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Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 3.40.21 PMSo with the presumption that Facebook is never going to allow me to republish my original fanpage, I’m taking the traditional work-around, and building a NEW ONE.  It’s still skeletal, but I’m fleshing it out soon, I promise. Let’s get my Likes count back up! 50K+ is a LOT of love I’ve got to make good on! — SEE YOU THERE!




  1. Sal says:

    great thanks:>)

  2. wolf86 says:

    It is a fan of yours than before.
    I would like to thank the nice body always.
    Also, I like the best smile.
    Thank you.

  3. Ima says:

    Hope to see you up again, soon!
    You are just too Hot to not be on Facebook.

    Maybe include a “Donate” link to a few of your favorite charities.
    (…whose going to dump a Facebook page that’s raising money for a good cause?…)

  4. BJ Burn says:

    How long have you had the beard & mustache?
    I bet you’d be a killer with Handlebar Mustache..


  5. Steve Sloane says:

    So glad for you Man! And all your fans like me! You fuckin’ rock it! You all do!

  6. abd says:

    Hi, i hope evry thing is good by you?! I wanted to ask you a question but i don’t want you to think that i am criticizing you (you might as well not answer and I’ll understand that..) but i was wondering how is it that you’re ok with displaying yourself on the nude to the world and also knowing that your fans are maybe (and it’s only a maybe) yours because of the nudity.
    And again it’s only a matter of interest i believe your a great guy though i don’t know you personally and i don’t want to insult anyone from the fans.
    Hope you’ll have a great day
    I can’t write my real e-mail address because it’s my full name… so please don’t
    reply to it..

    • Dirk says:

      Hey, Abd! So what’s wrong with only being objectified physically a little bit? It’s only porn, after all, not someplace most people go for intellectual stimulation or philosophical discourse or… well, you understand. People who know me personally know I get more than enough mental, aesthetic, and creative stimulation in my “real” life; many of my fans sense that those passions lie behind the persona that the porn world sees. Both façades are important to me, but the porn one will only last a few years until I’m not making porn any more. The other one will last to my dying day. That’s what counts.

      • Steve Sloane says:

        You are amazing! I appreciate how well you handled your response to that guy about your nudity & work in porn. Don’t forget that porn not only has terrific entertainment value, for many it provide tremendous instructional & educational value! So glad your page is back on Facebook & Jesse’s too! Love the fuck outta you two!

  7. Garth says:

    Dirk, just discovered you on

    You need to update your blog and your Facebook page!

    You are amazing! I am dirk-dicted!


    • Dirk says:

      Facebook page, blog, twitter… And that’s just my porn side-job! You should see what I’m trying to stay on top of for my “real life”! But I’m working on it. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Steve says:

      Just saw your comment to Dirk Caber! I totally agree! He is amazing & so is his husband Jesse Jackman! Feel free to keep in touch! Dirk & Jesse both have great blogs. They are on Twiiter as well!

  8. Sarah Botting (@pointycat69) says:

    Fingers crossed that they return your previous Facebook page although I appreciate it’s not looking too good on that now. I often find myself very annoyed at what Facebook deems appropriate and not.
    Best wishes to you and Jesse and I hope the idiot lurkers on Facebook leave you both in peace – you’re a beautiful couple and I enjoy your updates. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.
    And thank you Dirk – having been ill with depression for several years I’ve put on more weight than I would like

    • Sarah Botting (@pointycat69) says:

      Oops – misclicked!

      I was working on losing weight but you are an amazing inspiration to keep going – thank you!


    happy to see your lovely face again. Of course we will ‘LIKE’ you to the end of time. But you have to agree to see me between now and that eventually.

  10. Jimbo Turner says:

    Dirk you are a fine specimen and virile man

  11. Frank Schilter says:

    Not sure about website , this one I guess, only started email & computer stuff a few months ago, but still have no real use for it. That said, I just want to let you know there is me out in Canada, in the Monashee Mountains in British Columbia , who finds you an inspiration & also one of the sexiest men alive!thank you for showing quiet gay men like me there is a chance & choice for lives to have fulfillment & meaning! Don’t hesitate to come here to this farm, if the opportunity should arise!! Lol love frank

  12. Olive r says:

    How would you kill some one in combat with a knife where would you stab them where would you shoot some one

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