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The Facebook Blackshirts Strike Again.

So this happened this morning. My Facebook profile has been unpublished for violating the terms of use.

Now, nothing on that page hasn’t been published elsewhere on FB in an as-yet unmolested form. My posts in the past eight months have been sporadic at best, but not one has actually even shown me anything more than shirtless. And as nice as it is to have enthusiastic fans, I’ve still been diligent about removing pics and content you all occasionally post which don’t quite agree with Facebook’s standards. My profile is expressly set to exclude minors from seeing it. So here’s Facebook’s explanation for the removal:

My best guess is that this is the same purge that is affecting DJ’s and drag queens with Facebook pages. Because we are often not using our legal names, Facebook is deeming us fake or somehow duplicitous, and removing us accordingly.

I’d be curious to know, though, knowing Facebook’s history of homophobic bias. Can anyone tell me that this is affecting performers across the full sexual spectrum? Are Hollywood actors whose stage names are not their actual real names being removed as well? Are lady DJ’s being hit? Anyone know anything?