be not just a fan but a friend.

  63. frankie says:

    Well said…I saw you at the Eagle LA awhile ago..It was very noisy and you were with friends. I said hello and told you I was a fan…You gave me a big smile and said thanks and asked my name!!! That was great! Have a great summer!!! Hope your move-in has been completed…

  64. bernard says:


  65. John Nashbear says:

    Dirk, well said. I like that. Have to say, I discovered you via your hubby and I enjoy reading about the both of your adventures. I would like to meet you sometime if nothing more than to talk music. I play the French horn (less now than when in college) and I would love to discuss it sometime. Hopefully will get to meet you. Thanks!

  66. john aka lola simba felina says:

    well said. back in the day when i did drag people acted as if i was too good to talk to. sort of made me feel out of place and alone. now i do my garden thing and other stuff. miss the stage in a way but in a way not. take care Dirk.

  67. I must confess that, in spite of being a hornball Cuban, I could not imaging grabbing another man’s ass like that, much less a porn star. It does not even cross my fantasies.

    I AM far from shy, but I would probably be working hard not to drool in public, I promsise, Dirk, that if you and I are a few feet away from each other, I shall say hello or at least try to speak intelligibly.

  68. Doug says:

    I just have to tell you too…YOU ARE SO FUCKING HOT!! You & Jesse are such a GREAT couple and I LOVE seeing you 2 together…especially in your videos you post!! Keep up the GREAT work and I hope to run into you someday. In fact, you were only 1 1/2 hours away from me when you were in Rochester, NY!! TOO BAD for ME!! Love you guys…Doug.

  69. Peter94 says:

    After saying HI, I might secretly want to give you a brief hug, and maybe even would work up the courage to ask. But you always ask before any contact with someone (other than a handshake). That’s just manners!

    • Doug says:

      I just want to meet BOTH of these HOT STUDS!! Just a fantasy of mine to be with 2 VERY HOT, MUSCLED MEN!!! PHEW…would be a dream cum true!!! Keep up the GREAT PICS and the GREAT VIDEOS!!!! Doug

  70. Kage Alan says:

    I’ve never actually gone to an event where a porn star has been present. Come to think of it, my friend, J.P. Barnaby (who’s in one other pictures above), just introduced me to porn. Yes, she’s taken my innocence (trying to keep a straight face here).

    Seriously, though, the process you describe meeting someone in the industry at a bar is exactly how I’d think it should be done, with politeness, a little class and a little knowledge of something that could become a short conversation. Very nicely stated post, sir. =)

  71. Doug says:

    Just have to say…next time you BOTH are in Rochester, NY…let me know and would LOVE to meet you at the SPA!! HOT place, especially if you come on the 3rd Sat. night of the month…BAR NIGHT!!! LOTS of HOT guys out and you 2 would be the HOTTEST ones here!! In fact, I’m here now!! Hope to have fun! XOXO, Doug

  72. Antonio says:

    I’ve just found your blog and I think it’s really interesting. I was quiet inspired by the post of “Perspective”. And now this post has made me laugh and write this question: Are you ever gonna share the music you make??

    Because I (like anyone else in here) OBVIOUSLY enjoy to watch your body, and read about your porn life… but what really caught my attention was the fact that you graduated on some music career… And I was completely excited about the idea of a great hunk porn star writing classical music (as i love classical music myself, and have began to write some little compositions).

    So I hope you read this comment, and share something about your musical work with us!

    Greetings from Mexico.

  73. Willie says:

    Wow Mr Caber, learning about you has been very encouraging and surprising. I know it’s possible to accomplish a lot of work when you dedicate your time but some people just seem to accomplish an amazing amount and appear to be ‘miles ahead’. I am a pianist in New Orleans having just moved from a decade in NYC playing all over. If you come see us I would enjoy meeting you.

    Wishing you the best, Willie

  74. ²marc says:

    dirk …
    jesus you are the man of my dreams ! haha a guy can dream can’t I … 🙂
    already have a great “dirk caber dvd and photo collection” … you’re movies are always very passionate, hot and beautifull photographed and every movie is different, very versatile … suited, leather, countrystyle, sports … love it !
    I have a big favour to ask … I used to be a swimmer and got paralised because of a diving accident so live goes in in a wheelchair 🙂 but don’t worry even in a wheelchair live can be great !
    my question to you : it became a hoby of mine to collect signed photo’s of my favorite male pornstars and since I haved the biggest dvd colelction of you your signed pics would be the chery on the cake … have tried to contact you via all different kind of ways … facebook, lucas, titan, colt … no luck so far in finding an address or PO Box where I can send some of my favorite photo’s to for you to sign …
    can you please let me know how to contactg you or your agent ? that would really make my day !
    have quit a collection already : angelo marconi, reese rideout, arpad miklos, Jeremy walker, joel evan, D.O., Paddy O’Brian, trenton Ducati, adam killian, tom judson, cody Cummings … so dirk, you have my email so I really hope to hear from you via this way … could this be a dream come true ? hahaha
    all the best for now, a big hug and lots of succes in the future !
    x marc

  75. marc says:

    dirk …
    you are the man of my dreams ! haha a guy can dream can’t I … 🙂
    already have a great “dirk caber dvd and photo collection” … you’re movies are always very passionate, hot and beautifull photographed and every movie is different, very versatile … suited, leather, countrystyle, sports … love it !
    I have a big favour to ask …
    my question to you : it became a hoby of mine to collect signed photo’s of my favorite male pornstars and since I haved the biggest dvd colelction of you your signed pics would be the chery on the cake … have tried to contact you via all different kind of ways … facebook, lucas, titan, colt … no luck so far in finding an address or PO Box where I can send some of my favorite photo’s to for you to sign …
    can you please let me know how to contactg you or your agent ? that would really make my day !
    have quit a collection already : angelo marconi, reese rideout, arpad miklos, Jeremy walker, joel evan, D.O., Paddy O’Brian, trenton Ducati, adam killian, tom judson, cody Cummings … so dirk, you have my email so I really hope to hear from you via this way … could this be a dream come true ? hahaha
    all the best for now, a big hug and lots of succes in the future !
    x marc

  76. marc says:

    dirk … we mailed in the past and I was not very kind to you … was going throug a very hard period in my life anbd got mad at everything and everyone, is not an excuse to make me look good again but is it’s true and honest … due to an accident I have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair … ring a bell ? … I do appologize for that … I was wrong, very very wrong ! hope you except my sorry ! perhaps you do not even remember but if you do … please forgive me ! really hope to add your signed photo’s to my collection and if you do not want to have any further contact with me than I understand and I will reamin a very big fan of you ! all the best, lots of succes and I hope to hear fgrolm you afterall … x marc

  77. marc says:

    dirk … you are the man of my dreams ! haha a guy can dream can’t I … already have a great “dirk caber dvd and photo collection” … you’re movies are always very passionate, hot and beautifull photographed and every movie is different, very versatile … suited, leather, countrystyle, sports … love it ! I have a big favour to ask … my question to you : it became a hoby of mine to collect signed photo’s of my favorite male pornstars and since I haved the biggest dvd colelction of you your signed pics would be the chery on the cake … have tried to contact you via all different kind of ways … facebook, lucas, titan, colt … no luck so far in finding an address or PO Box where I can send some of my favorite photo’s to for you to sign … can you please let me know how to contactg you or your agent ? that would really make my day ! have quit a collection already : angelo marconi, reese rideout, arpad miklos, Jeremy walker, joel evan, D.O., Paddy O’Brian, trenton Ducati, adam killian, tom judson, cody Cummings … so dirk, you have my email so I really hope to hear from you via this way … could this be a dream come true ? hahaha all the best for now, a big hug and lots of succes in the future ! x marc

  78. marc says:

    dirk … we mailed in the past and I was not very kind to you … was going throug a very hard period in my life anbd got mad at everything and everyone, is not an excuse to make me look good again but is it’s true and honest … due to an accident I have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair … ring a bell ? … I do appologize for that … I was wrong, very very wrong ! hope you except my sorry ! perhaps you do not even remember but if you do … please forgive me ! really hope to add your signed photo’s to my collection and if you do not want to have any further contact with me than I understand and I will reamin a very big fan of you ! you’re movies are always very passionate, hot and beautifull photographed and every movie is different, very versatile … suited, leather, countrystyle, sports … love it ! I have a big favour to ask … my question to you : it became a hoby of mine to collect signed photo’s of my favorite male pornstars and since I haved the biggest dvd colelction of you your signed pics would be the chery on the cake … have tried to contact you via all different kind of ways … facebook, lucas, titan, colt … no luck so far in finding an address or PO Box where I can send some of my favorite photo’s to for you to sign … can you please let me know how to contactg you or your agent ? that would really make my day ! have quit a collection already : angelo marconi, reese rideout, arpad miklos, Jeremy walker, joel evan, D.O., Paddy O’Brian, trenton Ducati, adam killian, tom judson, cody Cummings … so dirk, you have my email so I really hope to hear from you via this way … could this be a dream come true ? hahaha all the best for now, a big hug and lots of succes in the future ! x marc

  79. Anonymous Orch Dork Fan says:

    I’m curious about your musical background! Blog about that!

  80. Keith Brooker says:

    Hi Jesse

    You sent me a message in the past 2 days, but while I was reading it in bed, I must have hit the wrong key, as it disappeared. Try as I might, I can’t find it again. It related to my observation that it seems impossible on Facebook, to post you a Friends Request, but also that I enjoyed your performance at the Eagle, London several weeks ago.


  81. Fred Nutter says:

    I kept noticing you on the web. I find you even more exciting now I know you play the ophicleide! Perhaps you should persuade one of the studios to make a porn musical. Would be better if you played slide trombone.

  82. Andre says:

    I certainly agree. Very well stated. Got my vote!!!!

  83. Dirk, you have proven something I have known since I first saw you nude: you have bigger balls than me.

    If this was me, I would have taken it personally, but you took your Loving, wonderful, and delicious-looking husband and shoved your tongue in his mouth and fused yours to his in the process.

    Thank you for Re-Minding me of how BIG I AM already.

  84. John W Berresford says:


  85. I’m so proud of you, babe. Great post. xoxo

  86. Jack McNulty says:

    One of our saints said “All the way to heaven is heaven”. Sadly there is a puritanical streak in many people that just can’t stand the idea that people somewhere might be enjoying themselves. Keep up your good work. You both are teaching the world the joy of two persons being genuinely present to one another. I’m so glad that you are willing to teach the world this song.

  87. You’ve gotten more death threats than what I saw yesterday? I think your letter writing friend is protesting a tad to loudly, otherwise why would he give a shit what you do? He obviously feel’s threatened by you for some reason (jealousy maybe or he might see a bit of himself in you). In any case he isnt doing anything but making himself look stupid

  88. Dennis McQuaid says:

    You guys keep doing what U do! Living well is the best revenge!!!

  89. RGSLoan says:

    Bound in love – bound to be loved – the tie that binds. Why would anyone hate that? I’m too old and seen too much hate; and when it’s religious hate, it only proves how small a soul can be and the darkness it holds near its heart: a sadness your joy erases.

  90. FLYFOTO says:

    Years ago, FLYFOTO joined that exclusive club of people who were unceremoniously booted from Facebook for allegedly violating their terms of service guidelines. Apparently my images of men, which I considered as art, were much too salacious for their tastes. At the time I was terribly confused and frustrated as I had not posted anything there that in my opinion was objectionable. I walked away from that experience with two salient impressions;

    1. There were individuals in the Facebook community who were extremely narrow minded and potentially – very homophobic.

    2. The Facebook experience, at least for me, was one that was not a positive one. While it indeed connected me to an audience, it was also one that inhibited me from expressing myself genuinely and openly.

    Alas, the world is not as enlightened as we would hope it would be and Facebook serves itself up as a prime example of that. What Jesse just experienced unfortunately, is that there are those who cannot, under any circumstances, rise above their own fear and bigotry to respect or appreciate the differences of others.

    You are both entitled to feel anger and frustration over this experience. But remember, Facebook only brings to light the problems that surround us still in life. As troubling as it is, hate is an insidious and painful reality.

  91. Luciano says:

    I didn’t see anything offensive about the image but love between two guys. You and Jesse have all my support. Love you both and thanks for providing us with male action. We have to give big thanks to all gay porn stars for showing the world that men-on-men action is part of human nature. For decades, gay porn stars have been tearing down the walls of prejudice, making it possible for people to get used to homosexuality. I wish you love and success.

  92. Undergrl says:

    You look stunning in rope.

  93. jan says:

    Hallo Dirk,

    I love you man, what a nice voice you have, and your body, wow.

    greetings from Holland,


  94. Sasha Ranger says:


    It blows my mind that in this day and age, we still have to FIGHT for the right to love, and demonstrate that love, publicly?

    Quite frankly, people who hate couples because they are gay, inter-racial, inter-faith or who deviate from what they believe the norm to be, simply have no notion of what love means. And while we are on that topic, what is the norm anyway? Who decides? The one who shouts the loudest? The one who beats the biggest drum?

    It’s not about whether you are gay, or a porn star…or both 😉 It’s about respect. How about respecting people’s right to choose, people’s right to be themselves and people’s right to express love towards those they cherish?

    I maintain that if you do not like something, you are free to leave. Close the webpage, unlike the facebook page, unfollow on twitter – do what you need to, and leave. ‘Cos here’s the thing – other people are quite happy there and who are you with your narrow-minded, self-righteous indignation, to decide what is suitable for viewing by the rest of the online community? What makes you so important that you take the role of censor and moral police? How dare you assume that you have any such right in my life and that of others? #egoalert

    Personally, I love seeing pictures of you and Jesse – you remind me of what love looks like. It is so obvious how crazy the two of you are about each other – how can that be wrong? The basis of every spiritual path out there is Love – anyone claiming that the bond between the two of you is wrong, needs to open their eyes and take a good hard look, ‘cos from where I am standing – you guys have something really beautiful… and worth fighting for – and guess what – there are 1000s of people who see the same and they will fight for you guys too…


    Sasha Ranger

  95. Rob says:

    I think we might have met at a GMSMA or CHC function.
    I like seeing your work but for a less than usual reason. It was your first Kink video when you torturing the bottom’s tit’s. You had your foot against his chest. You have this casual looking sadistic smile that told me that you have bottom experience and know just how to make that experience work to fuck a guy over.

    I hope I meet you again someday.


  96. Jason (Jdawgie) says:

    dammit you tease, I thought you actually might be saying.. “You wannta wear my jockstrap” .. meaning your actual one you were wearing .. GRRRRR! I am just a dirty pup like that, GRRRR !!!

    • Dirk says:

      Heh, if they’d actually let us *have* the garments we were modeling, I might have been able to make some sort of proposal. However, these were all still prototypes, and couldn’t yet be released…

      • Jason (jdawgie) says:

        No worries handsome I totally understand… if there was a way I’d try and earn a jock from you GRRR Sexy !

        • Boots Bryant says:

          I’m sure COLT will give you some to wear & send to fans when the line is out. They’ve been generous with me in the past with their old line of undies from Cal Exotics.

  97. David says:

    Hi Dirk! I admire your comments and thoughts in life … I congratulate you for the great person you are .. I hope you never give up, and you can go ahead and be successful in your life … I love you so much Dirk, you’re a beautiful person … Greetings from Argentina! =)

  98. Keir Mundy says:

    You are a porn star…but because you are a porn star that doesn’t mean everybody has a right to put their hands on you. You shouldn’t have been thrown out of that club because some member touched you.

    I wouldn’t go back to their club.

  99. Steven Gibson says:

    Dirk, I totally agree man, I’m not in the porn Industry, but I hate it at sex on site venues and gay pubs, here in Australia, when guys just think they can grope, without any kinda invitation from me, I’ve slapped one guy, and I mean I slapped him.
    As I said in Facebook, sue the Club Cafe management, & the security guard, but then that could take years.
    For what it’s worth, if I was going to feel anyone up, I at least ask first, but that’s not the kinda thing I’d do, perhaps it’s like you said, never ever go back, I gave up gay pubs here for the same reasons.

  100. Mark says:

    I have been successful with asking for a hug from the porn stars I’ve met out and about. What about hugs, Dirk?

  101. Gary Whitehead says:

    Well said, its discusting that people will treat you differently because of your job, so by those rules an actor is allways lying a police officer is allways honest a fireman cannot be an arsonist are a handsome guy you have a beutful husband a great life great friends you don’t need idiots like these, love and peace .Gary from England

  102. Terry says:

    Good on you for standing up to this kind of thing. I once had an acquaintance come up from the carpark to my front door, I think he was scoring drugs off my speed dealing neighbour, and I foolishly let him in because he knows some close friends of mine. The minute he was in the door he was really insistently demanding sex. I said no. Then he just thrust his hand down my pants. The nerve, threw him out, will never talk to him ever again.

  103. DrK says:

    unfortunately the ignorance of people beyond the limits! the most important is that they are just idiots! love you guys admire as well as many more!

  104. monique says:

    Wow I am shocked that someone would take it upon themselves to feel that they have the right to grope you. For the clubs sercurity to throw you out and without. Proper explaintion is absurd.

    I mean you are a person more than you are an adult erotic actor. I see you as an interesting person I mean you are multifatcid. I was telling a friend that my ultimate gift is to site have lunch with you and your hubby and just talk music, movies, books and sports. I was told it was a pipe dream because your an actor.

    But getting back to the topic at hand the jerk off who groped you should have been force to leave and the club needs to hire more intelligent bouncers and not the Cromagna Man from the Museum.

    Yeah next time come to NYC and we can see what trouble and I mean good wholse trouble we can get

    Your rock and let no one tell you other wise


    P.S. you look great in your kilt and have sexy gams..I am so envious u look beter in a kilt then I do in a skirt.

  105. Tam says:

    It’s unbelievable how people act, whether drunk or sober. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, a doctor, lawyer or porn star; no one has the right to put their hands on someone else. If you were a female in a skirt, cops would have been called, and more than likely the person who did the touching would have been slapped around by others in the bar. Just because you’re a man and in the porn industry does not make you free game when you’re out, and it doesn’t mean that you’re welcoming advances from random assholes. The bouncers/manager of the club really needed to be slapped for insinuating that you were “asking for it” because of how you were dressed.
    It angers me that you had to endure something like this; the mentality of people just plain scares me anymore. I’m sorry you had to endure something like this while out having fun. But just know that you have a ton of “normal” fans, which would respect your space and not treat you an animal at a petting zoo. You are fuckin awesome, so please remember that and fuck the ignorant people in this world!

  106. Eric Farr says:

    What the hell??? That is 50 shades of disrespectful!!!!! No one should touch ANYONE ANYWHERE without permission!!!! I have to deal with that sort of thing as well when I wear my kilt, so I touch them in the same place. They’re usually shocked, but I tell them that if you are going under my kilt without my permission, I will go in your underwear without your permission.

    As for the place throwing YOU out, you made the decision to never go there again, but you should also make it a point to rub their noses in the treatment of you, by making sure EVERYONE knows it .

  107. Squat Dog (Bob) says:

    Definitely disturbed to read your post this morning. With all the excitement, good will and just Boston Pride in the air this past week, this certainly puts a downer of your experience. I agree that CC is not one of my favorite places in town, and hope that one experience does not tarnish your overall view of the city. Wishing you the best… Bob

  108. Z.Allora says:

    I’ve never seen your movies & to be honest had no idea you were an actor. Not that it will change my posts on Facebook LOL…

    I HATE people being treated unfairly. It’s wrong and it sucks. The double standards and various ways of application of the rules make me insane.

    Hugs, Z.

  109. Rob says:

    Sorry Dirk you were subjected to such an event but being from Chicago myself, I’m not surprised. I can’t agree with you more about the “bar” scene here and the reaction should have been different regarding the situation. But I run across the “entitled” attitude way too much in this city and for someone to play with you uninvited no matter WHO you are or what you are wearing is a poor excuse to throw you out of a bar, lame or not. I could see if you were in a different setting, say IML market or Folsom where someone touching would occur but it certainly would not have the same result.

  110. Liz says:

    Wow, what a stunning turn of events. You didn’t mention it, but I hope the ass who groped you was also tossed out of the club. And what kinds of idiots are running this place? Did it not occur to them the fact that you and Jesse are sometimes there could attract new customers?

    I recently learned about you and Jesse following the Facebook banning incident, and I’ve enjoyed reading about your “porn romance.” While looking at a photo Jesse posted on FB, I saw something that revealed his real name. From there, I easily found your composer page. I’m hesitant to say what it was in this public forum as you might want to keep that as private as possible, so now that I’ve left this comment, you have my e-mail address and can get in touch with me for the details.

  111. Karen Candido says:

    Im really sad to say I am from Boston right now. That someone here would treat you with such disrespect is horrible. I am watching the parade for the sox right now and was just thinking it was amazing how this town comes together. This just reminds me not is everything what they seem.

    • Dirk says:

      Karen, it’s not Boston in general that’s like this. Watch how this city came together after the marathon bombing; what other city would have completely shut itself down voluntarily to facilitate the manhunt? The civic pride and historic consciousness here is incredible. Gay life and gay men here have a terrible reputation in other cities, though, and it was just disappointing in front of friends visiting from Austin and Chicago to have the reputation proven true.

  112. John H says:

    Dear Dirk, it’s called respect and boundaries which apparently this patron shows no ability to abide by. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Porn Star or any Joe Schmoo off the street. No one should be putting their hands on anyone. For you to be treated that way by security is rather appauling.

  113. I have had guys reach under my kilt, dresses, and up my daisy dukes to fondle my junk and rub my hole in places like that. It pisses me off to no end that they do that!
    At a party 2 years ago I was wearing a brand new dress utilikilt and some some shot broad decided she wanted to see my junk, so she lifted my kilt and looked before I had a chance to react, my owner slapped her down rather quickly and the incident never repeated itself because she was banned from all future gatherings.

    Just because you are a porn star does not give ANYONE carte’ blanche to grab your shit, finger your ass or touch any other part of you.

  114. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    I good for porn gay how you together. I will be your friend in Chicago. I but think about boston in Club like guy. I have your jesse see like nice. So you because true your gay scene sucks anyway.

  115. Jim Crooks says:

    So Sorry that happened to you. it happend to me several years ago but it was the Club owner that was reaching between my legs, I am not a Porn Star just a Local Talent ( Singer) But anyway..
    you are better than that guy and alwasy will be.

