Among many things I couldn't do without him…

HOT looking blog, no? Anyone who’s seen the website it took me months to cobble together for my “dayjob” knows this is just not (yet) part of my skill set… Hence the existence of this, my little bywater of the web, comes solely at the authorship of one guy— And I can’t begin to thank him enough.

BackStage at the Black Party, NYC

Aside from him being the sexiest, sweetest, most generous, and smartest man I know… Do you know how much of a turn-on it was observing him put this together in a matter of hours? Who doesn’t love a man who’s got *skills*?

Thank you, babe. I love you SOOO much.


  1. I love you too, babe. I’d move mountains for you, if I could. 🙂

  2. gazou bernard says:

    very sexy guys for me i’m fan of your jobb and nice pics

    merci les gars pour tout ces moments sympas , un peu frustrants car loin mais beau travail d’equipe

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