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TWO new films from

0001 has been SOOO generous with me these last several months.  The movie Stepfather’s Secret with Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade, and Scott Harbor has been a runaway hit, to the point that there’s possibly a sequel in the works–watch this space!  Meanwhile however, as you guys seem to enjoy it, MEN has been using me more; in the past several days two more films came out.


The first is Neighbors, in which the unbelievably sexy Billy Santoro and I are a long-term couple who own an apartment building, and are seduced by our two new tenants, Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade.  Billy’s just awesome to work with and is becoming an easy friend.  This is my second film with him; the first was a scene for; just the photos of Billy tied spread-eagle give me masturbation material for months…  Check out the really HOT way (not kidding) I make myself cum at the end of the scene, too!  Anyway, Neighbors has four scenes, of which Billy and I share one already released, and then there’s one more with Dylan which should be released in the next few days.


The other release is Men for Sale.  I’m only in the third scene, in which I capture undercover cops Jarec Wentworth and Tom Faulk and press them into a black market sex slave ring.  Seems I can’t get enough of my own two captives…  Literally.  Like, both of them at the same time.


Yes, that’s my ass, with TWO large cocks in it at the same time.  Any good bottom knows that pulling off a double penetration takes some serious relaxation, and I’m tight to begin with!  The stars were in just the right alignment, and Jarec and Tom were easy to work with (that helps, really, it does)…  The further challenge is that it’s hard enough just to film penetration between two guys sometimes; the actors have to get close enough to each other to be able to fuck effectively, but they also have to stay far enough apart so that the cameraman can get both some natural-looking light in there and also be able to see with the camera.  If your actors tend to be more muscular and have thicker legs and butts, it only gets more challenging.  Now throw in an an third body and pair of legs…  and you start to see why DP’s are not frequent occurrences in porn.  They’re simply hard to capture.That said, I’m up for attempting another sometime here.  Jesse’s got a dick for it, if it’s done in a certain position to accommodate that awesome curve of his.  Any votes for who our third should be?

A few more photos…

And finally, there’s another movie somewhere in the editing room at MEN which should be out any day now, working with Colby Keller and Luke Adams.  Again, watch this spot!


And We're Back

You may or may not have noticed how long it’s been since my last post.  There’ve been two reasons–  One having to do with a sizeable music project I’ve been swamped with, which I’ll tell you about shortly, but more problematic has been that any time I’ve gone to log on and write, I’ve been greeted by a blank white screen.  My technical skills are not nonexistant, but fixing this proved beyond me.  Jesse tried his best to figure it out, but he’s also been busy with a few other things lately.Jasun

So THANK YOU to Titan director Jasun Mark, who stepped in and knew where in the administrative code something was wrong and how to fix it.  Asked how I can make it up to him, he answered “How about actually writing some blog posts?”

I stand rebuked.  More coming soon.  Thanks again, Jasun!