  116. Dennis McQuaid says:

    There’s always an Asshole wherever U go! Maybe the management should apologize yo U. The explanation that U r a porn star so u invite this behavior is similar to telling a pretty girl it’s her fault she got raped!

  117. bernard says:


  118. Anarch Peak says:

    You say “hey girl hey” can I interest you in a conversation over here where it is more quiet? You then say so “how are you really” and then listen. What first and foremost needs to be understood is that this is not a sex symbol, it is person, a human, with subjectivity and dreams and desires and humanity. You see past the projected image to the heart of this person’s humanity, that must be in the forefront. That is how I have always been when meeting porn stars, they are some very lovely people and some of the most profound human beings when you get them talking, but there it is, and I generally have a softer approach with people in general.

  119. Joe says:

    I have never had a positive experience with a kilt in a gay venue. I am happiest wearing it to St Andrews Dinners and Highland Games. It just seems a dishonor to my tartan and clan to wear it like fetish gear. I find respect amongst gays lacking more and more these days. I remember a couple of decades ago when adult film actors were treated like celebrities. I guess the internet has changed that with so many videos and the vast numbers of talent. Not that there is any excuse for not respecting another man. I am outraged that you were mistreated.

  120. TJ says:

    I cannot imagine doing that to someone, but I cannot figure out why you were thrown out.

  121. FLYFOTO says:

    Allow me to apologize on behalf of all the gay men in Boston…. I am so sorry that you were treated in this manner. Really. It is clearly not representational of the larger gay community here in Boston and it embarasses me that your impression of our city has been peppered so.

    I will refrain on commenting on the venue in which this incident occured but will state that it is absolutely NOT the gay mecca of Boston and I am not at all surpised that it happened at this establishment. You will find however that there are other much more evolved clubs and nightspots here where the patrons will not be as recklessly bold and the staff as rude.

    You are fully entitled to be angry.


  122. Jason (jdawgie) says:

    Damn, I am gonna really refrain from getting on my SOAPBOX. This is sooo wrong in many ways, and the establishment you were in Dirk owes you a HUGE apology.. in my opinion. Sorry this happened to you handsome! I will stop now before I get to heated on this… Hugs handsome Brother!

  123. Fred Charles says:

    General Charles de Gaulle once said “Take altitude, it’s not crowed up there”. Meaning, only the crust, the scum remain on the surface. This Café was not worthy of your presence in the first place. Ignore them like barking dogs and let your caravan pursue its way to the right oasis. Peace 🙂

  124. TJ says:

    You guys are way cool.

  125. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    Sorry this happened to you handsome!

  126. Dee says:

    Love that town, Hate that scene. I’ve never had a worse time going out with friends than in Boston. I never do drugs, throw fisticuffs, drink to excess or groop people, but I’ve still generally had an unpleasant time out there.

    I always look forward to being in Boston, I just grit my teeth when it comes to things like this.

  127. Tora Highman says:

    Oh Please! So you won’t be back anytime soon??? GOOD!!
    As if we need a prostitute and porn “star” trolling thru the city with his D list porn star boyfriend telling us what he thinks of us. I’m sure you were screaming. “Do YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” as they were throwing your tired ass out the door. Stay in New York where your Chelsea attitude seems to be well placed. And take that jack-ass Jesse back with you. You might have just taken being thrown out as a hint….but maybe they didn’t want you there in the first place.

    • Tommysole says:

      You seem like a horses ass.

    • Dirk says:

      Thank you, Tora, for providing so perfect an example of precisely what this blog post is about. You’ve simply agreed with the club management that by nature of my unorthodox garment (let alone what I do for occasional extra income) it was entirely permissible for a man to sexually violate me in a public place. This is precisely the provincial attitude expected of Boston from far more worldly-wise places like… well, New York City for one. If anyone doubts your small-mindedness, they can google your name or email address and read through the similar such comments you leave on so many other blogs and sites. Calling them closed-minded is an understatement, though I also have to add that the misdirected “christianess” you spout is naive at best and your abject racism is breathtaking. I had an ex whose mother had a saying, “Stupid is never happy until the entire room knows exactly how stupid Stupid is.” Case in point. Please shut up and stop contributing to my city’s low reputation.

    • “Tore a hymen”? Funny. Not too original though. Not too smart either… the next time you post one of your nasty comments you might consider masking your IP address.… hmm… how’s Verizon FiOS working out for you? I’ve considered ditching Comcast for them but never made the switch. By the way, you might consider securing port 4567 on your router because it’s a pretty serious vulnerability to leave your internet connection exposed like that. It’s a good thing for you that this D-list pornstar jackass boyfriend is actually a really nice guy.

    • M.J. says:

      Maybe this will come easier from a woman, (something I hope you will aspire to become yourself at some later date). You really have absolutely NO CLUE, as to how to behave in a public forum; (exhibited quite extraordinarily in your response to this post), let me help.
      1. Your backwoods attitude to anything that may exist outside of your “hell’s kitchen thug’s old lady” existence is simply put…sad and pathetic.
      2. Your assumptions as to the behavior of two people you have never met in person; much less witnessed at the time of this event is, once again simply put…ignorant.
      3. Your opinion of said participants to this actual event; ONCE AGAIN, SIMPLY PUT…is obviously based on…well, WAIT…WHAT EXACTLY HAVE YOU BASED THIS OPINION ON??? Are you a fan of gay porn? Do you follow both of these men’s blogs, facebook pages or movie careers??? OOOOH!!! WAIT A SECOND!!! I used the word CAREER!
      *side note Tora. A career is a JOB, one that makes you money enough to pay your bills to a certain standard of living that you choose is acceptable.
      These two men, not only have lucrative CAREERS, they hold a level of celebrity that is accomplished and respected in their field. (If anyone put their hand up the skirt of , let’s say, Julia Roberts, while she was out with her gal pals, this guy would have been fish food!) Shame on you for trying to destroy generations of hard work and suffering by the entire feminist movement by REpromoting double standards! Thanks for that!
      5. As for the establishment having never wanted these gentlemen in their establishment in the first place, that, my dear girl is what door men get paid to do. These employees had ample opportunity prior to this incident to ask these men to leave based on a dislike of them or their behavior; they did not, they accepted their money AND the draw of having relevant celebrities in their club.
      6. The ONLY conclusion I can come up with for you to be so angry and hostile in defense of the club employees; I must ask Tora…did you find out that evening that your hell’s kitchen thug preferred a little man meat when he upskirted ol’ Dirk here????

      A little advice: maybe your man should keep his hands to himself, and you should refrain from throwing the old proverbial stones at people you don’t know, understand, or compare to in the least.
      Read a blog now and then. These two men ARE gentlemen in a committed relationship, they are educated, well written and seemingly very sincere in their quest to live their lives on their own terms and beholden to no one but themselves.
      NOBODY has the right to touch another human being without invitation! Being female, you are expected to understand this innately!

    • Jeff says:

      Well, I must say, that you are being a bit judgmental. Just because he is a porn star, and JUST because his husband is a porn star, doesn’t mean that they should be treated any differently from anyone else. They should expect to NOT be groped by someone, JUST because of their profession. Personal space is personal space, male or female, and whatever you do, NO ONE has a right to invade it, ESPECIALLY because of what they are wearing!

    • Lisa says:

      What a piece of work you are! WHO’S trolling? There is no reason to come here to post just to be nasty. And if you really feel the need to do so, at least have the guts to use your real name. Crawl back under your rock.

  128. Mike Weakley says:

    Dirk & Jesse, it does take one to know one. I think the situation is that said person is the one who is doing the deed instead of Dirk, plus I think a hot sexy muscle stud like Dirk in a kilt is hot, especially if he is not wearing anything underneath. And NO U R not a D-list jackass.

  129. Mark Anthony says:

    Several years back I used to strip locally. Between the gyms I worked out at & stripping I was pretty recognizable. Going to the club on a busy night & walking through or onto the dance floor led men to believe they could paw at me & especially my nips. My chest is very muscular & my nipples pierced. But WRONG. I was always polite but always told them that wasn’t cool. It finally got around but there where several that didn’t quite believe me when I told them I would break their wrist if they did it again. Though I never did, about half a dozen left the bar with sprained wrists.

  130. jadie76 says:

    The definition of class, Dirk & Jesse. Well said.

  131. Kc says:

    Dirk so sorry this happened to you, I was Mr.Boston in 1994, a group of friends went there for some cocktail before an event , had about the same experience there. It seems for some reason Boston doesn’t think the leather community belongs there. So I’m sorry you had that experience there, we all have to live together with each other.

  132. joes says:

    Hey leave chealsea out o it me and my boyfriend dont need hookers like you tora trashing it jesse dirk im big fans of both of you unfotunatley i cant afford either of your sites but im a big fan of your blog to jesse you dont deserve to be treated like that at all dirk

  133. Dirk Beach-Barrow says:

    Dirk – as a fellow Scot, Kiltwearer, and Dirk (my nickname), I completely agree with you! Just because I’m wearing a kilt does NOT mean that you have free license to stick your hand up my kilt without having the courtesy to ASK FIRST. Now if you were going around the bar lifting your kilt and showing your Meat & Veg & Crumpets to everyone, that would be different. I have to agree with you about the Boston bar scene – worse most boring gay bars I’ve ever been in – EVEN CHARLESTON SC HAS BETTER BARS!! You and Jesse should CUM to Palm Springs sometime for a visit!!

  134. Xiong says:

    Tora the world doesnt revolve around you only. Why do you care so much about these two gentleman. You call them troll but yet you seem to be the one trolling.

  135. Kanili says:

    I hope you come the MAL next year. We will show you the respect that you are entitled.

  136. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    yeah you are better like about guy jesse so nice gentleman like gay will your boyfriend?

  137. David Rouleau says:

    I stand behind Dirk and feel he was just defending himself. He got the shitty end of the stick.

  138. Kevinton says:

    Jesse and Dirk, Love you guys and thanks for entertaining me and getting my cock hard with your movies.. Tora go fuck yourself.. jackass..

  139. Fred Charles says:

    Respect is due to each and every human being no matter what walk of life they choose. More so if a man like Dirk Caber made it his occupation to give pleasure and offer joy to his fans. Who is to judge? Has tolerance lost its meaning? This man is lucky enough to be surrounded by a loving & caring companion, and a hord of people who wish him well, not to mention his fans. The rest of them bigots and dimwits can go to hell!

  140. steven says:

    There was a 1970 war movie called Tora! Tora! Tora! about the bombing of Pearl Harbor…well, in this case…Tora, put a tampon where the sun don’t shine and light it..because that’s the only bang you’ll ever get! As for Jesse and Dirk..keep on fighting! You guys rock!

  141. Oh my it’s the craziest thing EVER! wearing a kilt INVITES inappropriate groping. TAlk about reverse discrimination! Sheesh!

  142. -fans self- says:

    Holy hell. I don’t even know what to do with myself while looking at this picture. Well, I have a couple of ideas, but my god.

  143. John G says:

    I kind of agree with you on our gay scene in Boston. Its too splintered and sad. And there is no reason for a stranger to put his hand up your kilt. Porn star or not. I hope it doesn’t put you off of visiting Boston again. HUGS

  144. Achilles says:

    A heart of pure gold .. and thats all that matters .

  145. Julio says:

    We often forget to put artists in human context and instead objectify them. Not because we’re bad people, but because we forget about their humanity. Thanks for sharing this post and reminding us that behind the hot bods and sex, there is still a very normal human willing to engage you if you have the courage to approach them.

  146. Samuel Legg says:

    Hi Dirk,

    You are my Hero for standing up for Jesse and telling the people who just can’t accept true love. You are the man everyone wishes they had for a partner. I am struggling myself to come clean to everyone that I am gay myself because of fear of backlash. Maybe one day I’ll have someone like you to help me overcome this and appreciate me for who I am.
    If we were to ever meet, I would like to buy you a drink.

  147. My spouse and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I should check
    things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking into your web page again.

  148. Andy Wilson says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have read every post in here and think wow what articulate fans you have. I think the letter is one that needs to be seen by more than the few that have posted on here. I hope this goes way above and beyond this. I am happy to see a loving couple that have stood their ground and are willing to speak up. I am out and loud. I personally have posted worse things than your photo’s and have yet to be banned. i think the world is slowly changing, however as someone stated we still have to deal with these types of people and more so than I care to admit. I say stand strong and fight as we have not won, but we are making a difference. I send my love to you both

  149. I absolutely agree and very well said! I was reported on facebook for posting an image of a mans butt. Well, half of his butt. The rest was covered by pants. But because I am an author of Male/Male romances, I was reported and put in facebook jail. I’m not going to stop what I’m doing, not for them–not for anyone. I wish you all the love in this world and hope that someday, everyone will be free to love who they want without living in fear.

  150. wesley chao says:

    Love your story and your writing stye… I’m a fan of you in China

  151. wesley chao says:

    I took attention on you just because this video. Love your body,your voice and especially your catching laugh… can’t stop thinking of you… Hope I could meet you and have a little chat with you one day when I study in NYC few years later…

  152. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    favorite like better vote!

  153. Roberto Garcia, Jr. says:

    wow nice guy!

  154. Douglas R Martin says:

    You’re a hot couple. Love watching your movies, but then I have a hair fettish and can’t get enough of it.

  155. Awangmalaysia says:

    Gimme the latest

  156. AJ says:

    Hey Dirk,
    Damn Skippy, My husband and I have spilled so much seed watching your work.!!! Thank you. What I like most, and that makes you different, is that hot smile of yours.!!! No matter how intense the scene is, and they are intense, you look like you’re having such a good time. Giving it or taking it you let the pleasure shine through. Keep up the good work. AJ

  157. Steve says:

    Hi Dirk! First, THANK YOU for the blog post. As much as I love reading Jesse’s latest adventures, I really like to hear from you too! I accidentally (literally) discovered you guys while perusing Facebook one afternoon and I was hooked immediately! I won’t BS you and tell you it was for your minds, LOL! Hell no, you both are HOT and I wanted to see more! (Call me a dirty old fuck at 47, I don’t care!) However, once I started reading up on you both and reading Jesse’s blogs and/or columns, I quickly realized WHOA, these guys are INTELLIGENT!

    I can SO relate to being a sucky blogger. I have a blog as well out there……somewhere. Hell I can’t even remember where to find it or what the freaking login is. Let’s just say I can be VERY lazy at times, especially when trying to find something interesting to post about me. Meh. I’d much rather read about someone else! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you and again, THANKS!

  158. hello , if you just want to post funny jokes or lewd cartoons here , that would be cool , it should be about things that strike you as shareable , you don’t have to have an agenda or structured plan . just be you , we already like ya . so its all good to us . if you want something to aim for , play some pranks on jesse and use this page to show us whatcha got up to . lol

  159. Cindy Hope says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your blogs. BTW I just had to click on the here buttons to see where they took me. That was brilliant!

  160. Karen Hatfield says:

    While I appreciate the information I glean from Jessie in regards to you, I would like to hear it directly from the source. I would like to hear your input into why a situation occurred or your thoughts on actions. I love the dichotomy of someone who composes classical music and works in the porn industry. I appreciate your “performance” art in both genre’s. It absolutely fascinates me. Maybe me, more so than most, because its so rare for me to find someone else who can value both as I do. I know there are those out there who do but finding them can be difficult! Especially when you’re woman who loves gay porn! I look forward to hearing from you more

  161. Jane wilkinson says:

    Dirk, you are a man of many, many talents. One off which Jesse showcased again today with your composed piece Beach and the Sandpipers, the third movement in the Mount Desesrt Island Suite. It was beautiful. Many follow you for obvious reasons, I follow you both, and am interested in your opinions on things, because you two are very articulate, intelligent men with a whole lot of sensible, sometimes funny & irreverent, but usually very knowledeable & purposeful stuff to say. People take notice of what you say & the opinions you hold. Whilst that seems to come with a whole load of responsibility, most just want to get to know you & Jesse better. As do I, you guys continually melt me with your love. Much love & respect to you both. We look forward to hearing more from you Dirk xxxxx

  162. Villeo Soon says:

    Always good to hear some news from you as well as from Jesse. Interesting to hear your thoughts and opinions too and it has been a while since you wrote something here. Just a short note here to say HIYA!

  163. Brandi says:

    I am of the percentage of female fans following yourself and Jesse. I noticed his page because of all the authors I have on my own page that support and share his posts. Then his page led to you. I fully support and appreciate the both of you and the things you appear to stand for. I don’t comment much because Jesse seems to be overrun with the… “ninnies and hooligans” and it feels out of place to try to say anything normal in the midst of that mess. Though here seems like a good place to say I appreciate you and Jesse for being generally awesome and not just using the various social medias to troll the same old crap.

  164. Bruce E Kerney says:

    Hi Dirk,
    I’m Bruce.
    I just read your post. I think that you are one of the sweetest, intelligent and sexiest men around! You like Your man Jesse speak from the heart which wins me over every time I read Jesse’s posts. I love reading what he says. I also loves when he shares your music! He is sp damn proud of you! I love that! I wanted to come to the Black party to hopefully meet you two but that will not be the case this year im affraid. Anyway if you post Mr. Man I will gladly read!
    Thanks for being you!
    Big kisses,

  165. irishtxn says:

    Dirk, Take some direction from Jesse, but also find your own voice here too! You’ll be fine as it finally takes off! Try taking a little bit of his blog and put your touch on it! I’ve seen interviews with you and if you can handle that, this will be a snap! Chin up my, all is good!

  166. Charles says:


    Great to read your posting. I just joined your blog, so this was the first entry I read. I thought your post was interesting and, more importantly, authentic. It made me think why I wanted to follow your posts to begin with. On a strictly carnal level I find you a HOT, irresistible, intensely likable dude. Men who do porn fascinate me (especially when I find them attractive!). I like to know what’s going on with people I’m interested in, if only casually.

    I can appreciate being in long dark tunnels in life, and coming out of them, and being careful not to enter them again. I’ve been there myself. I hope you’ll use this forum to share whatever you want to about your experiences, your observations. I like the “news,” but I’m far more interested in the commentary.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading.

  167. Dirk, thank you for this lovely blog post.

    First, I think I echo the sentiments of others who read this post and think you are wonderful, and GORGEOUS!

    Second, I have been actively blogging for more than two years, and recently began a second blog. However, I make writing a major priority in my life; we all have various priorities, and you have your career in adult erotica, your music and your life with your husband Jesse.

    And, you shall get write and publish another blog post when you get to it. And there are some things that I have yet to learn like adding videos, but that is for another day.

    Keep doing all the great things you do, and have a wonderful week.

  168. peter says:

    Hi folks,
    For some time I follow ur guys’ blogs. I love it ! Honestly, anything about the adult/gay porn industry you are doing is so unfamiliar to me. This is a world on it’s own. As a stranger to this community, I read comments, hear some rumors but this is so out of my reach. I just leave that for what it is because I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you guys I freaking admire what you do. If only you knew how happy you make xxx people all around the globe. You do something many, many of us only dream of doing. Personally, I don’t even have the guts to do what you do, standing in front of the camera, bare naked and do your thing. I envy and admire you and all your colleagues for this. I encourage you to continue doing that splendid work and hope you’ll enjoy this for many years to come. You seem like a fantastic couple and match together !

  169. FLYFOTO says:


    Self expression is one of the few things that we can do to share ourselves with the world.

    Your words here, be they mundane or profound, silly or insightful, give all of us, as readers a small glimpse into your life. The intimacy of that access is perhaps more powerful and meaningful than you realize. Through your thoughts, we get a clearer understanding of your intelligence, your passion and your humanity. As much as it may seem somewhat indulgent for you to use this forum to communicate, please do not forget that by sharing yourself here – you are helping others to understand who you are, and more importantly – what you stand for. By lifting the veil, and showing all of us the ‘man behind the mask’, you are engaging the reader in ways that the performer in you, can.

    Blogging has become the 21st century’s digital graffiti. And your words become little footprints of literary art left behind for the world to see, to process and to celebrate. Without trying to sound overly indulgent, I am always compelled by the wisdom and the sincerity of your posts here. In so many ways – you manage to illuminate yourself in a very real, tangible manner. Your blog – allows me the ability to understand who you really are.

    And that, as Martha would say, is a “good thing”.

    Keep it up!


  170. steeldrago says:

    The most beautiful thing I’m seeing about you, and Jesse, through his blog is the mind behind the porn star that i enjoy. That is far sexier. The snippets of your music I’ve heard are moving and beautiful pieces, i enjoy that “just a porn star” made that. The fuck head moralists making less of you, while masturbating to yours or others similar work (or that are afraid to), are made less by their actions-not you, not Jesse. Please, share the beautiful mind you have.

  171. Liz says:

    You may not blog often, but when you do, it’s thoughtful and thought provoking. I understand your concern about posting redundant items, but you and Jesse are two different people with different perspectives. You’re very much a renaissance man, and I’m interested in what you have to say. But don’t stress about it. Perhaps writing’s not your passion, so don’t let us pressure you into it; Jesse will keep us informed.

    It’s interesting to me that the internet trolls bother you, because I’m usually awed by what happens when one posts a nasty comment. The way the community of readers typically steps in to shut down the trolls (often politely) is inspiring, and helps show that there’s more good in this world than bad.

    I look forward to your next post – whenever it comes along.

  172. […] scenes in five days! — to pull himself up by his black leather bootstraps. As he wrote in a recent blog post, “I’ve been dealing with coming to the end of a long dark tunnel in my life, finally […]

  173. Boy, Dirk, can I relate…I used to be a pretty sucky blogger myself, who would maintain it for a few weeks, taper off and then do it maybe every six months, if at all. But I looked at it more recently as an outlet to keep some spark of my creative self alive, as well as a test of discipline AND a way to maintain sanity at a time when it seemed in very short supply (struggling to come out of a very dark tunnel of my own…again, we have that in common, too!) Now, although goodness knows how, I’ve actually managed to keep a daily blog going for over 100 days! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother – it’s not like I have a Perez-Hilton-sized following or anything – but now it really has become a habit, and a means of expressing myself that I don’t think I’d ever truly explored before.

