Filming on location with Colt and the sexiest cast ever

Okay, it’s two weeks after and I’m FINALLY sitting down to write about this.  It’s been a couple weeks of travel and work since, no small part of that spending a few days in Boston in the company of my sexy boyfriend, naturally getting NO work done!

This was so easily one of the most enjoyable filming experiences ever.  I mean, who could say no to three days up in Sonoma wine country in the company of some perfectly sexy men, a fun crew, in stunningly beautiful weather at a hilltop house overlooking the vineyards, with a pool and lots of sunbathing locations and few neighbors to object to us running around in little or less?  We had a blast.

Gary from Colt met me at San Francisco International as I arrived and we sat in the terminal 2 Starbucks and yakked about his Gay Wine Weekend “Out In The Vineyard” among other things for a while as the other guys’ flights arrived somewhat later than mine.  Next to join was Brad Kalvo, the quintessential muscled fur-clad Colt man; I figured out pretty quickly who I wanted to do a scene with next!  Last to arrive was Shay Michaels, whose first scene with Titan (in Sting, also with Hunter Marx) I’d been lucky enough to be included as the third, so he’s an old friend.  Gary drove the three of us out of SF and to Santa Rosa, put us up at our hotel, pointed out where food was & where the gym was (because really, what else does the onsite porn actor require?) and told us he’d be back to collect us in the morning.

Brad Kalvo

My costar was the incomparable Spencer Reed, just a big, muscled, hung sweetheart of a guy. we started our first day out with a bang, of course, filming a mechanic sex scene with him, ending with me sitting on his huge screwdriver and after emptying an oilpan of precum everywhere blowing all my gaskets (okay, who says I can’t write corn?).  We overheated a bit in the sunshine, and were a sweaty sticky mess by the end of it; it was all I could do not to lick him from top to bottom afterwards…

Spencer Reed

My second day was largely spent in limbo as the other sex scene with Brad and Shay was filmed.  Shot some incredible stills with photographer Greg; I’m amused that the first one they chose to release of me (at the top of this article) was a complete fluke; between shoots I was simply taking my jock off, and Greg snapped the shutter.  I can’t wait to see what the more posed photos look like.

Third day marked the arrival of two new costars, very sexy Trent Locke and the smolderingly hot Damien Stone, whom I’m also dying to work with myself…

Damien Stone

Trent and I shot a hot oral scene on a haybale.  Turns out Trent might be a tad allergic to hay, so I ended up on the lower end of the scene for the most part, let’s say, not that I’m complaining.  Was HOT, good fun!  Took a few more photographs with Greg later in the day, and then headed back to San Francisco, just missing the other half of the cast arriving that evening, including Wilfried Knight and Tim Kelly, both of whom I rued not getting to see.

The director, the very handsome Kristofer Weston, was SO much fun to work with, easy and direct.  Our beautiful makeup artist Bambi was a hoot and a half and a handful in all the best senses (okay, parts of her are definitely TWO handfuls!).  I’ve already mentioned Greg the stills photographer…  Who am I missing?  All around I’d film with Colt again and again if this is indicative of their on-set dynamic, which of course can only contribute to a HOT final product.  Can’t wait to see the final result!

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  1. What a great and accurate post about that shoot. You are always a joy to work with Dirk!

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