Concert in Colorado

AmericanComposersConcertDIRKFor those of my fans in Colorado, I’ve a performance of one of my own compositions in Fort Collins on January 31! This is the last movement of my flute sonata.

Especially pleasing is that I’ll be bookending this program with an esteemed composer and musicologist who’s been one of my greatest heroes and champions. I’m meaning to attend; come say hello!




  1. phetra says:

    Damn your Hubs has some mad skills! If I’d only been in the continental US I’d come. Fantastic job Dirk!

  2. Glenn Mullis aka Hardcub2beat says:

    Dirk… Bravo!!!!! Absolutely amazing sounds and beautifully composed. WOW. Keep up the great work. You are so talented. ~Glenn


    lovely Dirk, What were the mental visual images that were accompanying your audio creating? I like it very much, congratulations!

  4. Billy Helmert says:

    Dirk, that is a truly amazing piece of work, so beautiful! i could listen to that all day! 🙂

  5. Jim Hampton says:

    Wow! Beautiful music! I just followed you on iCloud and added a lot of your tracks to a new pay list. Such beautiful sounds, coming from a beautiful man! I so wish I was in colorado to hear this concert — we don’t get many concerts like these in Dallas (or, at least that I’m aware of!)


  6. David Steele says:

    Very nice.
    That is a great picture of you also.



  8. john faust says:

    WOW! absolutely wonderful. i’m not a fan of flute but then never heard one like your’s. it’s wonderful.

  9. sharon says:

    What a beautiful piece of music created by a very talented man. I want to wish you good luck with the concert and also congratulate you on your engagement to Jesse. You make a wonderful couple and I hope you have many happy years together. x

  10. Isaías Ramos García says:

    reminds me a lot of late XIXth music a la spagnole

  11. Basil Baris says:

    Hello! I am so happy your music is getting performed! I would love to sing something of yours. It must be the fourth time I am saying this! Well, break a leg!

  12. Arunas says:

    Beautiful. Amazing. Lovit. ☆ star Quality. ♡♡

  13. Ononoke says:

    My admiration level for you just rose up significantly upon reading this. Your music is very pleasant to the ear, and your photo looks very sophisticated here. IMHO, nothing beats a hot gorgeous guy who knows how to do amazing music! Please make more music and share them for us to enjoy. Would love to come and see you perform, but I’m miles away in a different continent, so no luck for me :(. Still, wish you all the best of success for your concert!!! Please post some photos from the show if you can 😀

  14. Andrew adams says:

    Sort to have to miss the Ft Collins concert, but I’ll see you Friday night in Denver.

  15. max Plasschaert says:

    Wow it sounds amazing

  16. Gordon Karpen says:
  17. Gordon Karpen says:
  18. Jon says:

    Congratulations, and it’s a wonderful piece indeed! I’m just wondering – was it by your choice that they used your stage name rather than your birth name?

  19. There are things that words can not say, only expresses look, and the affection confirms.

  20. Mark says:

    Very relaxing after a hard days work. Thanks Dirk.

  21. Will Blois says:

    This recording is really, really fantastic. Two questions – who are the performers for your pieces? I can’t find em anywhere.

    And also, where can I buy sheet music? There are a few pieces on your soundcloud page I’d love to perform.

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