    I hope that you will derive the same kind of benefits from keeping your blog as I have from mine, because just like with Jesse’s entries, I would enjoy hearing your ‘voice’, and your own take on your opinions and exploits as much as I have been enjoying your music….

  174. Albert says:


  175. Albert says:


  176. JJ says:

    Man that’s one inviting photo! Great interview too!

  177. Laurentino Antão says:

    Thanks for this post. I had no idea about this tree composers.

  178. Rodney says:

    Only met the leather and bear community a couple summers ago after the end of a 13 year relationship to the male co-parent of our two children. LOVE what I am learning and seeing, the camaraderie of it all. Great guys and enjoying the sweat, cum and piss of our community.

    Also, I see that it does not define us. We are so much more than our fetish and fur.

    I am enjoying your blog, especially the new post about your musical background. Thank you for sharing.

  179. Barbara Steen says:

    Love this post.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your life. Every new thing that I learn about you…I am more intrigued.

  180. Liz says:

    Thanks for introducing Samuel Barber to me. I minimized the browser page while the video played, so I could listen to it while I did something else. However, several times I stopped what I was doing to just listen because it kept grabbing my attention. I’ll have to look for more by Barber.

    Your mention of Avery Fisher Hall brought back memories of my college “Exploring Symphony” class, which I took to meet an arts requirement. Every other week we went into Manhattan, usually to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, to attend a concert. At the time, it was just a class to meet a requirement, but later I realized what a great opportunity that was.

    I was even fortunate enough to attend a live performance by Isaac Stern, but unfortunately, I don’t remember much of that because my seat was in the TOP ROW at Carnegie Hall. I’m not a person who does well with steep open heights, so mostly I just remember the death grip I had on the arm rests.

    I hope you’ll share more works by composers who inspire you.

  181. Will says:

    Dear Dirk,

    I am a new fan. I especially like your Bound videos. I hope you do more. I would like to see Van and his crew sounding you or using electricity.
    I am 61 years old and a few months ago the love of my life Tommy ( who was 41) committed suicide.
    You have taken my mind off my sorrow. Watching you is very enjoyable to me.
    You and Jesse are very lucky to have each other.
    I enjoyed the new blog listing about the music.

    Thank you again,


  182. John K says:

    I enjoyed reading your story. Of course, I’d heard of Barber before, but I was much more familiar with Menotti. When I was a child the annual TV broadcast of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” at Christmas was a greatly anticipated event. (I wonder why it fell out of favor as a Christmas staple in the 60s.) When I was a young child I severed a tendon in my left hand and arm. It left me with limited use of my left hand, so I can sympathize with your frustration of not having full use of both of your hands. My piano (and typing) career ended before I could even read! I look forward to reading your future blog entries.

  183. Kevin says:

    Still planning to set mvmnt to your beautiful music 😉

  184. JRS3 says:

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing, have long been a fan of Barber’s Adagio for Strings. First heard it a Princess Grace’s funeral and had it played at both my parents funerals. Now , thanks to you, I have discovered his Piano Concerto. Thank You.

  185. Allison says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you for doing this. As much as I love classical music I really don’t know that much about it and mainly listen to common names and pieces. The chance to be introduced to other composers from someone in the know is exciting. I’m hoping some of your compositions will be available, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far.

  186. Eric Farr says:

    Awesome!!!! I do remember learning about these composers in college (I was studying musical theater, before I switched to fashion) and their work is exceptionally beautiful.

  187. Jeremy Barcan says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments about Samuel Barber. I admire his music a lot. Being an opera fan, I am particularly drawn to his opera “Vanessa” which is as veiled gay story when you come to think about it.

    Generally speaking, what would American classical music look like without all of its 20th century gay composers and musicians; Bernstein, Copland, Barber, Menotti, Corlgliano, Adamo, Tilson-Thomas, Cole Porter, Sondheim, to name but the most famous of them.

    I hope to read on your blog more about your thoughts on the classical (and popular) music scene.

    It is so wonderful to know that you are more than just another gorgeous face and body and that your mind and soul can be in as a great a shape as your body is.

  188. […] You can listen to more of Dirk’s music at, and for Dirk’s own take on his musical influences, you can read the blog post he wrote entitled “Musing on My Muses.” […]

  189. Fred N says:

    Love your music – followed the link to your Sound Cloud page. Nice article about the influence of Barber and Copland on you. I just wish the adverts on your page weren’t so explicit – then I would be able to share this post more widely!

  190. william godbold says:

    that is a awesome shot,you are one sexy dude!Thanks you made my St. Paddy’s day.

  191. Barbara Steen says:

    Nice set you’ve got there 😉

  192. phil says:

    Dirk ~ thank you! Love all your Dragon/Gage work. Amazing. Jesse is so effen lucky… ,)

  193. Londoner says:

    I must say, having listened to the lovely pieces posted recently on Jesse’s blog, if I didn’t already know who they were by, I’d have guessed at an English composer, possibly some unknown piece by Holst or York Bowen.

    • Dirk says:

      Wow, someone who knows who York Bowen was! I used to play his horn sonata with a friend in college, and his piano works are so much fun. I’m not sure why Berners is famous and Bowen isn’t quite so… They’re really two of the same musical cloth in many ways.

  194. Art says:

    For a perhaps lesser known, but beautiful opus, check out Barber’s Violin Concerto.

  195. Crystal says:

    I listen to ur Music everyday, well the few Jesse has posted but anyway there so beautiful and I really look forward to hearing more from u…. 🙂

  196. Noor says:

    Hi Dirk,
    Just a line to say that I recently saw a scene that you did with Tony Orion.
    HOT!! – Absolutely HOT!!

  197. Todd says:

    Dirk, Just joined your blog after listening to your work on Jesse’s site. Wow! Stunning. Beautiful music such as that can only come from a beautiful and sensitive man…..

    I’m looking forward to your future posts whether they be music, ramblings or dirty pictures…..fascinating.


  198. David says:


    I was very impressed by this blog entry. Your writing style (and well, a heavy dose of physical attraction) completely reeled me in! I really do appreciate the authenticity of how you described the challenges and concerns in your life and I can tell that you are an accomplished writer. I do hope that you continue to blog on a regular basis.

    Remember that even if you are repeating things that Jesse has already shared in his blog, you are still doing so in your own voice. Your tone will absolutely be received differently – principally because you will be more attentive to the things which are of greater importance to you.

    My name is David. I am a completely unbiased reader here and have never even seen any of your films (or even Jesse’s for that matter…) but we do share some things in common; I am also a blogger and – we both have a mutual friend; the man behind the lens of FLYFOTO.

    I thoroughly enjoy your writing and wish you the best of luck in all that you pursue.

    Take care Jack!

  199. JC says:

    Wow…….. Can’t really say anymore.

  200. JC says:

    Again. Wow

  201. lol , jesse did a whyo wore it better post a lil while a go and you were winning , now your wearing nada and sure to win the p

  202. Bruce E Kerney says:

    Oh my god Dirk your body in that photograph is pure artistry! Babe I think you won that 2 year war you were waging!

  203. Sandro says:

    You are a work of art! Picture just Beautiful!!

  204. Ginger Shockley says:

    Gorgeous as usual. Now one of both of you. And have that in a 30X40 so I can put it up in my home. Both of you are absolutely gorgeous and I love your lifestyle.

  205. LeechyNUT Haven *yes, real name says:

    I haven’t seen any of your movies. Yet. From what I have viewed – you fit the bill quite nicely, as to my preferences, etc. Love the fact that you laugh a lot during shooting – showing you’re having a nice time! (love that, to reiterate LOL). I’m interested in your music – can’t seem to find a link to stuff you’ve authored. Yet. Thanks for your work – look forward to seeing you (uh) in the movies, magazines and media digest able. Thanks for your words – a true joy to behold, given past run-ins with other *stars*, those sadly bereft of genuine thoughts/full of self-aggrandizing witless promotion.
    Again, thank you. To shake your hand t’would be honored. To shake anything else t’would be a surprise. LOL

  206. Michael says:

    I wonder what or I guess I should say who was Dirk thinking about to be that ROCK HARD and BIG?

    • Dirk says:

      Thinking about? Mark has a VERY sexy photography assistant with awesome legs, whom I can only believe has a gorgeous fuzzy butt…

      • Jeff says:

        Honestly,,,, who cares who or what he was thinking about,,, its what makes us or me, ( the viewer) think… and this viewer, appreciated the male form from the eyes of the artist,,, from the medium of the art. 😉 Thanks for the glimpse guys 😉 always a pleasure.

  207. Shawn StClair says:

    That is an amazing picture. I love the whole thing, the textures of the covers and yes indeed, the look of your body!!! Well done!!!!

  208. Doug S says:

    SO FUCKING HOT!!! WOW…Jesse is a VERY LUCKY man to have you Dirk…still want to meet BOTH of you!!! Thanks for sharing your lives and pics with us. LOVE IT!!! 😀

  209. Chris says:

    Really enjoying the posts to SoundCloud of your compositions and pieces. I am also happy that you and Jesse are having success with getting your music out there for others to hear and making it available to us the listening (and viewing) public.

  210. Liz says:

    Oh Dirk, this truly a stunningly beautiful photograph. I cannot believe this is a reject because it’s impossible for me to imagine anything better than this.

    It’s not just the pose of your body (and your awesome m. sartorius muscles 🙂 ) that make this such a beautiful photo, it’s the serene expression on your face; a man at peace.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  211. Barbara Steen says:

    This photo is Amazing. I love Mark Henderson’s work, have a couple of his books. I’m pleased that he is working with you. You are a very Beautiful man. Looking forward to seeing more.

  212. toma says:

    absolutely brilliant shot. Great lighting and composition

  213. Decio says:

    Very nice pic Dirk.
    You are a very sexy man.
    I have to say, you make me hard too 🙂

  214. julian says:

    this photo is great, light and contrast are excellent and model ….
    not far behind

  215. Ashley says:

    Absolutely gorgeous picture! I have watched some of your videos, however when I look at this picture I do not see a naked gay Porn Star. What I do see is Beauty. I see Strength. I see Vulnerability. I see Courage. I see Peace. I see Passion. I see Love. I see Dedication and Hardwork…. this picture is about much more than a penis. (and that is coming from a straight women). Good job and props to the photographer.

  216. John Vincent NelsonJames says:


  217. erin says:


  218. Betti Gefecht says:

    Stunningly beautiful, Dirk!! <3

  219. Greg says:

    Great photo!!!!

  220. Jason (Jdawgie) says:

    GRRR Sexy Handsome Man!

  221. george spycker says:

    Hi Dirk,
    Love the photo of you made by Mark Henderson….. just an amazing combination of light, subtle shadows and a beautiful range of colours.
    Thank you for sharing.

  222. Tashia says:

    You’re a Greek statue come to life. Just wow. Would love to buy this awesone photo of you.

  223. Jeremy Barcan says:

    These photos are truly artwork but then again, the photographer started with an exquisite model. It’s a shame that Leonardo Da Vinci is not around any longer to sculpt your figure, Dirk, and immortalize your perfectly chiseled body.

  224. Todd says:

    God Dirk, beautiful! Magic like this can only happen when artists, both of whom are at the top of their game, collaborate….. 🙂

  225. gazou bernard says:

    superbe j’en veux encore merci a toi

  226. Paulo says:

    If ya even in Scotland look me up!!! cha cha cha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. Leo says:

    I need help with a movie about myself being positive. I feel like I have reached a point in my life. I have had a great man that helped me to get there. I want to tell my story and go from there.

  228. Bob says:

    Best wishes for the reading! Your charm and good looks will get through it – oh, and your talent, too!

  229. Lyne Beausejour says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It actually made me curious to find out what Mr. Benson is about. I will definitely read it. I just need to find an inexpensive ePub copy. Break a leg on Sunday night.

  230. Albert says:

    Mr. Caber, I have a crush on you. 🙂 I love your soft sex videos and I love you.

    Had to say it. 🙂 Any response from you will make me very happy!

  231. SJ says:

    I’m not as muscular or handsome as you but my fantasy has always been to have a professional photographer of this sort take photos of me. I have low self esteem, having suffered with treatment resistant depression and anxiety my entire life. Im on ddisability and lost most people in my life. But always thought this would be good to see myself from a different vantage point. I’m always told I’m handsome, have a great smile & beautiful cocktail & it would be nice to maybe believe that for once. Ive always though it could help my self image

    • Dirk says:

      I would say GO FOR IT! Beauty is far more than physical attribute anyway, and a good photographer can not only bring out the things in you that you already know are beautiful, but things which you were perhaps unaware made you handsome. A really good photographer knows how to bring your personality into the picture as well; have fun interacting during the shoot, and I’d bet you’ll be amazed what results. If nothing else, have fun!

  232. Buck says:

    Happy Easter humping, Dirk!

  233. Glenn Prather says:

    I love it

  234. Bruce Kerney says:

    Eh What’s up Doc?

    you are to damn cute!

  235. Scott says:

    Woof man, happy huntin sexy

  236. Christopher Pridgen says:

    hello my dear, my partner and myself love you and your husband , larry andmyself have been together for 14 yrs and you 2 are the best thing since biscuit and gravy love toddnlarry from MISSISSIPPI

  237. hello my dear, my partner and myself love you and your husband, Larry and myself have been together for 14 yrs and you 2 are the best thing since biscuit and gravy love ToddnLarry from MISSISSIPPI

  238. Reid says:

    Who knew the Easter Bunny was so hot?!?!

  239. Tashia says:

    Have a Happy Easter Dirk!!

  240. Dave says:

    Happy easter egg hunting Dirk!

  241. Jeff Lautner says:

    Very sexy Dirk. I hope you and Jesse have a very Happy Easter!!!

    • Steve says:

      Really loved your comment in particular Jeff. They are so fine together and separately too. You are obviously quite a man yourself. See my comment from approx. 4/20/14 at 1:15 a.m.
      I hope you have a very Happy Easter yourself, man.
      From Steve in Adams-Morgan in our nation’s beautiful capital.

  242. Barbara Steen says:

    Happy Easter Dirk! Nice cottontail 😉

  243. Steve says:

    Isn’t Dirk the coolest and the hottest? Such a great sense of humor. What do you other guys think? Steve

  244. Greg says:


  245. ferdinando says:

    Felices tambien para ustedes

  246. Craig says:

    I love watching Dirk fuck…..watching him fuck make you want to be the one he’s fucking…..

  247. Tashia says:

    Can’t wait to see the final scene. It looks HOT

  248. George Dawson says:

    I’d love to have all of them gang bang me.

  249. kristofer says:

    Al diavolo la connessione ke nn va.uff

  250. angelojason says:

    Thank you very much.

  251. Fernando says:

    vcs são muito bons no que fazem, parabéns !!!!!!!1

  252. ailtom says:

    adorei eu e meu namorado gozamos juntos delicia

  253. Gazou says:

    Hey guys very Nice pics thanks from france

  254. Hans says:

    Dear Dirk,

    as all others says it before: You are simply great! In more than just one way 😉
    I really enjoy every video with you.
    I was wondering if i may ask you something.
    In my opinion you have absolutely the most perfect chest/soulder i haveever seen 🙂
    So here’s my question:
    What do you do for workout?
    I work hard on my body and hopefully – somedays – i look more like you 😉

    Big greetiings from germany,

  255. unfortunetly , man on man porn takes a beating , but woman on woman seems to be acceptable , where are all the haters when mommy/ daughter tag team vids come out ? why aren’t they vilified and protested? double standards at play here aren’t they ?

  256. Mark says:

    From what I have seen, it is just hot. And very well done. It is a nice little harmless fantasy.

  257. Jon A-C says:

    Well stated.

    Yeah, it’s hard to convince people that sometimes they’re scandalized for no other reason than they think they *should* be. Or that if they aren’t scandalized by something, it means they’re immoral or something.

    Flannery O’Connor once wrote that all of the most self-actualized, moral, goodhearted, spiritually advanced people she knew had incredible bawdy senses of humor and were not shocked easily. She said that one of the biggest mistakes people make while trying to be moral is to confuse being easily scandalized with being moral. Two different things. And to be shocked about age difference in a fictional piece of art? That seems a little bit jejune to me.

  258. Sue hughes says:

    Excellent opinion piece that hits every point I would make. Thank you for such a well presented statement

  259. Greg says:

    Very well stated, Dirk. As I have said before it is all matter personal preference. I my self find it erotic. If you don’t like that type of porn then don’t watch it, it is as simple as that. I just hope that I am lucky enough to meet you someday Dirk. You and Jesse are both really amazing and interesting men. Being a simple man from a small Midwest town, I would really love to just sit down with you and Jesse and talk and learn about you and from you.

  260. Michael says:

    The story sounds incredibly steamy and as a young man in my twenties who is drawn to men who are at least ten to fifteen years older then me I say bring it on.

  261. Noor says:

    I think that you’ve stated your position very well and I am in full agreement with what you say. Nonetheless I am still left puzzled as to why this is even a conversation. Everytime I hear a gay (for lack of a better word) person speak about respect from the straight world, I can’t help but wonder why is straight acceptance so important that it merits the need for acceptance or even dialogue? Why is it that people can’t/won’t just live there lives. Maybe, I’m in the minority but I don’t see the need to feel any way about someone else’s sexuality. It always amazes me when I hear someone wonder whether an actor is gay or not. How does what someone else does in bed inform your experience? Oh well.

  262. Steve Craftman says:

    I’ve always had a taste for older men, and suddenly find myself at my target age 😉
    I can’t see why there’s any controversy around this film: the clips I’ve seen look perfectly consensual to me (and I’m sensitive to rape scenes in porn having been raped when I was about the age of the “stepsons”). It’s fantasy, FFS: what do we do when we can’t actualise an experience we want? We fantasise about it. It’s why the porn I write tends towards the giving/chasing scenario. No way could I “poz someone up” as I’m frequently invited to on Grindr (everybody around here knows that older gay guys all have HIV). Aside from the legal problems, I’d feel responsible for him for the rest of his life. I’m not prepared to take on that responsibility, therefore I decline (which is maybe why my sex life is in a nose dive!). The film speaks to me not only through the crotch, but also through the “I wish that had been what happened to me instead of…” bit of my brain. Best of all it’s got people talking about (legal) intergenerational relationships and about consent. Bloody good job, Dirk!

  263. Eric Farr says:

    Love this!!!!! So true!!!!! Loved the scenes that I have seen of the movie!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  264. Keith says:

    I don’t remember the uproar when kevin spacey as a 45 year old tries to haves sex with his daughter’s 17 year old school mate in American Beauty…

  265. hossam el sersawy says:

    i,m so much in love with Dirk. he,s really wonderful in every thing. i always dream about the time i,ll meet hem personally .he,s a good man and good star,too.

  266. Tony says:

    I love the videos…..perhaps it’s because I understand fantasy vs. reality….

  267. Az says:

    That was exceedingly well thought-out and insightful! Awesome article!

  268. Nythe says:

    this is so exciting!!! can’t wait to see it! :*

  269. HS says:

    Hi, I’m your fun and have bought your dozens of clips.
    Your tickled scene in Men On is perfect, the best I’ve ever!!

    I really wanna your naked x-bound merciless tickled scene hopefully after cum-shot!
    I really your tickled scene again, that’s my dream

  270. Scott says:

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  272. Riley says:

    Glad to see you back 🙂

  273. Sandym says:

    Good to see you back. I’m looking forward to future blog posts.

  274. Riley says:

    I wonder why someone else need to make thing complicate, why need to compare the real life with the movie’s story. IT’S JUST A MOVIES (in fact it’s the best series so far), along with those Hot and Handsome Actors, I say, doesn’t matter how, I still like this movie, it’s the best I ever seen, And I will continue support my favorite actor – Dirk Caber 🙂

  275. TM Smith says:

    I completely agree with the part about being old enough to vote, drink and go to WAR (seriously, that’s a big word there Lola, War!) but you question if they are old enough to decide whom they can sleep with???
    Great post Dirk, fuck the haters, they are gonna hate, they are going to lie awake at night starring at the ceiling and dream up ways to hate even more when the sun comes up!

  276. Val degeorge says:

    Welcome back can’t wait for your posts <3

  277. Dirk, I think I once, previously, mentioned that we bloggers write when we write, and it is not as if you have a massively busy schedule.

    Nonetheless, I cannot deny I would enjoy reading your future blog posts, too.

    And may I also thank THE Jasun Mark for helping you, and may I also say he looks especially delicious in the above photo. Clearly, this is a director that I would LOVE to see in front of the camera (preferably nude and in XXX action) more often!

  278. Nick Myers says:

    We missed YOU!! Looking forward to updates on your music project, your life with Jesse, and your future Kinkmen shoots. I know you’re a big, macho TOP, but I like the scenes when you’re bottoming. 🙂

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    study and knowledge.

  282. shawn says:

    Seriously people need to take a realistic look at this. its Fantasy yes but how bout we remember Hugh Heffner his girlfriends are actually younger than his daughters possibly granddaughters and he’s perfectly acceptable. dirk is a lot hotter than Heffner

  283. Mike says:

    I find it erotic & steamy & hot nothing wrong with it personally. I like older men with younger amen bring it on. Dirk & Jesse are my favorite video’s & porn actors, aside from Michael Brandon

  284. jason says:

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  285. jason says:

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  288. rob says:

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  289. ben says:

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  290. Steve says:

    Hey Dirk, Jesse, Jasun! Thanks to you all! There are technical problems all around. Facebook has more than their share! On Twitter I’m @KinkyboyDC
    Good for you all three Mega Hunks!

  291. Jack McNulty says:

    In Deep End Gents Day.

  292. Daniel says:

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  293. Daniel says:

    **HOT** Dirk, you look as delicious as ever my friend !! congratz on the new films and cant wait to see u and Billy back in action xOx

  294. greg says:

    Your performance and appearance in the movie ‘Hung Jury’ was your very best.
    You looked clean shaven and appealing. Then, your concurrent dvds slowly
    showed a somewhat disappointing decline in your appearance, that being
    scruffy and unkempt. And, your laughter in your sex scenes is very annoying
    and unnecessary.
    These are just my own opinions, providing constructive suggestions for your
    future appearances., as it is no longer a pleasure watching you.

