At the end of March Titan finally actually invited me out to their site in Palm Springs to film.  Jesse has been in the industry a shorter amount of time, but had already filmed there two or three times, and I was starting to feel some envy.  I ended up staying a few extra days just to enjoy the California sunshine; Boston is still a bit bleak at the end of March, after all.  And while we were there, I got to be part of two just amazing scenes with two amazing guys.

The first was a scorching scene with a man who not only is one of the models of sexiness for me but is also a really good friend, Hunter Marx.  This scene isn’t released yet, but I’ll definitely let you know when it comes out!

The second scene was with a relative newcomer to porn, Dallas Steele.  Why this man has taken this long to answer this calling is beyond me.  He’s hot, he’s sweet, he fucks like an animal, he takes a brutal fucking, and that dick…  Curved exactly right to hit what it has to.

The film, Blue Collar Ballers, has had some stellar reviews.  To wit:

From our buddy Gay Comic Geek

From our friends at

There’s a great interview with Dallas HERE and he writes further about his first time on the Titan set HERE. You get to find out what a smart, humble, and rather devious man he is.

And of course Jesse posted about it on his blog, HERE.

The preview of the scene can be seen HERE.

The full trailer can be found HERE.


Some viewers have noted a resemblance Dallas has to my boyfriend, Titan Man Jesse Jackman.  And I have to say, they’re not wrong.  They’re both well over six foot tall, they’re both massively muscular and have those “superhero” torso-to-limb proportions, they’re both furry.  Really, about the only difference is that Dallas has a tattoo or two more than Jesse does, and that Dallas has hair.  That aside, though, is it any wonder that our on-screen chemistry is incendiary?  Just wait, though…  There’s a scene coming out in the next several months with Jesse and Dallas.  THAT will be one to watch out for!

I mean, really, if it weren't for the hat and the tattoo, wouldn't you think that was Jesse?

I mean, really, if it weren’t for the hat and the tattoo, wouldn’t you think that was Jesse?  Even the smile is similar!

It is worth noting that, even after having filmed that whole scene, Dallas and I still had more exploration to do with each other after the cameras were put away.  Yet again, thanks to TitanMen and the quality of men they work with, I’ve made another really excellent friend both on and off set.

Also on the film, hot scenes from my buddies Eddy CeeTee and Nick Prescott, and a really sexy friend of mine from Chicago, Hugh Hunter.  And Hugh gets to work with my god among men, of course, Jesse.

Later in the week, Hunter Marx and I got to do a little more exploration, as we were asked to testdrive some of Titan’s new lines of toys.  Much fun was had!


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  1. Lyne B says:

    I totally understand the reason you were envious of Jesse having filmed there a few times in Palm Springs.

    Totally hot men!

  2. TitanMen says:

    We love you Dirk! You are welcome in Palm Springs anytime!

  3. Liz says:

    Your posts are typically on the serious side; I like the fun tone of this one.

    I couldn’t help but notice Dallas’ thighs, and it reminded me of that glorious “outtake” photo you posted last year from a shoot you’d done with photographer Mark Henderson. Did they end up in a book, or have more photos been released?

    I had to dig back through your blog posts to find the name of the photographer, and seeing the photo again reminded me of how breathtaking it is.

  4. Pogienardz says:

    I’m a big fan of Dirk. Way to go. more power and sucess!!!

    • Jim Turner says:

      Am a very die hard fan of you and Jessie. Am a little jealous. You are a very talented man whom I admire.

  5. dallas is a habdsome muscular manwith a big bulgein his bikini and has gorgeous legs i would like to see him wrestle one of those world federation wrestlers like roman raines who was a football player ofr georgia tech and is muscular but i feel sure dalls would whip him richard

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