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Heavy Brass

I know. I’ve heard ALL the jokes and pickup lines about “what a big horn you have.” Here’s one maybe you haven’t heard: many tubas are in fact “compensating brass instruments.” When you’re done chuckling, you can google that to see what it actually means.

A couple awesome photos taken by the amazing Ron Amato in NYC, featuring a couple of the tubas I play…

Ron’s an awesome photographer, one with whom I’m delighted to have started what I hope might be a continuing body of work. Watch this space!

Quick bit of high art.

I had the AWESOME experience of working with a legend this past weekend.  After much preparation, working off the last bits of fat and eating so carefully,  I traveled to Texas to model for photographer Mark Henderson. Much fun was had, I probably have never worked so hard on such a gig, and I definitely came home sore!

I wanted to share an image from this shoot. Mind that Mark is reserving the top images for his own publication, quite rightly, so if this is an indication of what I’m able to release to you, imagine what the créme will look like!

Photo © Mark Henderson

Photo © Mark Henderson

A personal aside, I’m just in awe of the definition in my legs here. I’ve been waging war on them for about two years, trying to get my quads and hamstrings to harden and grow. Looking at those cords of m. sartorius muscle coursing diagonally across the inside of each thigh just makes me gasp. Not too bad for an erstwhile fatty, if I do say so myself.

More of Mark’s amazing images are on his website, and his books can be found on Amazon.  The man is a magician; I’m hugely lucky and grateful to have been invited to work with him.