    • Dirk says:

      Always great to have feedback. I know Jury Duty (not “Hung Jury”, as good a title as that might have been as well) is a popular film with many of my fans, but consensus on my appearance is that I should keep the beard, and for every comment I receive complaining about my laugh or my vocalizations, I have dozens who appreciate and find hot my vocal expressions of how much fun I’m actually having. If the beard didn’t have a business-confirmed appeal, directors would ask me to shave (as they did for Jury Duty) or studios wouldn’t continue to hire me; if the laughter was a problem, directors have no difficulty asking stars to refrain, and there are editors in post-production whose job is to scrub out undesirable noises (and there are lots that happen on set beyond my chortling). This is why there are hundreds of porn stars out there of all builds and behaviors; different strokes for different folks. That my “daddyish” appearance doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t indicate a decline in my skills or personal physical maintenance, but simply that your tastes follow a different vein.

      • Nunes says:

        Hello Dirk, im from Brazil, and i want to know how function your days workout and your alimentation !

      • Ron Israel says:

        I find your daddyish look and your laughter very sexy 😉
        comes from a 25 years old model from Israel !

        keep it up and know you have fans all over that side of the world!

        i’m in the US a lot for photo shoots so could be nice to have fun with my favorite porn star ! haha

      • Tony says:

        Great response Dirk, and might I say that I simply do not understand why someone would come onto your blog site merely to criticise the brilliant performances you put on. I’m a huge fan, and I will never get sick of watching my favourite built, bearded sexy daddy. Anything coming in the pipeline?

      • Warley Henrique says:

        Dirk , you changed my life

      • Dale Keeney says:

        Hi there! I ued to teach the BAC color guard a few years back. While i looked forward to seeing the guard and the band members my favorite band member was a hot nice handsome Tuba player. I just wanted to tell you thanks for how nice you were.
        oh and you are more handsome and sexy then ever/

  295. Tom says:

    My vote would be for you, Jesse and Hunter Marx

  296. gonzalo says:

    i love tha pic.. congratualtion..from guatemala

  297. Hans says:

    Your Sonata for flute and piano is amazing, it strongly reminded me of the work of Francis Poulenc for flute. Great job and keep writing more 🙂

    • Dirk says:

      The Poulenc flute sonata was definitely in my mind to some extent as I was writing this movement. I’ve no doubt it shows–Poulenc’s is a pretty unmistakeable musical voice.

      • Hans says:

        It is so true! I’m working on my new piece that reflects the work of Gustav Holst and hopefully one day you could listen to it 🙂

  298. Tyler says:

    Sexy AF dirk u seen like ur amazing at what u do and congrats on the new film hope to see more

  299. JJ says:

    Congrats and so glad I join your link) cause your scene’s are fucking hot. You have easily become one of my favorite performers. I’d love a sequel to stepfathers secrets especially if that means a second scene with scott harbor.

    As for the third in the mix i’d half to vote for Colby Jansen.

  300. JJ says:

    Porn is a fantasy if you don’t like the plot then watch it for the fucking(which was very hot in this series) and if you don’t like the fucking in it or can’t get past the plot then it’s pretty simple stop watching it.

    As far as it making the gay community look bad to the straights, i’m pretty sure the straights watching gay porn are very gay friendly.

    The age difference isn’t a big deal either like you said a 21-25 year old damn well knows what they want sexually and not to sound cliche but age is just number. In fact when I was 16 I knew what I wanted(at the time it was a 26 year old student teacher) nothing ever happened the age difference was too much for him but it didn’t change the way I felt/feel about it now.

    Further more plenty of straight men in their 40s date women in their 20s and most people don’t say anything about the age difference. So saying anything about an age difference in the case of two men is just hypocritical.

    Lastly I full agree with you about living our own lives with out worrying or tip toeing around what others think. Worst of all as you said we quickly jump to judgement with in our own community. I’m in a relationship with a 42 year old man, i’m 23 and we get more judgement from the LGBTQ community then we do from the straight. We(the LGBTQ community) need to do what we ask the straight community to do stop judging.

  301. Johng949 says:

    I dug some of you post as I cogitated they were very useful extremely helpful

  302. Carl Mayfield says:

    Dear Dirk, First let me start by saying I find you to be the most interesting and talented man in the adult film industry. Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment, fantasy and training your talents bring. You Dirk, beyond a doubt are the sexiest man making films today. I as many would love to know more about you and what makes you tic! Thank you and may you continue to find success and may your personal love relationship grow and prosper …. Blessings …Carl

  303. alternat says:

    i simply admire you Dirk 🙂

  304. cray says:


    Is the Flute Sonata published? I’d love to study it.

  305. Jan says:

    Truly beautiful pictures.

  306. Gordon says:

    Dirk, Nice photos but in one way they make me smile. You do the ‘serious’ look well but fail to convince trying to have the ‘evil’ look. You are just to kind, considerate and caring which are along with your wonderful physique is what what I love.
    Please be well,
    Victoria, BC

  307. Lyne says:

    I went to see the photographer’s website and I must admit, he his freakin’ awesome. Your pics are dawn sexy! Hope you will post them, with a little story behind SPEACHLESS! Big hugs!

  308. Victor says:

    Several weeks ago your hubby shared a link to one of your musical pieces (Ecologue No.6) and it was gorgeous! I think my accompanist would really enjoy it, even just to play for herself. Plus,the poor woman has spent months rehearsing showtunes with me, she needs a break.
    Is there any way to get the sheet music for that piece? Do you sell sheet music?

    • Dirk says:

      Eclogue #6 is still only in manuscript; I’ve never engraved it. I’ve also never made a piano transcription; it only exists as a chamber orchestra work. How’s your friend’s ability to read orchestra scores at the keyboard?

      • Victor says:

        Her sight-reading is amazing. Her ability to play for a non-music-reading/non-counting soloist is nearly unparalled. I just think that piece would a) speak to her soul and b) be a nice break after spending a few months doing showtune accompaniment for me. Plus, she’s the district music teacher so she needs a break just to play something beautiful for herself.
        I’ll try to sneak the real answers out of her.
        Thanks so much for your time!

  309. gazou bernard says:

    very nice thanks

  310. Tom Bosway says:

    “Cool” – but you haven’t given up the Piano have you?
    With Love, Tom.

  311. Bo says:

    Loved your subsequent scenes with Colby Hanson and Alex Andrews in Son Swap, and truly was amazed by the cover rendering of you in Andrew Grey’s “Upside Down,” as well as of Jesse in “Inside Out.” Both were excellent books and the cover portrayals did the characters justice.

  312. Bo says:

    Sorry, Colby Jansen

  313. Liz says:

    These photos are fantastic! I particularly like the look with the steel (?) grey tuba – it gives the images a fun steampunk quality.

    Does metal the instrument is made of have an impact on the sound produced?

    • Dirk says:

      The metal can have some tiny effect. It would be more if the instrument were actually made of the different metal, but most “silver” tubas are still brass at their core and are plated silver. The shape and size of the instrument has much more effect on the sound.

      • Liz says:

        It’s silver plated brass? Oy! I really had that wrong. I’m always learning interesting new things from you and Jesse. Thanks for the reply.

      • Jeff says:

        ” The shape and size of the instrument has much more effect on the sound.”….. Oh Dirk,,, sorry what are we talking about. LOL btw love you and Jesse, one day perhaps it would be great to meet the two of you,,, and being in Niagara Falls recently,,, we could have waved from Canada if we could. xoxoxo

  314. Lindsayb says:

    Those photos are incredible!

  315. Betti Gefecht says:

    Blown away. 😉

  316. The “Heavy Brass” photos are gorgeous. Beautiful images and only slightly dangerous. Mr. Caber, you make me proud to have been a band geek.

  317. Rick says:

    I follow you guys on facebook, and saw mention of this on Jesse’s page… hopped on here, and this one really stood out. It’s artistic, masculine, sexy and tender all at the same time. You are amazing, and Ron Amato is too. <3


  318. Greg says:

    Love all the photo’s I have seen of you (and Jesse). The both of you are extremely photogenic. Keep them cumming.

  319. Karen says:

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    Have sex with your cute student and students’ hot dad…
    OMG ,it turns me on even when i just think of it ….

  320. Bruce Kerney says:

    I love the photos! They are done in incredibly gpod taste! Brilliant photographer! Also sorry to hear about your grumpy coffee moment! Big kisses have a better day babe.

  321. Jorge Rubio says:

    Great pìcs for a great musician! Though I know you through porn, (thank god cause you are also sooooo beautiful) the pieces Jesse shares in soundcloud are great, and well, this pictures are just amazing… no more to say!

  322. Jе vais terminer dе voir tout ça dans lɑ journée

  323. Bruce Kerney says:

    Hey Dirk Looking at these great photos again! I feel that they almost have a Steam Punk feel to the Hot guy and Heavy metal! Just wanted to let you know man truly Great Photos!


  324. Eddie says:

    I will have to check to see your flicks. You have to my favorite porn star at the moment. Your sexy body, deep voice, and overall charm is what I love in your flicks, not to mention the hot and horny sex you have with all these gorgeous guys.

  325. Eddie says:

    Dirk is one sexy stepdad for sure. He’s gorgeous, and knows how to fuck. Great review by the Gay Comic Geek. Gets me horned up.

  326. Eddie says:

    Man, this so hot. Love the way Jesse moans as you fuck him Dirk.

    I LOVE YOU,…
    Mobile Number: +989381084438
    And Dont Forget That SoMe oNe LoVe YoU….

  328. Brad Caber = Dirk Caber
    it was wrong!
    excuse me

  329. Јe peux vous dire que ce n’est nullement aǥsurde !

  330. On ρeut te dire ԛue ϲe n’еѕt ɡuère faux …

  331. Tristan says:

    I always had you down as a violinist love to see you play the Octobass. I was going to say Flute but you would end up using that as a toy lol. I have a friend who can play any instrument she uses a guitar as a violin. Btw you look like her dad he just has a British accent could be your twin?

  332. Tristan says:

    I understand where you are coming from it’s porn it’s self people need to think about. Alot of people get confused or carried away with fantasy for reality for example bare with me it’s a long read but I just wanna get my point across.
    1. (In a porn storyline a woman or guy gets raped) in reality a couple can act out that storyline but it could go horrible wrong if you get my point.
    2. (In a porn storyline a person is getting tortured and abused) again in reality a couple will try something like that and it will go horrible wrong.
    The fact of the matter is porn isn’t a fantasy anymore it’s become a reality alot of pedophiles and rapists always give (watching porn) as their answer in committing their crimes.
    Anyway that’s my opinion never judge someone when we are not perfect ourselves and be who you were born to be and you will set the world on fire.

  333. lyne Beausejour says:

    Is there anything we can do to help. FB is really getting on my nerves. You would think it’s an FBI site that has secrets and all.

  334. Jessie G says:

    It’s also affecting authors who have profiles using their pseudonyms to interact with their fans and within groups. Facebook says that it requires a user complaint before it suspends or unpublishes a page, and I do know there is a twitter group calling themselves the FakeNamePolice, that are rallying others to scour Facebook and file complaints.

    On my page I’ve had pictures removed that are deemed to “sexy” but so far haven’t gotten bounced off. The fight against this censorship and discrimination is strong, but FB is huge and it’s user base is in the millions if not billions. I fear the growing voice against these attacks is still too small to make a real difference.

    If FB manages to remove all actors, writers, or performers of any kind that use a form of stage name to protect their identity, are our numbers big enough to make a dent? I don’t think so.

  335. Victor says:

    Dear Dirk!

    The first time I saw you on film I was hooked! So handsome, so sexy and you turn me on like no ones business. You have been a fantasy of mine for a while! I just wish there were some way to make my dreams a reality! The ultimate would be a threesome with you and Rocco Steele! A night to remember!

    Best of everything to you and your man!

  336. Helena Stone says:

    Here’s what I’ve picked up in the past. Apparently Lady Gaga is allowed to use that name both on her artist page and her private account. FB did try to unpublish Salman Rushdie but had to reverse that decision and allow him to continue using his (only somewhat) fictitious name. Being a worldwide celeb certainly helps.

    I’ve also seen a friend have her account closed and the only way she could get it back was by changing her real name (which she had been using) into a fake one.

    FB is on a witch hunt as far as I can tell and I’m guessing it won’t stop unless somebody organizes a mass exodus. They won’t stop this until it starts hurting them in the only place it counts; their bank account.

  337. Tony says:

    cute? you’re more than cute…’re sexy as all get out, Mr….I’m sorry Facebook is being difficult for you…..I hope you get that squared away……

  338. Cliff Brickner says:

    How can I help?

  339. yosi says:

    מת למצוץ זין

  340. Jason B says:

    That is bullshit Facebook has been getting on my last gay nerve I was in Facebook jail last week for sending unwanted friend requests to people I’m like really I’m about to start my own social media network .

  341. Don Randolph says:

    The question I have is this. How is it that they are doing this to all the performers with SO CALLED “FAKE NAMES”, but allowing others with DEFINATELY fake names, ie., GAM GAM to keep their accounts?

  342. Dirk, I AM sorry that you have been having problems with Facebook, yet again, and also sorry to hear about the others who submitted comments that have also had problems with Facebook, or those close to them, in a similar, if not identical vein.

    Frankly, I began to find Facebook distracting and frustrating. Between half-naked men, computer games, and numerous posts from people writing what is wrong with them, their lovers, the world, etc., yet not offering anything constructive about changing what is upsetting them.

    As a result, and as a way of keeping my sanity, I had decided to go on Facebook once or twice a week, if that. Between my Psychic Practice, and a new, temporary position of employment, I have been super busy, and have hardly had time for Facebook.

    Nonetheless, I wish you and the others much success in overcoming your Facebook black-shirted BS.

  343. rhonda says:

    have you thought about starting a class action suit againest fb for discrimination?

  344. Nick Olson says:

    Dirk, I am so sorry that you are being forced to put up with this nonsense. It’s completely ridiculous. I was commenting on jesse’s FB post about it. Nick isn’t my “legal name”. Where is the line to be drawn? It’s petty, ignorant, and foolish in my opinion. Feel free to email me. I’d like to get back on track with our conversation that was so rudely interrupted by meaningless beuracracy. Xoxo

  345. As an author of M/M erotica, I fully expect to be one of those bounced off soon. I will be curious to see which authors are targeted first, I’m guessing those who write gay fiction. I’ve had pictures taken down that had NO nudity. Our numbers are small still and yes, it’s going to have to affect FBs bottom line to produce any results. They want our real names for several reasons but most of all for profit. The science experiments they did on us were quickly swept under the rug….the power of money and people’s apathy. I hate that I need FB to help connect with my readers, but unfortunately I do. I am all for going back to myspace or onto a new and better site but there is no site large enough yet for my purposes. If there is ever a need for all to stand up at once, it’s coming. Twitter is only good for so much with the limited space for posts. Frustrating to say the least but Dirk, you are not alone and you are loved! Hope the powers that be can see past their bigotry and greed to serve it’s users and not only their advertisers. HUGS

  346. Petra Ford says:

    My definition of someone using a fake name is someone who is pretending to be someone they are not. For example if I were to set up a page in the name of Dirk Caber. That’s not who I am and I am deliberately deceiving people. Yet I know many people who don’t use there real name but, like yourself, don’t pretend it’s there real name but they are the real person behind the name. You are a real and genuine person and you have certain ‘rights’ to the ‘fake’ name you use.
    The point Facebook are missing is the the deceitful people could be dangerous, they are the older men pretending to be teenager’s to entrap children, they are the ones that will try and get money or goods by deception and they SHOULD be stopped. It almost seems they have a quota of accounts to block and yes it does appear that they go after LGBT related accounts, or is it just that those are the ones we hear about as those are the people we know.
    I don’t know, just that it’s tiresome. Facebook is such a great platform but they seem to be hell bent on ruining it. Certainly as soon as there is a viable alternative I’m sure many of us will leave.
    For you personally, I’d say go to tumblr. Apart from anything else you can still show a bit of skin without someone having a coniption, not that I’m saying you have to, just that you don’t have to be quite so diligent, after all Facebook didn’t appreciate your efforts!

  347. Liz says:

    Dirk, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume your page was pulled for the same reason as the drag queens. I assume you had a fan page like Jesse, which people can follow, but not friend you. Those, I think, are okay. The problem is with people who have regular FB pages and use their professional or “false” names. I understand the concern with that, but seriously, how many people friend someone they don’t know anything about? And for those people, I gather their pages don’t disappear, they get a message explaining they can only log on if they change it to their legal names. (Which FB mysteriously seems to already know.)

    My guess is that this is another case of some jackass or group of jackass homophones who’ve been reporting you and finally reached FB’s threshold for page revocation. This makes me wonder once again why FB doesn’t have an LGBT liaison to work with targeted users such as you and Jesse.

    I really think this real name nonsense and page revocations without reason will be FB’s downfall. A lot of people are mad about the name policy, and looking for alternatives. Jesse wasn’t the person I’ve seen post about Ello, and now I’m taking a serious look at it. I’m hoping to get an invitation soon.

    • Dirk says:

      Liz, there may well be some truth to this; indeed, that this is what Sister Roma and other drag personae are dealing with is only a surmise on my part. Either way, a little warning or a shred of explanation would go a long way.

      • Liz says:

        I really feel that you’re the victim here, and I hope FB rectifies this very soon, and makes some much needed policy changes.

  348. Ima says:

    Can they do that? What about freedom of speech?
    I know its called Face-book, be really, if you have an amazing body that causes people to swoon and worship you; what’s the problem?
    Dirk, you are an amazing guy. Hope they realize that soon…

    Ima Faggot

  349. Jessica says:

    It isn’t just performers … or authors (I am one) … women who wish to keep abusive men out of their accounts or from finding them in RL are also having their accounts cut … I’m just waiting for FB to notice this account … my right to online privacy is being threatened … when my kids to cyber safety classes at school, the first step is NEVER USE YOUR REAL NAME, AGE or LOCATION when setting up an online profile … perhaps FB missed this one?

  350. Dennis says:

    From friends in NYC, It is not just drag queens being targeted. It has included at least one straight actor. Facebook wants to monetize using their webworks for anything remotely commercial. (pay to promote your book, appearances, etc) Yes, there are apparently people out there complaining about false names and Facebook is apparently using a one strike policy, without investigation or question. One’s page is pulled and only restored if you send Facebook a certified copy of a State or federal issued ID (which might be a violation of laws within those states) and only if one changes the account to what is legally on that ID. It apparently does not matter why one uses a name other than their legal one (including avoiding stalkers or violent family members)

    #mynameis .. is the hashtag related to the protests.

  351. Janice says:

    A lot of my author friends have had their pages removed from Facebook because they are using a pen name. So far, I have not been hit yet (knock on wood). I believe it’s because my pen name is my middle name and part of my last name.
    I know when the committee (drag queens) that met with Facebook a couple of weeks ago along with a Congressmen, they were told that they would get their pages back. That was a face to face meeting, but then later that day they received emails saying that they would get their pages back but they had two weeks to verify that the name they were using was a “legal” name.
    You probably got caught up in that group of people.
    It’s sad that a media system as large as Facebook is playing God. They allow pages to get away with pirating our books that we have worked damn hard on, and don’t do anything about it, but take down peoples pages because of what they stand for.
    I wonder how much the investors in Facebook know what they are really doing (is this all Zuckerberg) or are they behind this.
    I know I have gone to doing things on Google+ since they have rescinded their view on users with alias’s.
    I hope they get their heads out of their asses and give you back your page. No one deserves to be treated like this.

  352. Some of my fellow m/m authors who use their real names are getting the axe, as well. FB isn’t being all that discriminating. The best bet is probably to make your way over to Ello and pray it gets interesting quickly. Right now it’s as dull as its monochromatic color scheme…

  353. Valynda says:

    Seriously wondering if it is because of this fake Dirk Caber
    Dirk Caber Fans

  354. Jon says:

    Dirk you are a great person and this is BS !! I think Facebook needs to be taught not to mess with the gay community and we all need to just log off for a determined amount of time and show them we are the social media and we make them who there are… I saw nothing wrong with your posts and some A-HOLE just gets off on causing people to feel bad about who they are and what they post, my friend got the same notice for posting a damn sunset pic, for pete sakes a sunset is inappropriate??

  355. Ty Rammstein says:

    i get it..FB can be useful but they use us and we know it. and if u want to promote anything and have is there for all to see.



    LEAVE< start a blog or tumblr or something else.FB sucks..we all complain and are powerless to do anything about their arbitrarily bullshit.

    leave FB now..

  356. TL Reeve says:

    It’s happening to authors as well. I have lost two accounts due to the “fake name” crap. It would be one thing if I was using my account to harass or demean people, but this is my work. This is how I promote my writing. YES, my TL Reeve account is predominantly m/m or m/m/f or m/f/m so could that be the reason? Maybe. But, who knows anymore with FB. In the past two months, some authors have lost no less than three accounts and those are just the ones I know of.

  357. David Gunton says:

    Have you considered migrating to Google+? I don’t think Ello is a viable option YET!

  358. Kennan Parish says:

    I have seen a great deal on FB over the years, even some very racy video clips that have been posted. There are a few pages that show a lot more than you ever did. I cannot understand why you page was removed and those who show those in jockstraps, ass grabbing, bulging jocks and underwear and other related pictures are allowed to remain. I just don’t get it. I saw that Jesse had joined Ello and I fully support that and I hope that you will be soon doing the same. As I did with Jesse, I will do the same and respectfully ask to join your page. I have had the utmost respect for the two of you because of the openness, honesty and frank discussions about your lives together in both of your personal professions and in the adult industry. The other part is the just how open and willing you are to to meet your fans when you have the chance. Some day, I just might be one of those fans who get to meet two of the nicest guys that I have met through FB.
    Respectfully submitted
    from a Texas fan,
    Kennan F. Parish

  359. Jinai says:

    Is there someplace to move to? Some friends have gone to Google+ and that has worked so far…. Let me know if there is something I can do to help. Sorrry that this has happened to you too. 🙁

  360. Sal says:

    great thanks:>)

  361. wolf86 says:

    It is a fan of yours than before.
    I would like to thank the nice body always.
    Also, I like the best smile.
    Thank you.

  362. Ima says:

    Hope to see you up again, soon!
    You are just too Hot to not be on Facebook.

    Maybe include a “Donate” link to a few of your favorite charities.
    (…whose going to dump a Facebook page that’s raising money for a good cause?…)

  363. Please Give Me A Site That i Can DOWNLOAD your porn FULL videos for FREE ???

  364. BJ Burn says:

    How long have you had the beard & mustache?
    I bet you’d be a killer with Handlebar Mustache..


  365. Steve Sloane says:

    So glad for you Man! And all your fans like me! You fuckin’ rock it! You all do!

  366. Bruce Kerney says:


  367. Martin L. Carl says:

    What a nice idea!! Great.

  368. Ѕublime article : j’espère en discter après avc certains de mes amis

  369. I Love Your Arms….
    I Love Your Eyes….
    I Love Your Hot Body…
    I like the way you look….
    You’re so attractive….Your Friends
    are so Lucky that they can talk to u…Touch you or HAVE YOUR CELL NUMBER….i wish i were your friend…!i want feel this feeling…..
    I Loved You. trust me….
    please…..please………for god…..please notice me…. 🙁

  370. Сes articles sont vraiment passionnants

  371. D Wolfe says:

    The reason I made a point to look you up after seeing you in an array of floating Tumblr GIFs is honestly the fact that I can count on your smile. You’re one of the rare performers that actually look like they’re truly enjoying themselves. Thank you for such great work. Keep on smiling! 🙂

  372. Dan says:

    Love you I would like to hang out with you sometimes.

  373. Afiq says:

    I would like you to be my “DAD”…

  374. abd says:

    Hi, i hope evry thing is good by you?! I wanted to ask you a question but i don’t want you to think that i am criticizing you (you might as well not answer and I’ll understand that..) but i was wondering how is it that you’re ok with displaying yourself on the nude to the world and also knowing that your fans are maybe (and it’s only a maybe) yours because of the nudity.
    And again it’s only a matter of interest i believe your a great guy though i don’t know you personally and i don’t want to insult anyone from the fans.
    Hope you’ll have a great day
    I can’t write my real e-mail address because it’s my full name… so please don’t
    reply to it..

    • Dirk says:

      Hey, Abd! So what’s wrong with only being objectified physically a little bit? It’s only porn, after all, not someplace most people go for intellectual stimulation or philosophical discourse or… well, you understand. People who know me personally know I get more than enough mental, aesthetic, and creative stimulation in my “real” life; many of my fans sense that those passions lie behind the persona that the porn world sees. Both façades are important to me, but the porn one will only last a few years until I’m not making porn any more. The other one will last to my dying day. That’s what counts.

      • Steve Sloane says:

        You are amazing! I appreciate how well you handled your response to that guy about your nudity & work in porn. Don’t forget that porn not only has terrific entertainment value, for many it provide tremendous instructional & educational value! So glad your page is back on Facebook & Jesse’s too! Love the fuck outta you two!

  375. Encore un maցnifique post, je comρtе en parler cce
    soir avec ϲertains de mes amis

  376. KJB says:

    Tuesday, October 21, 2014

    Surfing blogs on the web can yield surprises. One of them was your site. Reading what you have accomplished as a musician provided a great insight into you as a creative person. One comes away from reading your site that there is much more to know about you. In fact, I would like to know your opinion about subjects of the day.

    One of the reasons I wanted to post my positive input is that you have accomplished what few in your industry have been able to do, humanize themselves. This brings to mind an interview I read with one of your peers. He made the comment that if he was ever seen in a gay bar and a gay man approached him he, should know his rates.

    I am not naïve about how some adult performers supplement their incomes. That is a personal choice. But, to disrespect your fans by saying they had better know your rates before even saying hello is just arrogant. It shows contempt for the very audience you are trying to entertain.

    What I really liked about your site, in addition to your adding so much about yourself, is that there is no air of arrogance here.

    When I first saw your work, something about you really struck me. I had a sense that there was a lot to you in addition to the work that has brought you so much attention. As it turns out, I was right.

  377. Tom says:

    The hottest man in porn….

  378. Medusa says:

    Hello Dirk,

    You are absolutely fantastic. Have watched all of your videos. They are what most of my hardons in the past few years and violent orgasms are made of. Lol.
    Are you planning a video with Michael Lucas? Hope it’s not absurd to ask such things over here. But genuinely interested to know. 🙂
    Your Stepfather’s Secret series is mind blowing.
    Do continue to keep us all on our toes and then some.
    Take care and all the very best to you.
    Do let me know if you are in Singapore someday. Would love to meet!


    • Dirk says:

      Alas, as Michael Lucas has started producing bareback content, I won’t be making any more films with him. There are five titles in his catalog with me in them already, though. =]

  379. Mohammad says:

    I love you with all my heart and more I feel I want to give you my life if I could
    My name is Mohammed and I tend to men and I live in Saudi Arabia and I am jealous of you because you live in a state that respects the rights and give you the right to live as you like not like here in Saudi Arabia people despise who like us because they see us in terms of intolerance and tribes, and also look harshly to who like us…
    I feel you are lucky yes very lucky because you can spend the rest of your life with the one you love not like me have relationship with the men in the shadows or behind doors
    I wish you to become my friend, and more considered me like your brother please please I hope to see you and hold you to my chest with all my heart I wish this happen cause i want to tell how much i got heart from the people here
    my misery start Before nine months from now it began when i met omer he is 39 years old and we liked each other and start dating and with time i become love him and sleep with him sometimes and one day i came with him to his flat as usually and he fuck me and suddenly clergy break down the door but i could it run from them and installed my car and drove at high speed to escape from them and because i was very scared I could not concentrate and lost control and fell from the hill and didn’t know what happened to me
    When I woke up i found myself in the hospital, and I understood that the clerics told my brothers what had happened everything about me and omer
    Damn them
    my brothers were very angry and call me that day with dirty name and not only they took me out of the hospital on their responsibility although i had a neck injury and wear neck collar they did not feel pity for me they wish me death because of the shame i had caused and made me locked in the house for a month and a half until my condition become worse… they want to punish me because of my desire towards men
    after my condition become worse they took me to the hospital and their i had operation and the results i lost 50% of the movement in my neck all this because i didn’t kill or steal or i just have relationship with men!!!
    These things always occur in Saudi Arabia we do not have the rights of a man everything back to tribal customs and traditions stupid
    can you believe no one came and ask me to forgive they hate and wish if i dead in the accident
    please help me if you care

    • RD says:

      I am pretty sure that I saw you at the gym in the locker room, and you smiled and said hi. I said hi back…and I did not realize why you looked so familiar, and then I realized it was you in some of the hot porn videos that I would watch sometimes! You and Jesse are smoking hot. Next time I see you, I will say hi again…if appropriate! 😉

        • RD says:

          Mission accomplished! I saw you again today, and passed by you and then realized I didn’t say Hi, so I went back to you to say hi but you looked so sweaty and that you were about to take a shower. I also said that you were great in Stepfather, and was delighted when you responded by saying thank you with a smile.

          I will try not to be shy or nervous next time I see you at the gym! 🙂

    • Luca says:


      I’m not Dirk but I just wanted to share my thoughts with ya.

      I live in Germany and here exists homophobia, of course, but we in Germany got lucky that we just don’t have such harsh rules, such bloody laws and that we don’t, well most people don’t do it, follow the sentence from a book. A book which had been written by some jerks just to have a chance to manipulate the manking (These are just my thoughts..)

      Saudi Arabia would be a choice for travel for me but since there such laws, such crazy homophobia, I just don’t want to risk my life.

      It is so sad that Gays aren’t given the chance to live like they feel to, like they were born to.

      I wish that you will get the chance to escape from that currently terrible country and that you can live in the States, in Germany or where you want to live like you feel.

      Wish you the best and don’t lose hope!


  380. Tara Burbridge says:

    Petition signed good luck

  381. Robert Wilmot says:

    Nice pics. I didn’t play tube I played piano and flute but carrying those things off the truck for marching band was horrible.

  382. Li Yong says:

    Dirk caber – the one I love most, he always gives me strength, I pray God to bless the people I love Dirk caber, healthy and happy! Happiness! Bless him all the better! God bless you!
    Love you people from all over the world! I come from China! This year 22 years old, how to want to call you daddy! You are my heart’s father! Always in my heart!

    i love you dirk daddy !

  383. Voսs faîtes continueloement des posteѕ passionnants

  384. Garth says:

    Dirk, just discovered you on

    You need to update your blog and your Facebook page!

    You are amazing! I am dirk-dicted!


    • Dirk says:

      Facebook page, blog, twitter… And that’s just my porn side-job! You should see what I’m trying to stay on top of for my “real life”! But I’m working on it. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Steve says:

      Just saw your comment to Dirk Caber! I totally agree! He is amazing & so is his husband Jesse Jackman! Feel free to keep in touch! Dirk & Jesse both have great blogs. They are on Twiiter as well!

  385. Sarah Botting (@pointycat69) says:

    Fingers crossed that they return your previous Facebook page although I appreciate it’s not looking too good on that now. I often find myself very annoyed at what Facebook deems appropriate and not.
    Best wishes to you and Jesse and I hope the idiot lurkers on Facebook leave you both in peace – you’re a beautiful couple and I enjoy your updates. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.
    And thank you Dirk – having been ill with depression for several years I’ve put on more weight than I would like

    • Sarah Botting (@pointycat69) says:

      Oops – misclicked!

      I was working on losing weight but you are an amazing inspiration to keep going – thank you!

  386. Luca says:

    Dear Dirk

    I’m in love with your movies. They’re the totally great. Also, you are the first Star I am writing to. 🙂

    I liked to read what you wrote about yourself. It makes me feel that you liked to tell us something really about you and not something the fanbase may want to hear.

    So, please enjoy your job, all your partners and have fun!

    Wish you all the best and of course merry christmas with your loved ones!


    Luca, italian from germany


    happy to see your lovely face again. Of course we will ‘LIKE’ you to the end of time. But you have to agree to see me between now and that eventually.

  388. Mark says:

    Hey Dirk!
    Recently discovered the blog site. You are one very hot sexy man!! I’m an actor too and would like to be more involved in staged readings and stage performances and also get into porn either on camera or behind the scenes. Any advice?
    Do you ever get to Phoenix, AZ. Would be great to meet!
    Any chance of getting an autographed picture?
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  389. Gordon Karpen says:

    Very stimulating and tasteful to my likings.

  390. Berlinhunkhunter says:

    Hey Dirk!
    Lovely to run into you site 😉 you know, we met in berlin a few weeks ago, at the splendid little private gym you use when you are in town; around the gay area there. We had a nice chat about Tuba and classical music… But your chest and arms impressed me even more 😉 I was that blond slim guy, too embarrassed by your hunkiness to ask you out. next time, let me take you out for drinks, okay!

  391. Gordon Karpen says:

    Ok Mr. Caber, I’m saying again I support your interests. I like your style, and I like your stage presence.
    In that I’ve mentioned this to your sweetheart Jesse Jackman, it must be said again to you: I like you. Take yourself seriously, because I do certainly take you -and Mr. Jackman – seriously.
    And in closing I thank the both of you for your efforts in advancing the presence of gay men’s expression and experience.
    What have you done for me? You and Mr. Jackman both have each done it: simply in being yourselves.
    It’s that simple.
    Thank you again! And happy new year to you both.

  392. R G Sloan says:

    CTRL-Alt-Print Screen will do the screen capture on a Windows PC.

    • Blue says:

      No need for the extra buttons, the PrtScrn button is there for that single purpose of capturing everything on the screen. All we need to do is tap it once and it is now captured/saved into the temporary memory. Then simply open Paint.exe and press CTRL+V to paste the temporary memory contents into the blank space as a new document. Then save… Pressing Ctrl+Alt+ PrtScrn is pointless as the PrtScrn button has no other variations so will not accept the Ctrl+Alt keystrokes. The only time this would be a possibility of requirement would be on some laptops which require key combo’s in order to access secondary functions built into other keys.

  393. Lyne says:

    I’m sure some will respond, but on a PC there is a Print Screen button on the keyboard than you have to paste it in a program. It works well with MS Word…or any other image program.

  394. Gordon Karpen says:

    Hey Mr. Caber, I’ll meet what you cite as a challenge, as per your suggestion. And thank you for taking time to invest so much energy in trying to resolve it as you’ve been doing. Personally I feel you ought to not be inclined to feel at fault for anything, which I’m sure I’ll continue to feel certainty about.
    Frankly I don’t see the point of persons “reporting posts” they think or know you’ve placed… and I agree when you and Jesse both have mentioned the presence of anti gay sentiments. Facebook could easily make that clearer. In short I side with you and Mr. Jackman as fully as I possibly can. Please rely on that support from me because I believe your efforts are relevant to the circumstances.
    I’m sorry you two were ever imposed on for whatever reason. And please don’t lose site of your goal in the matter. I believe Facebook sees how widespread the imposing is for a greater number than they have yet to draw attention to and so on. Congradulations on your music, too, it’s really very beautiful. I admire your tenacity. And thanks again.

  395. Jon says:

    Sounds like a plan.

  396. Phetra says:

    Sounds like a plan. I’m on. This is harassment no question of it. FB can kiss my ass!

  397. Liz says:

    I honestly think that no one sees these complaints. I think that FB has some random program that runs, reads the words in the caption and then decides if it violates their policies or not. I mean, how do you look at a picture of two men, DRESSED, and smiling and laughing w/drinks in their hands and deem that offensive? What human would do that? FB really needs a department dedicated to reported pictures/videos and that department should have people that breathe actually running it.

    • Dirk says:

      This was my belief for a while too, that FB couldn’t have the staff necessary to monitor all the complaints they must get, and must simply yank anything that anyone flags (or gets a certain number of complaints perhaps). Made sense. But then that algorhythm is finding nonsexual gay content offensive and sexual straight content inoffensive a strikingly large amount of the time. If that were the case, FB would need yo tweek the filter just a hair towards fair. However, having read up on how FB deals with these, we know there are in fact people making these decisions, and that these folk decidedly seem to have a bias…

  398. Jasp says:

    Just a for your info, Mac screen shots are “Command (The Apple Key)+Shift+3” not Ctrl+Shift+3.

  399. Ben says:

    Just to let people know. I have 4 laptops. 2 window 7, 2 window 8. Only one of them have the print screen button and that is the one I bought 6 years ago. The 3 newest ones, you do have to push alt+Prtsc, maybe it’s the brand or age of your laptop, but most new ones have the 10key on the side which causes you to have the alt-prtsc.

    • Blue says:

      Only on laptops and not all laptops require key combo’s to access secondary functions. On desktop computer keyboards, the PrtScrn works fine even though it is merged as a second function to the Sys Rq key… on some keyboards.

  400. jeremy smith says:

    Not surprising

  401. christien Archer says:

    Hi there. To this when people think they don’t like something that they see on Facebook they have a need to report it. Because they have no life and they need to bitch about someone who is in the adult entertament field. Thous people are nothing but prudes and the are closed mined people. I have dealt with that kind of people several times with my Facebook page they reported me several times for having pictures of mans cock or ass naked. To start with I am a gay man and I don’t bitch or complain about straight man on Facebook showing almost naked woman but that is okay to them that is normal us gay man we aren’t normal and that is why they complain to Facebook about thoughs horable picks.

  402. mary gresham says:

    Dirk, maybe when you do the presentation, you should also go through a major media outlet, so it would reach more people. There’s someone who works for USA Today, I’ll have to look up the name, who might possibly be interested in doing a story, she did one when we were in Chicago for GayRomLit, interviewing author Carol Lynne. If you think you’d like to go that route, let me know and I’ll get the name for you.
    As for me helping out with the reports, I’d be happy too, but I haven’t had a picture reported in a very long time and even then, it wasn’t removed and it shouldn’t have been anyway. I don’t even remember what it was, other than the fact I think it might have been of a guy in a swimsuit that covered everything. But, I have a friend who had been blocked for 3 – 7 days and has had numerous photos reported that were of gay couples, I’m sure she would help you.
    Anyway, just let me know either way and good luck!

  403. Joseph L. says:

    Dirk is soooooooo gorgeous! My all time crush!!!!!

  404. I believe that FB likes to discriminate against same sex pics or gay pics in general.
    I reported a full front dick pick, FB responded..this doesn’t go against their policy.
    I’m just saying something is very wrong at fb.

  405. Joseph L. says:

    I’m Just a new Dirk fan- Don’t know Dirk at any level except what i see on the net—— I certainly like the fact most people who got touched by Dirk saw more that what they expected… “Dirk is a gorgeous splendid handsome man : face, body and above all a great soul.” by eric— really got me more into him! ^^ great job DIRK and Keep up the good work! u have my support!

  406. Wish you luck on this. I think it’s obvious that FB is discriminatory in their treatment of homosexual material. Removing that photos of you and your brother was just plain weird though.

  407. phetra says:

    Damn your Hubs has some mad skills! If I’d only been in the continental US I’d come. Fantastic job Dirk!

  408. Glenn Mullis aka Hardcub2beat says:

    Dirk… Bravo!!!!! Absolutely amazing sounds and beautifully composed. WOW. Keep up the great work. You are so talented. ~Glenn

  409. Jon Beck says:

    This whole thing with FB system is so flawed, they “monitor” as they put it by biggits and homophobes stalking GLBT people and are still repressing us. I see other people in other countries that post genitals and breasts and asses, but I guess it’s ok they don’t understand the rules, I call BS on that. So if this is it Dirk for your reign on FB I will follow you to your other sites that you work off of…


    lovely Dirk, What were the mental visual images that were accompanying your audio creating? I like it very much, congratulations!

  411. Billy Helmert says:

    Dirk, that is a truly amazing piece of work, so beautiful! i could listen to that all day! 🙂

  412. Jim Hampton says:

    Wow! Beautiful music! I just followed you on iCloud and added a lot of your tracks to a new pay list. Such beautiful sounds, coming from a beautiful man! I so wish I was in colorado to hear this concert — we don’t get many concerts like these in Dallas (or, at least that I’m aware of!)


  413. Bob says:

    You must be exhausted.

  414. David Steele says:

    Very nice.
    That is a great picture of you also.



  416. john faust says:

    WOW! absolutely wonderful. i’m not a fan of flute but then never heard one like your’s. it’s wonderful.

  417. Dude, I have bazillions of screen shots of cock that was posted on Facebook. Hell, I even captured a video ON FACEBOOK of a dude jacking to orgasm. Say the word. I will send you copies. I do screen shots just so folks can’t say “Oh, you just boosted that from a Google search” or the like. I prefer to say Facebook Busted!

  418. Edward D Padilla says:

    I rarely find anything offensive on Facebook – Why get upset about nude photos on my feed when I look at nude photos on my own at other times? Some people just report because they need the attention – Or they’re azzholes – or just plain hypocrites – Probably reporting the photo with sticky fingers –
    I guess I’m not a jerk –
    But I will accept your challenge –

  419. Dirk, I too have been the victim of Facebook. My facebook is for my DJ avatar on Second Life. I had posted a pic of him shirtless, and it was removed due to “exposed genitalia”.

    When I emailed “the authority” to find out exactly what the issue was for the pic, they stated “the enlarged nipples”.


  420. Andrew says:

    I haven’t read all the posts but what I see in the posted photo is a young adult male cuddling with a young adult tiger. Not sexual intimacy yes yes yea. Puts me in touch with my inner child. It’s a kind thing. My inner child exists in an adult body. I may not be a rocket scientist but I don’t think it’s poor graphic at all.

  421. Andrew says:

    Your a bueatifully confident sexy man. To heck with the haters. They have low self esteem. Big bear hugs

  422. I was more than happy to sign the petition, Dirk.

    This is not the first time that Facebook has perpetrated this nonsense.

    And people wonder why I spend so little time on Facebook?

  423. John Rudis says:

    thanks for the information Dirk, as a gay man obviously this is a concern to me, and I have been an advocate for HIV prevention, and yet you taught me something new…see its never to late to teach an old dog new tricks, lol….Thanks again and keep up the good work…wishing you all the best you do for our community on and off the screen. Good luck with your music and always the best to you and Jesse.

  424. Aaron says:

    I got a heart transplant last year and I don’t believe I was ever even asked if I was gay. ‘High Risk’ is determined by activity not sexual preference. The side effects of Truvada don’t seem anywhere as dramatic as what ‘Prince” portrayed and not even as bad as the anti-rection and other meds I have to take.

  425. Stephen says:

    I have to tell you that I came across your blog because I was googling you. After seeing you in a move I just had to know how old you are. That’s probably creepy sounding but if it helps, I never found out. Anyway, at the risk of sounding like a condescending ass hole, I am really glad I found your blog because it’s really helped correct some of the sweeping generalizations I had internalized about adult film actors. It’s not that I thought they were unintelligent or unskilled but in the back of my mind was always the thought that if these guys (and gals) could do anything else, then they would. And it’s really difficult to hold onto those misconceptions when I read your blog and see how incredibly talented, articulate, and intelligent you seem to be. Did I mention talented? After checking out Jesse Jackman’s blog, I stalked your soundcloud… So, I guess I just wanted to say thank you. Reading how eloquently you write and also how you describe your work has helped me not only think differently about the guys I beat off watching, but also has helped begin to peal back some of the shame and inhibitions I have regarding my own sex life and sexual expression. So, again, thanks for being you. I am a fan.

    • Dirk says:

      Hey, Stephan! THANK YOU for writing this! One of the things Jesse and i are eager to convey is that the vast majority of us who do porn have vibrant lives elsewhere, and that porn is just fun and maybe some extra cash on the side. In other words, most porn guys (and gals, evidently, though I’ll admit I’ve far more limited experience with them) do this because WE WANT TO. Further, its not so much that we need to prove that point to the world, but there are younger, greener guys coming to the industry with an overlapping set of misconceptions to yours, who either leave the industry disappointed, or who have to tell the world how horrible their experiences are. The outside world hears that and says “See? We were right!”, and these stereotypes get perpetuated. Its hurtful for pornstars, its hurtful to gay men in general, and its hurtful to society at large… So it means a ton to get a note like this. Again, thank you!

      And I’m 43. 😉

  426. Josh says:

    Amazing read. I am on it myself and it has opened doors to making some of the best friends and friends with benefits ever. I was raised in small rural TN and was raised to fear gays because of aids. Some of my best friends and playmates are positive and this drug makes it so easy for us. I have no shame and saying I’ve been with poz people and leave the door open for them to be in my life. Thanks for taking this stand Dirk!

  427. Chaz says:

    Reading the msgs that the uneducated individual sent made me sick to my stomach. I applaud the writing of this article. It is very important for everyone to understand the truth about PrEp and not misleading facts.
    I chose to take PrEp to protect myself and others. Here is a link, listen to the audio version it is better, to an interview I was asked to do.

  428. Chaz says:

    Here is the correct link to the PrEp interview I was asked to do. The thoughts and comments of the uneducated, like the ones posted in this article, absolutely repulse me. I applaud this article and the damage control it is doing. I choose to take PrEp to protect myself and others.

  429. sharon says:

    What a beautiful piece of music created by a very talented man. I want to wish you good luck with the concert and also congratulate you on your engagement to Jesse. You make a wonderful couple and I hope you have many happy years together. x

  430. Alli says:

    Thank you. I like your reasoning and that you have found out the facts and have done what is best for YOU

  431. Shadow S. Black says:

    Dirk and Jesse,
    I too, on several occasions have felt the unfair sting of facebook discrimination and it has gotten so bad that I have mostly left facebook and have joined
    as well I have joined and have never had a problem on there. I recommend both of these social media sites and would be proud to be your first friend on these sites.
    Love and best,
    Shadow S. Black

  432. Jimbo Turner says:

    Dirk you are a fine specimen and virile man

  433. Dan Barenholtz says:

    How about the multiple times I reported pages for photos of rape, and nothing was done? Sick!

  434. Isaías Ramos García says:

    reminds me a lot of late XIXth music a la spagnole

  435. Basil Baris says:

    Hello! I am so happy your music is getting performed! I would love to sing something of yours. It must be the fourth time I am saying this! Well, break a leg!

  436. Sheldon says:

    This is how Truvada works:

  437. Arunas says:

    Beautiful. Amazing. Lovit. ☆ star Quality. ♡♡

  438. werry says:

    Dear Dirk, your face, your voice… you are great!! Greetings from Italy, i wish you just the best!!!

  439. SIR Dieter says:

    heißer, geiler Typ

  440. Ononoke says:

    My admiration level for you just rose up significantly upon reading this. Your music is very pleasant to the ear, and your photo looks very sophisticated here. IMHO, nothing beats a hot gorgeous guy who knows how to do amazing music! Please make more music and share them for us to enjoy. Would love to come and see you perform, but I’m miles away in a different continent, so no luck for me :(. Still, wish you all the best of success for your concert!!! Please post some photos from the show if you can 😀

  441. Maha says:

    dirk and use those instead of print screen. that way you will have a permanent snapshot of the whole site AND have the ability to actually see if things were altered

    all the best

    maha valio

    P.S been fighting media censorship/ unfair social media censorship for a long time. so this blows to see this

  442. Doug Archer says:

    Dirk: Every time I see a photo of you…. I salivate. I have a serious Dr./Patient fantasy scene. Dirk: You are in your undershorts. I walk in…..a physical exam, from head to toe, commences. I can’t get this fantasy out of my dreams!!!

  443. Isaías Ramos García says:

    truly, on the uper! fotos here (you are laying chest down) you were even cuter than today

  444. Isaías Ramos García says:

    i have to say the last speaker in the dialogue on top is a bit unconsiderate, clearly he has never sufered!/ beed! deeply unhapy. The 1 of the 2nd dial. must be a jerk

  445. Jeff says:

    Just wanted to left you know I blasted facebook over allowing a video of a boy having sexual u tee purse with a duck to be posted on facebook but men kissing is taboo. I added to stop the double standards.

  446. werry says:

    Dear Dirk. Sorry, my english is not werry good, i speak german and italian… I have a Question: it is possible to see you somewhere in Europa, live? You are doing Liveshows in clubs? If yes, where and when?


  447. James says:

    I’m impressed with how much attention you’ve been able to draw to the PrEP issue on your blog. I’m with the HIV/AIDS channel of and noticed in our metrics that you’ve driven a significant number of eyes to our article on the subject. Good work, many thanks, and continued good health!

    • Dirk says:

      My pleasure! Im still amazed at how manyfolks don’t know about the PEP/PrEP options, or are completely misinformed about them. The more good info, the better!

  448. Jason Storm says:

    Dirk, you are ny all time favorite gay male performer! Your body is perfect, you have the most sexy smile and truly soulful eyes! I would like an autographed photo of you to hang in my bedroom. How does one request one from you?

  449. Keshon says:

    Mr.Caber, I was wondering if you would like to audition for my movie…..Please reply your answer by email…

  450. Adam says:

    I think this guy is very much so misinformed but that’s not to say the FDA doesn’t approve medications that may not be as good for you as they seem…At the end of the day the FDA is bank rolled by pharmaceutical companies meaning they really only care about making money…If this wasn’t true then there would be a cure for diseases such as malaria, etc but there’s no money making meds for diseases that mainly afflict people that are dirt poor. Not to say this drug isn’t effective but dont whoeheartedly trust the FDA…i naively did and the drugs I was on had god awful side effects. Little did I know there was a holistic treatment that is cheaper and worked much more effectively than western medicine ever could…dont know if the same could be said for Prep though. Do whatever floats your boat I just wanted to throw my perspective out there

  451. Adam says:

    Got me there Dirk, but thanks for the links….no seriously I dont know the first thing about Prep so time to read up!

  452. Rodney says:

    So increbibly sexy, I think my favorite couple in porn. Definitely inspired me to get back to the gym, I definitely wanna look like the both of you and hopefully find a guy as hot as the 2 of you…

  453. James W says:

    Are you still performing this Saturday in F.C.?
    I am flying in to Denver for the performance.
    But I know with weather on east coast, things can change.



  454. James W says:

    Is your performance still this Saturday in F. C.
    I am flying in to Denver for the concert.
    With east coast weather, I didn’t know if your travel was altered.



  455. Andrew adams says:

    Sort to have to miss the Ft Collins concert, but I’ll see you Friday night in Denver.

  456. max Plasschaert says:

    Wow it sounds amazing

  457. Gulichi says:

    My love,

    you know what?

    I’m gonna study harder, get a great job, make a lot of money,
    and buy you forever!!

  458. Gordon Karpen says:
  459. Gordon Karpen says:
  460. Jim says:

    May I suggest you keep an eye open for any examples of similar pictures and posts by straight people that have been allowed. Just to have examples of a double standard, to bolster your case.

  461. john says:

    Hi dirk! I’m in my twenties and in the culture i leave in i need to get married but I’m fully SSA and I’m not sure i want to get married and struggle with my ssa. I’m also not sure about living any other kind of life style ether mostly because i know that ssa marriage don’t hold long and generally speaking that kind of life style is not so committed. .. (i know because i did some researching about it and also heard from the very few people i know that have experience it- and yes I’m aware that they have a propaganda…) so because i consider you as a good and serious guy I’ll be happy to know what you have to say about it… and if you have any other insights that will help me make my way in the world (if I’m going to go on the ssa life style I’m going to have to move elsewhere to do so. ..
    Thanks in advance. ..

    • Dirk says:

      My response is this. IF a SSA couple is incapable of committed relationahip, it is ONLY because they have been told by NON-SSA people they are incapable and they believe it. I know gay and lesbian couples who have been FAR more stable than many straight couples, often with much more diversity in how their relationships work. Don’l let people who don’t know what they’re talking about tell you you can’t be happy.

  462. john says:

    Hi dirk! Hope you’re doing good!
    I wanted to consult with you about a struggle that i have. I’m in my early twenties and in the culture i leave in i need to get married (OSA marriage) and i can’t live ssa life style if i chose to stay in it, so I’m debating what to do because i also read in some researchers that ssa life style is not committed, meaning that the ssa marriage doesn’t hold long etc. I don’t know what to do, i don’t what to leave Avery thing and leave in a foreign country in order to leave my way and i also don’t want to leave my current life style, so I’m struggling about it and since you seem to me like a good and serious guy i want to hear your opinion and insights about my situation.
    Thanks in advance. ..

  463. Jon says:

    Congratulations, and it’s a wonderful piece indeed! I’m just wondering – was it by your choice that they used your stage name rather than your birth name?

  464. Manuela says:

    If it wasn’t such a serious matter this would be a really funny and entertaining fb game. Unfortunately the real and good outcome seems to be still very far away. Most certainly will I try and find some pics (as you described) and see what happens if I report them.
    There is a reason why I save the pics that I like (yours with Jesse, too). I’ll never know whether it will be reported and deleted and then I will never find it again. Keep up the fight. Hugs

  465. Alex H says:

    Dirk, I recently discovered you and I must say I’m in love with you.
    I like everything of you, you’re quite my ideal kind of man and I’m so glad to discover on this blog you’re also an interesting person with many passions and skills.

    I found irresistible the way you smile and have fun during your sex performances, it’s something very special since other pornstars seem to take themselves so seriously.

    I also like the way you write, you have a gentleman language, so rare to find.

    I sincerely admire you.
    Keep going!
    All the best.


  466. Frank Schilter says:

    Not sure about website , this one I guess, only started email & computer stuff a few months ago, but still have no real use for it. That said, I just want to let you know there is me out in Canada, in the Monashee Mountains in British Columbia , who finds you an inspiration & also one of the sexiest men alive!thank you for showing quiet gay men like me there is a chance & choice for lives to have fulfillment & meaning! Don’t hesitate to come here to this farm, if the opportunity should arise!! Lol love frank

  467. jockeyornothing says:

    Hey there! I’m a big fan of your videos. And I just have a request, Could you please do another scene with Josh West ( not that the one you’ve done is not awesome, it is) but it’s just that I think you two guys look really hot together.

    • Dirk says:

      I would LOVE to do another scene with Josh. Alas, he’s retired now, and is happily moving on to bigger and better things in his life. Im lucky to have worked with him as much as i did, and fortunate to count him and his partner Peter as among my very best friends.

  468. john says:

    Hi dirk! Tha

  469. john says:

    Hi dirk! Thank you very much for the answer!

  470. john says:

    Though I’m still figuring things out and I’ll probably ask you some more questions that might push a button as you expressed it. .. 🙂 but only because I’m trying as i said before to figure things out. …
    Have a great day (or night, not sure. ..)

  471. Robert says:


    Hallo Dirk,

    vielleicht sprichst Du deutsch. Dein Vorname klingt danach. Anbei ein Gruß aus Deutschland für Dich 🙂 Ich habe heute gesehen, wie virtuos Du Klavier spielen kannst. Dazu fällt mir nur eins ein: Atemberaubend!

    Wann bist Du mal wieder in Deutschland? Ich kann es kaum erwarten, den schönen Mann mit Ausstrahlung und so wunderbarer Allgemeinbildung kennenzulernen, sofern Du Zeit und Lust hast.

    Schönen Sonntag Dir noch und einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

    Gruß von der anderen Seite des Atlantiks,

    Hello Dirk,

    You might speak German. Your Christian name sounds at least like you probably do. Enclosed my greetings to you from Germany 🙂 Today I watched a clip and was fascinated with how much virtuosity you are playing the piano. I had just one thought: Stunning!

    When are you back in Germany? I can’t wait to get to know that charismatic handsome man – with such an impressive educational background – in person! … In case you have the time and intention.

    Have a great remaining Sunday and a good start into the new week!

    Cheers from the other side of the pond,

  472. Lyne says:

    Food porn…regular porn…umm…I beg to differ. Dirk Caber’s porn is never regular…

  473. David Steele says:

    Brief but always good to see you!!!!

  474. Bruce Kerney says:

    Lol baby good enough to eat! If I were allergic to eating u as a food id certainly take my chances!

  475. Robert says:

    Awesome and delicious! *lol* …

    Good morning from Europe by the way 🙂

  476. Michael Austin says:

    Dear and Gorgeous Mr. Caber:

    Think of the contribution you may have made to the musical world: all those hitherto-undecided music students who will now be taking up the tuba! And if they are each half the hot number you are the S/M scene will begin an entirely new epoch as well.

  477. ruzam says:

    I’ve noticed that you wear logger boots in a majority of your films and photos. They’re my favorite form of footwear so I thoroughly enjoy seeing them on you. Have you been “attached” to them all your adult life?


  478. Jim Pickett says:

    Just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU and virtual hug for debunking the fact-free anti-PrEP propaganda that still pops up online. And for pushing back on the ignorance and the hate characterized by the screen grabs you shared. Your advocacy is important – and appreciated!

  479. Tom Hahn says:

    Yes, you are a very sexy man and love those videos….BUT, I love your music as much…seriously. Are there recordings to down load somewhere. I want more…and yes, I will continue to fantasize over the videos…And, love Jesse’s blog, too!

    I am Toptomm27 on Recon

    All the best,


  480. Bob says:

    was it you on “come dine with me” or was it just your lost twin Irish brother?

  481. Dirk, I think it is safe to say that you have a lot of fans. And as such, there are a lot of us that shall happily forgive you for not keeping up with your blog.

    Of course, if you want to guarantee that forgiveness, you could strip NAKED, or even better, get naked with your sexy fuck husband, Jesse Jackman, then upload the video on to your blog.

    I think that is a great idea, and if you approve this comment, then we can see how many others agree with it.

    And, if say, ten other guys agree, you do it (smile)!

  482. David Steele says:

    I am sure that you have been busy..but you ARE looking good!

  483. Jdawgie says:

    Hhehehe always good to see you handsome, and it’s good to hear from you

  484. bernard. boykin says:


  485. dude ever since my DNS discovery in OS Yosemite has been dragging my wifi service back to the AOL dial up days, invent been able to update squat on my website. It’s been almost three months. Apple really doesn’t care about its user interface software on MacBook. Unfortunately my site provider doesn’t have a iPad ap for me to use my tablet to work. Ah life. It’s bigger.

  486. Mike Dreyden says:


  487. Basil Baris says:

    You should have been invited to do a live cameo while they were eating the food, along with Jesse! Like, you two eating off leftover salsa off eachothers burritos! Lol!

  488. Chris says:

    Great cameo…did you get a meal out of it…lol…

  489. Chris says:

    Very Happy and looking forward to what you write and post… Those of us who are your fans really do want to see more about what makes you tick…beside hot wax and container of J Lube… Hugs for you and for Jessie…

  490. Marvin Fogel says:

    Wow, this is great news. So glad you’ll reach out to your fans like your husband does with his fans. While they love his posts and comments, I know they will love yours, too, as you share your life with them. Me, too, of course. You’re NOT getting old. LOL. HUGS to both of you!

  491. César Villavicencio says:

    Love the cameo…. And love that scene too…. Woof

  492. Steve Sloane says:

    You can take as long as you like bud!

  493. Alejandro Cardenas says:

    you are one of my favorite porn stars , I love watching his scenes, makes me horny . Greetings from Ecuador

  494. Elysa May says:

    Love you…you can write about polishing your instruments…take that anyway you want…I am also with Robert about you and Jesse getting naked and putting it on your blog, but I am a chick so I hope it counts towards the ten…:)

  495. charles blondeau says:

    you’re not a sucky blogger you’re just not motivated enough but you’re still a hot f*** so is your husband I was follow you to anywhere even to hell and back

  496. There are things that words can not say, only expresses look, and the affection confirms.

  497. oh my god! as what your partner accept that his work, I would not accept, because there is other work

  498. says:

    I would love to see you fuck Zac Stevens. It would be hot.

  499. brent says:

    I recently viewed the iconmale dvd entitled ” daddy’s big boy ”, in which you appear in the first scene.
    Your performance was good, although it seems that you have more passion for men closer to your own age instead of the younger person in this scene.
    Also, it was a pleasure to view you particularly in this scene since you did not keep yelling ” fuckm yeah” as well as hearing your laugh.
    Thanks for giving another good performance., but stick with mature men and avoid twinks.

  500. Ranger Bear says:

    Hey Dirk,

    Did you see that you make a cameo in this short documentary? Look into at 1:24 mins and you’ll see yourself in Germany.

    Thought you’d get a kick out of it,

    Keep up the great work,

    Ranger Bear

  501. Jorge Rubio says:

    I know you receive lots of messages like this, but I don’t care… I’m a mexican follower of you and your beautiful man Mr. Jackman. Don’t know if you expect to have any effect with what you post, but you do, reading your point of view (have to say that I’m not fond completely with the American dream) is always surprising in a good way. Thanks for sharing not only your love, your skin, but also your thoughts. They do have an effect, you are a great guy.
    Love from Mexico.

  502. Marco says:

    Weirdly enough, I just saw this a couple of days ago. I went back and looked at your cameo moment, and it doesn’t read like you or the other guys are actually laughing at Micha. If anything, it reads more like bemused smiles towards him and his awesome audacity.

    And by the way, thank you so much for turning me on to The Katering Show! I’m a huge fan of those ladies, and I have you to thank for it!

    I really dig your style, your brain and everything you do. Thanks, Dirk!

  503. Jason (Jdawgie) Loper says:

    Oh wow, this is a very special treat. I get very excited when I see “Dirk Caber” in the from collum. Being the person that I am, I have the tendency to look at the heart, mind, body and spirtit of the person. I don’t allow one thing or another interupt me from getting to know a person. I have become close friends with many because I have looked past the “Norm”! If you feel something, and you can emphasis it to make it work for you.. then I say do it 🙂

    Dirk you and Jesse are both.. I love hearing about you guys thru your posts! Sending you many furry ginger hugs!

  504. David says:

    Hi Dirk thanks for the link it was interesting viewing personally I don’t get it but hey who am I to judge. Folsom looked busy! Lol and wow do you look Hot in leather!!!!!

  505. Clifford stewart says:

    i was lucky enough to meet you in person at Folsom S.F. A couple of yrs ago.
    Yes I’ll admit it I like what I saw but what got me the most was your attitude.
    You were a complete sweetheart.
    So I would you are the complete package beautiful on the outside and inside.

  506. melissa Mcentyre says:

    I think it is nice you write poetry & music– multi-layers are so much better
    than one layer lives–So sorry for the lose for so many from your life

  507. Jeremy says:

    This was an absolutely beautiful piece. I’m not sure I can even adequately comment on the depth and range of emotion present in it. Wow….

  508. Jeremy says:

    I realize this is some serious necromancy — commenting on a post from nearly a year ago — but as a tuba player since I was in high school (class of 91! Yay old!), I have to say that I think you’re about the only person who could make a tuba look sexy. I love the fact that you’re not just a porn star, and that you’re so incredibly well-rounded. Thank you for being awesome and for showing the world that porn stars are real people and not just all about the sexytimes.

  509. Tony Greer says:

    Wow…i absolutely loved it!!!!!

  510. valynda says:

    You Dirk Caber are a very talented man. I felt the loneliness, the sadness. I am sorry for your loss

  511. Tifa says:

    That is incredibly deep. I’m going to reread it tomorrow and then share it with my other half. Certainly feels raw. Also, my condolences on your recent losses.

  512. Marvin Fogel says:

    The picture is of the Angel of Death whose sword takes the life out of the dying. The tip of the sword is soaked in blood, or is it burning? We’ve sensed this as the dying person takes his/her final breath. The Afterlife, is it heaven or is it as bleak as is painted in your the poem. Will we learn our final place wherever it is that we shall rest?

    Fights with family members and friends and death of dear ones take a devastating toll on one’s health. Healing is fragile, at first, but it is a given because we are human.

    Always be nice to people you know is my motto.

    The poem is a expression of a grieving heart. It is also appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing it with the readers of your blog.

  513. Thank you for sharing this. As a poet myself, I appreciate the words laid down. Beautiful imagery. Tragic and lovely.

  514. Jez Dennis says:

    Thought provoking beautifully written, and well worth re-reading and re-reading.

  515. Helena Stone says:

    That is absolutely stunning. Your words took my breath away. The depth, the feelings, layers beneath layers. You’re right of course, nobody HAS to read it but I feel people would deprive themselves of a beautiful and thought provoking piece of writing if they didn’t. No complaints from me should you decide to share more of your poetry.

  516. Berlinhunkhunter says:

    Hey Dirk!

    Thanks for sharing that. It is a great work. If you find the time… Check out that very small site I’ve been creating with my poetry. Would love to hear what you think.

    Andi from berlin

  517. Wow. Just… wow. Dude, is there anything you can’t do? This is an absolutely stunning piece of writing.

    • Ha! And I just now read the other comments and see my co-writer (Helena Stone) also commented and used the word stunning, only further convincing me we share one brain.

  518. Terri says:

    So beautiful. You are a very artistic man.

  519. Danielle says:

    Beautiful!!! I loved it.. Please share more ❤️

  520. Thank you for sharing a piece that is filled with such emotional energy. Condolences on the loss of your friends.

  521. John G. says:

    I’m so glad you reconciled with your friends – life’s too short not to do so. You are always stronger than you think.

  522. Phillip Cooke says:

    This deserves a more careful read. Reading it during a break at work does it very little justice. It is a well-written piece, and the images it creates are beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  523. Chrystal says:

    An absolutely stunning piece. Dirk, you are a man of many talents. I hope you will share more of your brilliant writings.

  524. Henk says:

    Wow! What a powerful piece? After suffering loss too, one tends to forget that emotion, of ‘loss’ is mutli layerd, the crying, the emptiness, the silence etc, going through the “other” layers of emotion, there is a realignment of feelings and then there is healing. Congratulation Dirk!

  525. Allen Herndon says:

    hey Dirk,
    I have been introduced to your work via,, all I can say is WOW! without a doubt the hottest, sexiest man on that site,, you got it all man, brains, great sexy body,, sensual lips, handsome face,, your bf is one lucky guy! Keep up the good work, stay safe,,, look forward to stroking to some of your hot hot scenes in the future….

  526. Jakkree Kaewkoad says:

    This taken my breathless away…Love it beautiful…spread lovely words to the world…Stunning piece and powerful…Love you…

  527. Steve Sloane says:

    Does anybody wonder why this man we know as Dirk Caber is so loved? If he never did anything after that video with Marcus Ruhl (Worked Over from TitanMen) when I first saw him I would worship the ground he walks on until the day that I die.
    He writes beautiful music and poetry, he makes many public appearances for all kinds of reasons and causes, he does film and stage work and he’s a devoted husband and obviously a devoted friend.
    And all this he gives to anyone and everyone!
    Does anybody wonder why I say Dirk & Jesse are the hottest men on the planet?
    I hope like fuck they come to MAL next year!

  528. S. Scott Nixon says:

    Beautiful poem, Dirk; you bring such a powerful imagery to each line. I can appreciate your sentiments – my best friend just lost a good friend & co-worker to cancer and it’s affected him deeply. He phoned late that night to let me know what had happened & also wanted me to know how much I meant to him thru our many years of friendship & reminded me that we can never take one another for granted.
    Thanks, Dirk 🙂 🙂

  529. Michael Austin says:


    The subtler movement of your body producing such response from Jesse tells me that the musician in you is deeply involved in your love play as your physical organism.

  530. Jim hampton says:

    Hey dirk! Will you be going to Folsom this year. Is so, whose booth. Any chance you’ll make an appearance at the no hill! (With messy – hot)

  531. Lyne says:

    I will always support you.

  532. Izzy Ireland says:

    Hi Dirk! What beautiful music! I’m just curious if you ever did marching band or Drum Corp? When I saw the picture of you and the ophicleide I got curious! Great day to you!


  533. John G. says:

    You rock, Dirk – don’t ever give up! Prayers for piano funds.

  534. Cyn says:

    Dirk, this brought me to tears. I write, but then you know that, and I have two artistic “kids”. I also know scores of artists, writers, and musicians. Your doubt and wonder is all too common. I spoke with a Pulitzer prize winning playwright last night with a two year long case of writer’s block. You thoughts above and the analogy you use is spot on. I’m so glad some of your faith is restored and that you’re going to soon be on your way BACK. Here’s hoping the instrument of your dreams and the perfect amount of cash coincide so you can be back “at it” sooner rather than later.

  535. Wolf says:

    Hi Dirk,

    great that you engage into music – and especially Bach (one of my all time favourites). All the best for your own composings – keep the fire burning!

  536. Steven Hennessee says:

    So glad I could help out in a small way. I look forward to seeing your continued amazing growth with the new keyboard.

  537. Marvin Fogel says:

    Hi Dirk,

    I am so glad that you were able to restore the faith that you thought you had lost with your career in music. Thank you for the message of appreciation about the donations from so many people who helped, and still are helping, you with the purchase of a piano. The amount that has been raised for it is truly astounding. And the treatments for the physical problem with your vocal chords, also training with a voice teacher, are no less important for your health and future. Good luck. May the new piano open a bright and brand new world for you. :):):)

  538. Eric Farr says:

    AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait for your first full piece to be done!!!!

  539. Liz says:

    Dirk, not only are you a talented musician, but you’re also an eloquent writer of thank you notes. Your Mona Lisa analogy was perfect and impactful.

    Clearly, a Yamaha AvantGrand will be yours in the very near future and perhaps will even be an inspirational muse for you. This time next year, I expect my pre-commencement playlist will be 100% Dirk Caber.

    I’m a bit excited to be one of your patrons, and know that I’ve played a tiny part in helping you create beautiful art.

  540. Joey P-G says:

    Absolutely awesome…. I’m in love!!!

  541. david calhoun says:

    Hi – when you decide you need a harpsichord, let me know. I might even be bring a small one to boston for the Festival in June ….

  542. Terry Nelson says:

    Dirk: You are a very talented man in many ways. Of course you need a piano, you deserve it. I am always encouraging artists in all mediums. I might not be able to afford helping financially but I can sure share posts on your gofund request.

  543. Bruce Broughton says:

    Dirk. You have already repaid the kindness with your words and art. This is what has drawn us to you and the contributions made. Your words are art, your music is art, you are art. We thirst for more, and we can’t wait to receive it.

  544. sumon says:

    i am admiring u. u r so talented person i have ever seen in my life. i love u dirk. i wanna work with u. its my desire.

  545. Jeff Bowles says:

    Anyone with a pic of an ophicleide on his page, has to be a consummate musician.

    If you wanna “pay it back,” show it all the loving you know how.

  546. Mark says:

    Your not getting old, your getting wiser. You will look great till the day you die! LOL!

  547. Mark says:

    Very relaxing after a hard days work. Thanks Dirk.

  548. Giò says:

    Hi mr. Caber, I’m an italian professional harpist. I really appreciate your music and it’s been a very nice surprise discover that after a great personality in porn you also have this great musical skills. Something in your compositions remainds me to an “internal order” that resonate in my musical taste. I wonder if maybe you wrote something for harp (solo or with other instruments) or maybe the possibility to write it. Thanks for your attention and for your music. Giò.

  549. Dirk, I only reactivated my Facebook page two months ago, and I was more than happy to sign this petition, as well as post it on my Facebook page, and Tweet it, too.

  550. J. Valente says:

    I already knew you to be a beautiful person in every sense of that much abused (not in your case, though) word that matters. Handsome and talented and articulate. I hadn’t quite got it – how your words can move to tears. Beautifully expressed. Apart from music and whatnot 😉 have you ever considered a writing career? Jesse is so very good at it but I reckon you could approach it from your personal angle. Well, I’m, babbling, rambling on now arwn’t I?
    Just wanted to let you know how I find you guys so great and yourself so inspirational.
    Enough of that ^_^
    I’ll be sending all kinds of best wishes in Love and Life and Art your way now – and Big Hugs

  551. William says:

    Hey Drik,
    I’m so excited to visit your blog!
    To be honest, it is amazing to see a porn star can be talented and sexy the same time.
    So happy to see you as a musican, and hope you can achieve your goals.
    WE LOVE YOU! <3
    P.S. how can I get an autograph from you…

  552. sumon says:

    dear dirk,

    this is my second mail to u. i hv g8 crush on u. u r my dream man, i like ur soft porn movies. ur hot hairy body drive me crazy. every time i think about u. i have one crazy wish that i want to do sex with u. muahhhhh i love u dirk. i love u.

  553. Alex says:

    I have enjoyed your work on the internet and I am glad that I chose to look at your actual website to realize that you are a classical musician! How cool and well rounded is that!? Too bad you don’t live in my area, because I could use an accompanist for my groups that I conduct! 🙂 Thank you for also being educated in your approach to many of life’s experiences that you capture in your blog 🙂 Yay for well rounded Adult Industry Stars 🙂

  554. Kyle Henning says:

    Hi Mr. Caber,

    I hav always been an admirer of your video work, and I have recently came across your work as a classical composer! As it happens, I am just finishing my Master Degree of Music at Northwestern University in Flute. I recently came across your composition for Flute and Piano and fell in love! I would love to purchase a copy from you and perhaps perform it in the up coming National Flute Association Convention in San Diego in 2016? I have plenty of recordings to validate my credentials. Please do not hesitate to contact me at my email address!


  555. Diane White says:

    Great article Dirk. So glad to hear about the great news today for all of the LGBT community. So happy for you all.

  556. Lyne B says:

    I never get tired of reading your beautiful writing. It makes me smile.

  557. John G. says:


    Don’t forget that you also march for those of us who are physically unable⁄

    John G.

  558. אני אוהב תאר זה אני אוהב רבה סקס

  559. deke says:

    So today I went to my first Pride parade in NYC, then a weird thing happened I am sure I saw you in the marching band. I was looking so long at the person (you) that I forgot to take a picture. Then you looked straight at me, I was like ‘no way’ and almost simultaneously you wink at me. So now that was the greatest moment of the year.

    • Dirk says:

      I remember you. You kept smiling like “I think I know who you are.” And that kinda tickles me… Glad it was a fun day for you!

  560. Steve Sloane says:

    Nobody else looks that good with a tuba around him!!!

  561. Ron Sapp says:

    Dirk –

    Just wanna say i’m very impressed with you.I enjoy reading your posts,laughing and agreeing with you.Your observations are very apt,and your personality comes thru as very sincere.Thank you for some good reads & good eye candy.Wishing you good luck in the chapters of your life.

  562. Dan says:

    i sent you a message earlier about playing tuba at Academy of Music. I have some
    information that may interest you. sent you my email.


  563. Keshon says:

    Hey my name is Keshon and I just have to say….You are AMAZING! I mean everything bout you is wonderful like your cock( which I would love to suck by the way) your body and your musical abilities….you are what I call Best All Around….Also I’m directing a movie and would for you to be in it as a gym teacher…..Please email me…..and also how can I contact you about the information?

  564. Kacper says:


    I was recently reading some top 10’s and other articles alike
    and I’ve found something rather interesting.
    Here is the article
    It’s about differences in the brain structure between gay and straight people.
    I have to admit that some of those theories might be true due to ehm…
    let’s say I’ve experienced ehm… change of preferences.
    I’m really curious what you think.


  565. Eric says:

    I want to thank you for all the times I’ve gotten off to your scenes. I have insanely wired nips and love how you work them in scenes like you did with Joseph Rough. Yum. I am on nippleplay (4martin is my name there) and constantly seeking that kind of play. You are one hot fucker. Keep up the amazing work and I will always be a fan. Glad to have found this site. Was googling you in a horny state. Haha. Eric

  566. Eric says:

    You are adorable.

  567. Tom Danbury says:


    WOW! I found your videos by accident and discovered you are a wonderful star. So now only look for your work.



  568. Alban says:

    Your story was an Interest of mine the minute i saw your work, one of the best daddies i’ve seen so far, so here I am readign about you and reading all the comments with the greatest enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. Love from Kosovo

  569. Daniel says:

    Wow Dirk, what strong poem, the most powerful one that I’ve read in a long time. I write poetry too you know, it comes from my heart and my own life experiences. I’m deeply moved by your writing, as I’m sure everyone else who commented is too. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Your fan/fellow poet,

  570. Daniel says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, know that you are in my prayers.

  571. Lyne says:

    Wonderful post. One thing though I would not use the word target. I would use volunteer. And yes I do agree a good flogging is really nice.

    • Dirk says:

      Advice noted and taken! LOL. It does a disservice to suggest a less than enthusiastic victim, or to suggest that there isn’t a bond and connection between us at all times. If there wasn’t, what would be the point? =]

      • Lyne says:

        You always challenge me to think further or in a different way and I thank you for it. Humm! Less enthusiastic victim…Andy went on stage by choice did he not? By the way beautiful flogger. I got mine at Fetish Armada. I don’t know if Ghislain still orders them at the same place, they are hand made by a lady in Montréal. She is a real artist at that. She uses high quality leather and a beautiful intricate pattern in the making of them. Nothing is better than being at the mercy of my hubby when he uses the flogger on me.

        • Dirk says:

          Exactly my point– Andy went onstage not only willingly, he was the one asked me to flog him, not the other way around. This flogger was bought from Mr. S in San Francisco; it’s lovely and soft and thuddy, and the leather is like velvet. Mr. S hasn’t been carrying these woven-handled ones lately; seems there are fewer and fewer people out there with the skill to make them. I’ll have to check in with Ghislain when I’m next up that way…

          • Lyne says:

            I will take a few minutes tomorrow ok well today since it’s after midnight and send you a pic if my flogger. You will be able to see first hand the beauty of it. Well of course I’m biased I personally chose it.

          • יוסי says:

            אני אוהב אתך רבה סרטים

  572. David Steele says:

    You just keep getting better looking!!!! Glad it was a good time.

  573. Cyn Duby says:

    I’d volunteer, any time, any place, for just about anything (wrong gender notwithstanding) LOL I’ll see if it’s physically possible to move that damn orange hanky from my left pocket to my right … just for you 😉 You boyz looked awfully amazing at Dore, despite your rough schedule. TY for everything.

  574. Salvador GomezJimenez says:

    Glad to know you have had enough money to travel to bottoms Ca. a.k.a. San Francisco to attend Dore Alley Fair without asking others to pitch in to pay for you constant traveliing in the country. First time you guys do not ask us to foot the bill as ussual. Dirk is always HOT on stage bottoming out or performing as an accomplished top man . I love his natural masculinity and total true versatility, I find it very funny that Jesse your bottom buddy is so much into drags, here posing for a picture wearing a top man’s leather arm band on his left arm indicating he is a top man in fairs such as Dore Alley but more complete 100 % bottom in most of his movies and when ever he gets fucked his top ‘ass by Dirk’s beautiful cock. I seldom see Dirk doing false drag shows as his masculine but bottom lover. Jesse should make up his mind about pretending to be a top man in public or a bottom man for Titan Media. Just saying guys.

  575. Lyne says:

    I read Queer the air again. I never get tired of your eloquent responses. My favorite one is

    DC: The four movements reflect aspects of “Mount Desert Island” and its environs in Maine. It’s a little love letter to my home state and to its rocky Atlantic coastline.

    I hope someday to be able to visit this place, but most importantly along with my iPod in my ears and having the four movements playing while I visit. That would be an enhanced experienced through your music.

  576. David says:

    Great pictures! You guys looked great (as usual). I’m not into flogging, but the pictures certainly look like you’re having fun. Cyn looks so cute between you both!

    • Cyn Duby says:

      CUTE?! *face palm* Oh, David … one would think as an author you could have come up with a more “kick ass” adjective than “cute”. I’m *gasp* sandwiched between two of the hottest men on the planet and all my BFF can come up with is “cute”. Feel like Columbia in RHPS yet? You SHOULD! And I think I’m enough into flogging for both of us, right?

  577. Jorge Rubio says:

    You guys are just great, this as many of the texts you both deliver has made me think about a lot of things besides now wanting to try this experience. Thanks as always for sharing your beauty as well as your point of view. Love from Mexico.

  578. Hello Dirk,
    I looked up stud,, and super handsome in the dictionary,, your pic came up… unbelievably good looking your bf is one lucky man…… without a doubt the sexiest, intelligent, amazing good looking man on the internet….. Kudos to your parents! they sure as hell know how to crank out beautiful children!

  579. Stephen says:

    So wise. I’m far from being a young man at this point but I still love daddies, which is why you’re one of my favorite porn actors. There’s just something incredibly sexy about a guy who can teach me a few things and make me feel vulnerable in a way that fellow my own age cannot. Thanks for writing this. And thanks for being my favorite daddy 🙂 (and also thanks for taking a picture with me that time at Starbucks)

  580. sxg says:

    Raging Stallion is so full of shit when they say they hire only a “certain type.” Ever since they combined with Falcon, they’ve watered down the quality of the type of guys that made them who they are and there they started overdoing the overplucked muscle queen look. I’m sure you know this, but if you look at the type of guys they hired from the beginning of the studio to about the late 2000s, they had NO problems hiring guys of a certain age, or that “daddy” look. And to me your age has nothing to do with why I find you so popular to watch, it’s that you have a level of masculinity that most models these days lack.

  581. Cyn Duby says:

    I turn 50 on Saturday. I’ve been dubbed Mama Cyn by many folks in my local leather and LGBT communities so I feel your … pain? have similar issues? something. I also don’t get involved with anyone younger than about 30yo, but not because I think the age difference means anything, but because my children are in their twenties. That’s a personal thing for me, though, not a judgement. What I find truly tragic, though, is the fact that for years/decades/centuries gay men have been labeled pedophiles by the haters in society. That has been, is still being, and, I fear, will always been the “go to” lie that is brought out to damn gay men and drive them away from anything having to do with the next generation, no matter what the sexual orientation is. It has stopped proven fathers (who were married, had biological daughters, and are now married to another man) from adopting a son. It has put a wall between those that have BTDT and can offer support and caring and those that need mentoring. Our tribe, our children (LGBTQ) are KILLING themselves. And we can’t reach out and offer support because there must be something nasty and dirty about it. *face palm* And you are spot on about coercion … if someone in power has to flex that power to get the other one into bed, it’s not consent, it’s rape. We need to stop buying that lie, the pedophilia lie, and the lie that younger and older men can’t just choose to be together. Sorry, off my soapbox now … but you were spot on and opened up a can of worms in my head 😉

  582. Ric says:


    I wish the producers would realize that everyone is not 20 any more. There is nothing hotter than two mature men who aren’t just horny kids having sex! Not all of us want to see twinks. I think you are the sexiest man on line! That scene with Colby was hot because he’s not a kid. He may be younger but experience and the ability to take some time and see that there is connection instead of hormones is SO sexy!

    I hope I get to see you for years to come!

    • Jez says:

      Masculine, sexy men in their 30s, 40s & 50s are the HOTTEST. Nothing to prove and plenty to learn from. You’re a long way from reaching your high water mark and hope to see you enjoying your work for a long time to come.

  583. David Steele says:

    You are a good man…

  584. Lyne B says:

    I cannot say that I get it. I’m straight in a loving relationship for more than 27 years. One thing I do get, is that you are reassessing your priorities and that you want to develop something different. I believe music is your life and that you will accomplish what you set your mind on. I believe that you would be an excellent writer. I’m always mesmerized by your eloquent post. I never get tired of reading them. Same for Jesse’s. I feel you need to do what is best for you and follow your heart. I just hope that you will still be around the social media even after you retire from porn so we can follow your musical career. You are an amazing human being, you deserve what you are getting in life right now. Looking forward to listen to more of your music.❤️

    • Barbara Lampron says:

      That is quite the best post he has written. And I get it. Like you, I feel he’s getting his priorities in order. All his ducks in a row. We will stand by him no matter what his interests are.

  585. Liz says:

    You may not post often, Dirk, but when you do, it’s thoughtful, honest and very much worth reading. The “daddy” issues is indeed very complex. I was surprised to learn that a straight woman had developed a story in which leverage by the older man was the only way he could get a young man in bed. That’s certainly not true in the straight world, where, generally speaking, men are perceived to bet get distinguished as they age, while women just age.

    As a teenager, lusted after James Coburn and David Hedison, each of them at least a decade older than my own father. I wasn’t interested in having a daddy, I just thought they were sexy as hell. And how many decades older than his wife is George Clooney? (There are, of course, exceptions – no doubt, The Donald’s fortune is what makes that troll doll attractive to certain women.)

    You’re right Dirk, you’re much more than a daddy, and your legacy will prove that. Best of luck to you as you contemplate starting a new chapter in your life.

  586. Q says:

    I’m 22, and I feel very similarly with regard to the manner by which different media define the “appropriate” age difference within same-sex relationships. There’s still the prevailing notion that same-sex relationships are the result of an external stimulus and not a natural representation of sexuality, but is more likely perverse. And compounded by the stigma placed on age “inappropriate” relationships between men and women (men:old perverts as women:cougars), you get this overstated taboo on same sex relationships between men and other men. The problem though, in my opinion alone, is that we buy into the characters. Older men I tend to “relate” to often want to play out the roles that the stigma enforces. They’re my “Daddy” and I am their “Son”. And as I understand from where this dichotomy stems, I’m a bit taken aback when they feel I should play along. As much as I prefer older men, I don’t do it because I feel beneath them or even to be subservient (not to say I’m not up for a bit of role playing). I want to be treated as an equal, even sexually. My age belies that for me occasionally as your age belies your actualization as just another hot and hairy, cock sucking, ass fiend because you’ve crossed the 40 year threshold for media.

    I guess I just wanted to say it works both ways. I may not be a porn star (much to my chagrin and that of a persistent minority), but I relate to your ageist plight.

  587. Louis Bothwell says:

    Good observations! I always thought of you as a Renaissance man with porn just being one of many aspects… your musical aspects are more long term gratifying to me but I do enjoy your porn. Having well past my prime gay years, I am 62, I went from being hot in bars to being invisible -invisibility does have advantages also- but when I do [watch] porn I want men to men not men to boys… I may be in the minority but 20 year ols do absolutely nothing for me… thanks for sharing your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you on your blog. You are top on my list… porn and everything else although music is my weakness.

  588. Max says:

    You have managed to construct your reasoning very succinctly Dirk. I agree that many of the innate problems stem from this construct of what a “daddy” is and the way that porn is geared towards blurred boundaries in that sense.

    Daddy-fucking-daddy sounds like a great genre to me and your are centainly right, if you are enjoying it it shows. So if that’s what’s right for you do it Dirk. You seem to be very in tune with what you want and that’s the most important step.

    Keep doing awesome things like coming to Australia and following your music dreams. You are a man with a sexy body and a sexy being.

  589. Andre says:

    C’est une très bonne réflexion sur vous … Le meilleur pour vous dans vos projets futur …

  590. Andre says:

    This is a very good reflection on you … The best for you in your future projects …( In English … 🙂

  591. Terry says:

    Dirk I truly appreciate your honesty and candor. I,too, am an older man – 63 and still interested in sex. Body doesn’t co-operate at times but so what, its still fun.
    I enjoy both of your careers – film AND music. And your relationship with Jesse is an inspiration to all. You are a very good man and hope the gay community appreciates both of you! Hugs and grins.

  592. Jeremy Barcan says:

    I love to read your thoughts and ruminations, Dirk. You really need not be concerned about your legacy in Porn nor about your age. You have that rare quality called class. Fifty years from now your name will still be a household name because you are so unique and a rare breed (you should pardon the pun) among the “dime a dozen” porn models. Many new generations of young gay men will hold you as their definitive “daddy” fantasy and I will be happy to pay to see your septuagenarian dick fucking some young ass but aren’t you jumping the gun a bit at 43?

    By all means, I salute you for your decision to focus on your music as that will be a cerebral legacy and gift to the world.

    In the meantime, go on showing those other so called porn star pretenders what it takes to be a star.

  593. Rob says:

    I, for one, would be happy just to enjoy watching films of you and Jesse together… Twenty-somethings are not my thing. I am older than you and I prefer men with grey in their beard.

  594. Diane White says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Now I understand why some porn stars lie about their age even though they look hot as heck just like you do. Can’t wait to hear more music from you and your new piano.

  595. JIm says:

    Dirk you are my favorite porn star. I watch your videos and see how much you enjoy doing what you do. I’m in my late 50’s and would rather see two older men on enjoying each other then a older man and some one in there 20’s.
    You are a man who has many talents and what ever you pursue to do continue in porn or drop out and pursue your music career I wish you the best.

  596. Don says:

    One possibility would be to work with studios more accommodating to mature men:,,, pantheon productions, etc. Not that you would want to be limited to another niche market, but it could help overcome the restrictions of the “daddy-son” stereotype.

  597. Samuel legg says:

    Hey Dirk, I understand where you are coming from in this post as I’m a 22 gay guy that prefers to be with guys much older than me (which you are a fantasy of mine). I am with a couple who refer to themselves as my daddies, but they mentor me and never push any incestuous tendencies while having sex, only as an endearment term as it’s the only thing I can tie to an actual relationship to them. So to the people that think all daddies just want it for the incest reason needs their head sorted out.
    You’re not just a daddy, but a man of many talents. Big cuddle and chin up Dirk.

  598. Arthur says:

    Hey Dirk, No matter what, find your bliss. Im 52 and sick of my career. Im planning on retiring with in the next few years and pursuing my MFA in art. You’re still a young man, do it now!!! All the best to you. AJ

  599. Christien Archer says:

    Dirk caber is so gorgeous and a hunk. He can be my daddy any time. Love him.

  600. Shawn says:

    Daddy well its only because you have a distinguished look SO what your 40+ your fucking sexy as hell

  601. Geoff says:

    Hi Dirk, Despite grey hair at the sides and in my beard I find it disconcerting having to search for ‘daddies’ to find guys my own age (I’m also 43)! But it’s great to see mature gay role models working to change perceptions. I’d love to see more similar-age mature men in porn, and in storylines depicting a committed couple instead of some random hook-up or ‘incestuous’ sex. Sounds like that’s what you may have in mind? Good luck with all your future projects – I envy people with portfolio careers and hope to create one myself.

  602. Michael Austin says:

    The photos, beautifully done, form excellent frames for equally beautiful self.

  603. Tommy M says:

    This is exactly how I felt recently in my own porn journey, save that I am quite mature enough to be considered a daddy. I’ve eased up on it and returned to my music, and I get exactly what Dirk is saying. It’s hard to walk away from activities that one no longer enjoys, so he’s doing the right thing here. I respect him for making this decision and coming to this realization before any damage was done.

  604. Sunny says:

    I do have to say I applaud you for everything that you do. I used to have a crush on you for the longest lol. Then I met my husband and I have moved on but I am really proud that everything you do, you do it with pride and you work so well to maintain a good image. Thanks for all you do and hope that you keep doing much more in the future with your life.

  605. Samuel Colt says:

    Great post!
    I feel you.. 100%!

  606. Quero receber todos os postais de fotos de DIRKCABER

  607. Dallas Steele says:

    I must say I really enjoyed our scene in “Blue Collar Ballers” because we are in fact about the same age (I’m NOT telling), and it is nice to work with someone who you have a lot in common with. Not only that, you’re amazingly hot, and an amazing friend to me.

  608. […] star Dirk Caber has posted a new entry to his blog titled Daddy Issues in which he talks about his current status as a “daddy” star, older guys in porn, […]

  609. J says:

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. Here’s the one thing I don’t get. When you take a job (acting), porn or mainstream, you agree to the part. You can’t just say I like this part of the job but I’m not going to do this part. You should have filmed that dialogue otherwise you are only doing half of your job. Scripts are written for a reason. I couldn’t just take part of someone’s work and only use the part of it that suited me. You take it all or nothing. That’s like being a cashier and scanning the items but not finishing the transaction. Just my opinion!

    • Dirk says:

      Well, sorta. If you took a job as a cashier, you’d know before you took the job if you’d be ringing up groceries, or clothes, or adult novelty items or something. With these scripts, almost always the first time you see them is when you’re on set; someone’s already paid to get you there, paid for a costar and crew, etc., etc. So yeah, I’ve toed the line when this has happened, but it’s like that cashier discovering one day that the place that hired him suddenly changed product, and now he’s publicly ringing up kiddie porn, or he’s the public front of the local meth dispensary. And especially when there are people out there who can’t see past the fantasy and who presume that if I •act• in such a scene, that must •actually• be what I’m into… I get so many comments from people accusing me of pederasty, or from victims of incestual sexual violence who think I’m condoning this behavior. Doesn’t matter that they’re underinformed on some small plot point that makes it technically okay; the pattern is established, and on a number of levels, I am not required just to suck it up and like it.

  610. Robert says:

    Dirk, you are one of my favorite actors and best of luck to you in the future whatever you decide to do. You are a beautiful man with a heart of gold.

  611. Kevin C says:

    been following you for a while now & you could be my Daddy alas I’m the older one though but hey ho I can pretend

  612. david messner says:

    You are hotter than most of your co-stars – i am proud to admit to being 56 & have never felt sexier . I met your hubby @ NYC pride parade & only got a quick glimpse of you, you are both smokin hot! The studios are nuts to think the mature men are no longer desirable. UN-fortunately AIDs robbed us of a whole generation of men who would have shown that mature men can be every bit as hot as younger men.

  613. Tony says:

    Dirk. This from a slightly older man 49 and 50 in March 2016. I like you have mostly enjoyed being with older me. When I was 21 I dated someone who was 49. He was an awesome man. As I’ve aged I’ve found that my interest in men really hasn’t. I still like my men around my age now. I personally would like to see more pairings of you with other hot furry men. When I first came out to everyone being in a porn was always something that I wanted to do, but never had the courage to try. Unfortunately I’ve started collecting illnesses like baseball cards and am now disabled due to the illnesses. So my times run out for being a porn star. Now my goal is just to get to watch my favorite men filming new movies. Not sure how I’m going to get that accomplished, but it’s always in the back of my mind. BTW…. You are at the top
    of that list. Yep you are my favorite porn star and Colby Jansen comes in a very close second. I will look forward to new movies with you and same age pairings. Keep being AWESOME!!!!!

    A fan it NW Missouri,


  614. RobMiles says:

    Please try and fuck Zac Stevens before you cut down on Daddy/Son porn. It would be amazing.

  615. Jeff says:

    Now I’ve heard it all. You work in porn, make who knows how much money, and you have the nerve to ask hardworking people to contribute their money so you can buy a fucking piano?

    I don’t know what your back story might be, nor do I know about your personal finances, and frankly, I don’t care. I just know that you have a lot of nerve soliciting donations from people who don’t fuck on camera and call that “work” or “art.”

    Anyone who wants to give their money to you is free to do so. I, however, am not one of those people.

    • Dirk says:

      Jeff, without first going into the amount of misinformation you’re working from, lemme just say… You think its a bum deal? Then don’t invest. Just don’t. I don’t want your money, and the idea of feeling any sort of gratitude to such an ass is odious to me. However, I suspect this is more about your self esteem, as you’ve gone to such an effort to express your disdain on my blog. Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve attempted to take me down a notch?

      • Terry ( Niall) says:

        Jeff’s comments were way out of line. I don’t understand the mentality of those who attack without knowing all the facts. Its more demeaning to them then those who are getting attacked. What is going on behind the scenes with him.
        I totally respect Dirk and Jesse and find comments like Jeff’s totally bewildering as to why he is so angry.

    • John G. says:

      Thank you so much, Jeff, for sharing your short-sighted thoughts and ideas with us – I’m sure it will only provide Dirk with more affirmation that he is, indeed, wise to think about, and plan for, a life beyond porn.

      Keep up the great work, Dirk!

  616. Marvin Fogel says:

    There will always be people who dislike you because you are a porn actor. It’s a shame that such narrow-minded people will not recognize you also as a talented musician and composer whose future may be brighter with the acquisition of a new piano. Why bother responding to the hate messages from them when we know that they will not change their attitudes about you and the industry for which you work? What is the point of sharing such messages with your followers? I don’t respond to people, in fact, friends if I cannot share a civil discourse with them, i.e., politics or any issue.

    I think you and your partner are real mensches who write very intelligent and thoughtful blogs. Your fans and I look forward to reading them. Cheers!

    • Terry says:

      Marvin – I totally agree. Haters are everywhere but I pay little to no attention to them. Yes Dirk and Jesse are Mensches – big time! ;}

  617. Chris Braham says:

    Great post Dirk! This post is one of the reasons I love You Guys! This once again shows how You are more than just a physical specimen! Glad to see someone using common sense on this subject! No reason this should still be illegal! Thanks to You and Jesse for Your honesty and insight! It is much appreciated! Looking forward to listening to Your CD when it arrives! Can’t wait! Hope We get to listen to much more of Your beautiful music in the future!

  618. Anthony Warner says:

    Dearest Dirk,
    Well said!
    As a Canadian Gay Man and a big fan of yours I appreciate and admire your point! We need more fine folks like yourself who are not afraid to speak up or out
    Love and Support always

  619. rhonda woodburn says:

    I want to state right away that I am on very heavy drugs right now so my understanding of heavy subjects are pretty much , fire bad tree pretty . but with that said , what is the difference between what rentboy was doing and what 10 minute dating does? 10 min dating has you fill out forms attesting your health , you wants desires and needs in a significant other , you pay a fee to be part of the event sometimes quite a significant fee and you go in and try to hook up with someone to pretty much do what rentboys do . right ? what am I missing ? the gay thing ? why oh why in this day and time cant people be more concerned about the homeless people they stepped over to make the raid or the hungry kids going without lunch in school ? the amount of money they spent on these raids would have gone a long way to something real . sorry if I have insulted , but it seems we are repeating history sand it didn’t turn out well for politicians the first time theyt tried to keep ther lgbt community down , what makes them think its going to work this time ?

  620. aBuck Nrut says:

    Ur lookin at t trees instead of t forest ! It’s all about political ammunition for upcoming elections n political power n t US! They’ve got t Ashley Madison accounts now they have t accounts of RentBoy. How many powerful people do U think they have information on NOW to manipulate?????

  621. Jeremy Barcan says:

    Kudos to the eloquence with which you posted this latest manifesto. It could not have been said better. Yes, the trouble with our society is that we frown upon casual sex. Frankly, I don’t see any difference whatsoever between a session with my therapist and a session with my escort/sexologist. They each provide me with a much needed service and get compensated for their time. If I like my therapist, I go back to him and if I like my escort, I do the same or seek another one. Like in any profession, be it therapist or be it escort, one size does not fit all, you should pardon the pun because our needs are individual. How can escorting be considered a criminal act when an agreed upon service is provided, there is no solicitation on the part of the escort (just advertising) and there certainly is not a victim and a crime perpetrator.

  622. Rain Carrington says:

    I can’t tell you how this article hit me. You put into words all I was feeling. Outrage, sadness frustration. Thank you Dirk! This whole thing has had me up at nights, wondering how a country that can see mass shootings almost weekly now and do nothing about guns can target a company known for doing so much good and make them and the men who work for them the devils. Money does motivate, however. It’s disgusting, but true. Thank you for this, and I for one will do whatever to help in this fight. Big huge hugs!

  623. Tony says:


    I unfortunately live in the Mid-west. Part of the bible belt. I grew up in a poor family and know hardships involved in being poor. We were considered White Trash even though we were far from it, we were just very poor. We were still treated that way, I had a very hard start after high school. I didn’t go to college because the college I was getting ready to go to wanted $3,000 more before I could start so I didn’t go back until my mid to late 30’s. I got a good accounting job and was making good money. I bought a house and then had to buy a new car too. Then one day I got sick and found out I had HIV/AIDS and was in ICU for 3 months. The entire spring of 2003. Was a great birthday that year as that was when I found out. Not long after I missed work and my boss wanted me gone and fired me under wrongful circumstances. I won the lawsuit btw. Didn’t help me out though for years later. When they fired me I lost my house and my new car and was just days away from being homeless when I put an ad on a website for an escort and I did it one time and got enough cash for 1 more months rent. I didn’t what I had to do. With in that month I found another job and worked for a little over 3 yrs and was fired for being HIV and gay. But they covered their asses so I couldn’t sue them. Now my heath is worse and I’m now on Social Security Disability for the HIV/AIDS and about 8 other issues and diseases. Living this way really sucks!!! If it wasn’t for be POZ I would have posted with Rentboy and done that to cover the bills that SSD doesn’t cover. So I so support Rentboy and You. There is nothing wrong with being a companion for a night at the movies, dinner and maybe a roll in the hay or a week being taken on a cruise. It shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just a job. People get hired for companions all the time. The only difference is most of those are str8 and this is from being gay. I feel it is the ultra religious that are behind it and are probably supported by 1 or more Republican Presidential candidates. Funny how it wasn’t a problem until we won the right to marry and a President election time. Thanks for hearing me rant. I do support you and Rentboy. All for one and one for ALL!!!!!!!! Let’s stand together and fight.


  624. Dandy says:

    Do you really think our so-called leaders will stand up for hustlers? We’ve got the right to marry now-the right to be Respectable with adopted kids and a surburban picket fence. Respectable people don’t go to bat for prostitutes. Perhaps part of the timing for this is a calculated bet that the Gay Community will hang Rentboy out to dry. Over the next few years, I expect the mainstream G/L community to become only slightly less prudish than a Catholic church lady. Deep down, the right to marriage was all about getting acknowledgement that we are “good enough” and now we have to prove we really are. And just like straight people, our fascist monogamy will include calling a hustler on the sly for a little extra marital business trip fun but you can’t talk about it! Behind the mask of every Respectable American Prude lies a hypocrite.

  625. What’s that saying? An once of prevention is worth a pound…cure, something like that? Join us in funding the historic court case challenging California anti-prostitution law.

  626. Carlos Chavarin Jr. says:

    Dirk: This is an excellent piece, thank you for expressing your thoughts on the subject.

  627. Anthony Warner says:

    You Kick Ass Dirk!
    Very proud of you!

  628. Diane White says:

    Dirk these douches are only trying to get a rise out of Jesse and You. Don’t let them get under your skin they are NOT worth it. They are just jealous and wish they had the following that you both have and not all of us who follow you to are in the LGBT Community. Like a posted on Jesse’s FB page a couple of months ago. If you take the time to look up a Gay man’s FB page, Twitter account or Blog your a fan Bitch please. If you don’t like someone for what ever reason don’t spend so much time tracking them down just to make stupid remarks. Just block them and move on. But no these “haters” take so much time to track people and like you said Dirk “try” to make themselves feel better for their insecurities. They are probably ugly as F**K and are a size 4. I hope one of these days I can finally meet the both of you in person I love reading your posts, tweets, blogs and I am starting to get into classical music ALL because of you. Your awesome and I can’t wait to hear more of your music. I wish I stayed with playing the piano but it will do just watching you play. Love you both.

  629. Day Day says:

    Sometime I think the LGBTIQF2BLAH’s biggest issue is itself, we now live in a world, a spectrum of recognition that not many years ago, those of our people persecuted yet standing firm could only dream about. But alas, it is no longer about being Gay, it is not the sole issue, the problem is now Gay + whatever we can drag into the equation. As you mentioned, the username “Gay man With Degree” writes in his authoritarian tone about his perspective, that is fine but I refuse to acknowledge someone who has to state his qualification in his handle, my dear man, it proves nothing. I have seen some very substandard humans depart the campus with the paperwork.
    People are forgetting that they are just human, rife in our Rainbow society is the need to one up each-other on this continual treadmill of self indulgent bullshit, I really feel that very few people are comfortable in their own skin within today’s society. Is it a result of community pressure or stereotypical mantles set by our community? Who know’s but the end result is not good. If this was to happen in another place, country or geographic zone, I am sure the outcome would have been totally different. So lets be real, lets peel the layers back of bullshit negative comment, lets peel back the multi-stack of oneupmanship. As a gay community, unless you can say something positive and contributing towards keeping the legacy of those before us alive, don’t waste your time writing negatively on this blog, after all, I am sure your Degree will have you mightily busy. Going underground with anything in my eyes is dangerous, the light is always most clear on the surface. To those who feel upset by what has happened, stand tall, stand together and be real to each other and the cause.
    Signed: A Gay man from the other side of the world who has watched the Gay community persecute it’s own, who has helped gay men who have suffered the scathing comments just as above, who considers himself a real person who can see through the bullshit.

  630. Tifa says:

    If your brain is drug-addled, then keep snorting those literary sources, because we could all use more of your thought-provoking and articulate word porn.

    I suppose those two are the gay equivalent to “dudebros”.

  631. Grant says:

    I am always amazed at how emotionally tied up some can become over news of a company or celebrity having any kind of issue. Prostitution services have been with us since the beginning and in all likelihood will continue. I am not completely insensitive to the situation as I do realize that as with most thing there is no way to know the complete story unless you are indeed one of the major players in the scenario. I say this in order to point out that I for one have never met or have any knowledge of character or lack thereof of the people at “Rentmen”. They may be lovely people they may be pigs, I dunno. But I do know that I have my own life to live and the idea of getting defensive or expressing any emotional concern about something or someone that I can only know as an image and not real as persons. Setting aside all of the emotional throwing of dust in the air over someone I don’t really know anything about is (in my mind) nothing short of ludicrous. I don’t know that Rentman wasn’t involved in money laundering or other activities that might have been illegal. In which case they should reprimanded. This whole brouhaha seems to me rather silly. If they go away, there will be someone else to take their place. Such is the way of life. Personally there are any number of adult business that I really enjoy and those that I wouldn’t care if they dropped off the face of the earth today. But I am not going to run to their defense or demise. Why can’t we just let people that we really know nothing about simply rise or fall while we attend to our business? I just don’t get it.

  632. John says:

    I was wondering why you even bothered to honor these guys with a posting, but i figured it was for humor. I’m sorry that I underestimated you.
    Thanks for the words on our internalized self-loathing, the perspective of it being a prevalent human condition, and the need for it to end.
    I take a lot of heart in the millennials I meet and know for whom being gay is a cool but unexceptional thing, and whose sex positivity is miles from what I experienced at their age.
    I know i live in a sweet slice of the world, as do they, but I count it as progress none the less.
    Thanks for hoisting our banner.

  633. Dom Martini says:

    Your honest opinions and writing style unnerve people, but that’s a good thing.

    My favorite statement in this article is, “This insecurity in our ranks is what poisons us as a demographic.”

    I am older than you and have endured more criticism and alienation from my gay peers than from any other group.

    You, Mr. Jackman and a few others I read, but unfortunately other gay bloggers I have found to be hypocrites. How can I say that? I had the displeasure of knowing them personally or know people I trust that know them.
    Thank you, again.

  634. Cyn Duby says:

    I’m just pleased you and Jesse use your soapboxes and powers for good! There is no argument that can be made, not truly. That many of our community (LGBT) and society as a whole are afraid of sex as much as they are of death, the sex shaming is second nature to them. Consenting adults. No victims. They can’t understand that and won’t let anyone enjoy that. Furthermore, anyone that does and is successful in adult entertainment is, obviously, (fill in the blank, infinite disparaging choices of words). You know we have your backs and support you, grateful that we have such great guys on soapboxes fighting for the betterment of … well, of more than I can list here.

  635. Cyn Duby says:

    I find this extraordinarily well thought out and to the point. Laws should protect real victims, not promote some people’s judgmental narrow-minded sex-shaming fear of an armageddon to save our souls from that dirty sex stuff. (that sounded way better in my head, sorry). But the thing is, we are adults. We get to choose. We’re not hurting anyone and it’s no one’s business but our own. You nailed it in your post and it’s very much appreciated that you and Jesse continue to fight for us, all of us. Using your powers for good is never a bad, lazy, or stupid thing. Now, where’s my secret decoder ring? 😉

  636. John says:

    I think the two negative comments come from men who likely have one or both of these issues: jealousy and a puritanical brainwashing background. I’m a lot older than you, and I’ve found over the years that people who complain and judge the loudest are people who are, on the inside, desperate to express their sexual desires, but unable to because of their lack of confidence or because of the guilt that’s been drilled into them by sexually repressed authority figures.

  637. Christopher Braham says:

    Wow! Bravo Dirk! This was even more impressive than Your Rentboy story! Would love for You to Blog more, but alas You are quite busy!

  638. john says:

    You rock ! Some people need a new set of glasses.

  639. Dav says:

    Always a few that want to tell you what to do… Oh well, pass the popcorn.

    I truly like your posting, and read it with interest. And yes – I agreed with the view expressed in it. We live in interesting times with far too many people wanting to make us all live one way or other, and none of them what we may like our lives to be. It seems the old Puritan remains quite alive and well in some.

    Keep up the good work – whatever it is.

  640. Dirk Beach-Barrow says:

    Don’t let the ignorant bitches get to either of you. YOU BOTH ARE THE TOTALLY AWESOME BOMB!! Just “Report – Block – Delete” thing with FB and followup/demand they enforce it! I can’t wait to see a musician-themed movie with you two in it……..

  641. Lyne B says:

    I totally understand the reason you were envious of Jesse having filmed there a few times in Palm Springs.

    Totally hot men!

  642. TitanMen says:

    We love you Dirk! You are welcome in Palm Springs anytime!

  643. Liz says:

    Your posts are typically on the serious side; I like the fun tone of this one.

    I couldn’t help but notice Dallas’ thighs, and it reminded me of that glorious “outtake” photo you posted last year from a shoot you’d done with photographer Mark Henderson. Did they end up in a book, or have more photos been released?

    I had to dig back through your blog posts to find the name of the photographer, and seeing the photo again reminded me of how breathtaking it is.

  644. David Steele says:

    You are such a talented man. Very impressive in many ways. I look forward to watching you grow.

  645. Lyne says:

    Well, I knew you were a talented composer and performer but I had no idea of everything you are able to do. It’s sounds like a fascinating and complicated work. I remember a post where you explained that your folks decided to introduce you to lessons after they heard you play the piano better than the piano itself when it was on a roll…that you actually repeated the performance of some sort. Sorry if the details are not exactly what you wrote but it’s basically my understanding. I strongly believe that some individuals have talent but also have a gift, which I believe you do. Your passion for your work is unequivocal and you are great at transmitting it. Seeing you smile as you have been in the last few days is a great payment for us that participated in the campaign. Looking forward of anything and everything that’s coming ahead. Thank you for sharing! Hug!

  646. Christopher Braham says:

    Proud of You for keeping up with Your Musical Passion!

  647. David Calhoun says:

    Theorbo! In that you have instruments in common with the ED of Seattle’s Early Music Guild, Gus Denhardt, who switched and did a doctorate in lute at Indiana’s early music institute.
    I still want to bring you a harpsichord … it’ll give you an excuse to meet my boy Peter Sykes of Boston, now teaching at juilliard …

    Great stuff. Keep it up.

  648. Aiva Rin says:

    A truly talented man. I truly hope to hear alot more from you

    Much love

  649. Marnie says:

    Thank you for keeping this kind of music alive! It is so beautiful and I would love to awaken to the sound of the piano being played such as this in my home.
    Have a beautiful day!